JenaGuide rail type cargo elevatorStandards and parameters

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Hydraulic lifting platforms are widely used in factory maintenance, municipal construction, and decoration of hotels in industrial and mining enterprises, with reliable quality and perfect performance.

Scissor type fixed lifting platform is a transportation and loading equipment that transports goods from one height to another. After operation, the platform is level with the ground without occupying ground space and affecting passage passage.

Jena.It is strictly prohibited to connect the motor of the lifting platform to the wrong power supply. It should be ensured that the voltage is 380v or 220v, and provide safety technical disclosure to installation personnel.

.Purpose The hydraulic lift is widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling etc., to meet the lifting requirements of different operation heights, and can be equipped with various table forms (such as ball, turntable, steering, tipping, telescoping), and with various ways (separate, linkage, explosion-proof), it has the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting, and large load capacity, Effectively solve various lifting and lowering operation difficulties in industrial enterprises, making production operations free. Professional elevator factory has advanced technology strict testing, more affordable prices, and more preferential treatment. Welcome to consult

Guide rail elevator (also known as cargo elevator) is a non scissor fork type hydraulic lifting platform mainly used in industrial buildings, restaurants, restaurants, warehouses, docks, workshops, and other places where vertical cargo handling is required between two or more floors. The low height is particularly suitable for sites that are not suitable for digging pits on site. What issues should we pay attention to in these places where elevators are used?

The common types of elevators will be briefly introduced here. I hope you can have a better understanding of this product. Currently, this product can be said to be sold well in China, because many places need to use this kind of product with lifting function and flexible movement. Now, companies specializing in producing this type of product combine with extensive external publicity on the Internet, Friends in need can directly find the corresponding company on the Internet, and then have a brief understanding of the model, performance, and price information of these products. They can purchase directly through the Internet.

JenaGuide rail type cargo elevatorStandards and parameters

Goods should be stacked well on the platform, and should not be tilted. When the goods elevator is lifting or lowering beyond the scope of the platform, no one should stand around to watch.

Manual hydraulic lifting platform application Manual hydraulic platform performance: The manual hydraulic platform truck is made of high-strength steel with a reasonable and compact design structure, safety, stability, and reliability. It is equipped with a safety valve, a fully sealed oil cylinder, and a manual hydraulic system for lifting and lowering, making it easy to operate. Equipped with a guide wheel to save the operator's physical strength, and can protect the load wheel and pallet load wheel. Unique hydraulic pump design,JenaFactory freight elevator lifting, the pump is simple and designed to maintain an ideal height for pipeline loading and unloading operations; The unique design concept makes the operator's operation simple and convenient.

The hydraulic lifting platform mainly uses hydraulic oil pressure transmission to achieve the lifting function. Its shear fork mechanical structure provides stability for the lift. The wide working platform and high bearing capacity make the high-altitude operation range wide and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes aerial work efficient and guaranteed.

High quality brand.Before connecting the motor to the elevator, the elevator manufacturer should first make the motor shaft keyway perpendicular to the tightening bolt. To ensure uniform stress, first screw on the mounting bolts at any diagonal position,JenaEnterprise elevator, but do not tighten them. Then screw on the other two mounting bolts at diagonal positions, and then tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. After that, tighten the tightening bolts. All tightening bolts shall be fixed with a torque wrench according to the indicated fixed torque data, and the use of elevators and lifting platforms shall be checked

The purpose of hydraulic lifting platform Users can choose the power mode and configuration according to their own scope of use: power systems include: DC power supply, single-phase or three-phase power supply, diesel engine.

Knowledge popularization and superior performance of scissor fork type fixed lifting platform: equipped with safety devices to prevent overloading of the lifting platform; Equipped with a protection valve to prevent hydraulic oil pipe from cracking; Equipped with an emergency lowering device for sudden power failure; The doors of the upper and lower floors are equipped with safety devices that interlock with the system.

JenaGuide rail type cargo elevatorStandards and parameters

Prepare the foundation according to the foundation plan, pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment, and ensure the level of the foundation and various usage requirements.

assets.Regardless of whether it is used outdoors or indoors, it is inevitable that some small problems will occur after a long period of time. At this time, what we should do is to maintain and maintain the elevator. How to follow the steps correctly becomes a difficult problem. Let me explain it to you.

'Before installing the elevator bearings, we should never open the packaging prematurely. This can easily lead to premature bearing contamination, which can lead to premature bearing damage. In addition, when installing, it is necessary to ensure that the device environment is clean and not to bring iron filings, dust, and other things into the bearings, as even some small dust,', it will also affect the running-in between bearings, leading to a decrease in the life of the elevator.

Precautions for using guide rail type elevators: Overloading and transporting flammable and explosive products are strictly prohibited.

Jena.This fixed lifting device can also be used inside a warehouse, such as lifting a certain layer of the warehouse to transport goods or personnel to a designated warehouse location.

Large logistics warehousing equipment service company with guaranteed prices and guaranteed services, directly operated by the manufacturer. Because fixed elevators are mechanical equipment, the quality and performance of the product are good. Do not accept products from some manufacturers that do not meet the quality standards, in order to avoid some safety hazards in use.

Secondly, there should be no dirt on the friction surface. If there is any dirt, it should be washed off with gasoline or thinner; The reduction gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gear, as well as the hydraulic oil, must be tested according to the requirements in the table; Correct maintenance of the hydraulic guide rail elevator: Regularly inspect the wire ropes at various parts for broken wires and looseness. If any such phenomenon is found, tighten it in a timely manner. Check the tightness of the connecting bolts of the equipment when the body is under pressure. All connecting shafts should be equipped with cotter pins; Check whether the operation of each mechanism is normal, whether there are noises and faults according to regulations, and promptly remove all faults; When installing, disassembling,JenaCustomized lifting cargo elevator, and adjusting the rotating mechanism of the equipment, it is important to note that the reducer and the gear center line should be parallel, and the meshing clearance should be appropriate; Regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment to see if there is any damage to the wires and cables, and if there is overheating of the motor. Replace the motor in a timely manner and eliminate the fault before continuing operation; Ensure that the bearings, boxes, distribution boxes, and brushes of the motor are kept clean