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Welcome to Navarre Industries

At Navarre Industries, you’ll find a production partner that:

  • Recognizes quality and consistency is foremost to you, your customer, and your success
  • Offers flexible and responsive scheduling to accommodate your expedited production needs
  • Understands direct and regular communication is essential to getting the job done right
  • Features a production floor that can handle small quantities or full truckloads
  • Recognizes today’s prototype is tomorrow’s mainline product
  • Offers finishing operations to your exact needs

Our secondary operations – end milling, punching, welding, bending, CNC turning, drilling, mitering, and more – offer you the full breadth of capacity you need without having the expense of maintaining them in-house.  We also offer full or partial assembly, packaging, and world-wide shipping to ensure a comprehensive value-added experience.

These things are easy to say.  However, we back them up with over 23 years of satisfied customers that are more efficient, more productive, and successfully compete in today’s global marketplace.  Give us a call today and experience the competitive advantage that Navarre Industries can offer you!

What We Do

Our approach to serving you is simple: We consider ourselves a partner in your productivity.  But beyond that, our goal is to seamlessly blend our production into your operations. And for over two decades, we’ve been perfecting and adapting that model across multiple industries, including:

We accomplish this because:

  • Our responsive and flexible job scheduling, coupled with technologically advanced production lines, allow us to move from job to job quickly and efficiently;
  • We embrace innovation as a tool to not only meet your production expectations but improve the quality of the end product and  end-user experience; and  
  • Our experienced Product Leaders and Quality Assurance personnel – as well as our team of associates – are highly skilled and committed to fully meeting your specifications

Read on to get a better idea of how we can serve you!


Residential & Home Improvement

We’ve optimized our production lines for quality and efficient manufacturing of many residential-related products, including:  

  • Door and window frames
  • Window sills and screen tracks
  • High performance window frames
  • Enclosures and architectural framing
  • Rails and spindles
  • Shutter systems


Commercial & Industrial Construction

During the recent downturn, one sector of the economy that fared better than others was commercial and industrial construction.  Navarre Industries stands ready to be your provider for:

  • Commercial door, window, and curtain wall components
  • Structural elements for atriums, observatories, walkways, and canopies
  • Sun shades and louvers components
  • Lighting and ceiling panel elements
  • Structural elements for partitions, walls, and work stations


Heavy Construction & Infrastructure

Heavy construction and infrastructure may be experiencing the results of pent-up demand, particularly relating to highway construction, bridge replacement, and general infrastructure safety needs.  Navarre Industries is uniquely equipped handle your production needs of:

  • Components for light posts and signage posts (roadway, parking lot, and related facilities)
  • Decking for pedestrian bridges, walkways, and safety rails
  • Structural elements for bridge decking and guard rails

Give us a call today to discuss your heavy construction and infrastructure production needs.


Consumer Applications

The consumer market – both domestic and internationally – is a growing segment in which our production lines are equipped to produce:

  • Home appliance components
  • Electrical and lighting components
  • Components for personal (and commercial-use) fitness equipment
  • Supporting components for sporting goods, such as archery equipment and tent frames
  • Structural and trim elements for off-road and recreational vehicles, boats, motorized bikes, and bicycles
  • Lawn and garden tool components, such as handles and tubing
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture components, including structural elements for tables, chairs, and recliners

Though your specific parts may not be listed, contact us to discuss your production needs.


Medical Applications

Aluminum and aluminum-based components are well-adapted to many medical applications.  And at Navarre Industries, we are equipped to manufacture a wide variety of medically-related components and structural elements used for:

  • Patient transport equipment
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Blood screening/testing devices
  • Sterilization equipment


Machinery & Equipment

Technological advancements, quality advantages, and the value of once again being “Made in America” continue to bring machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing back to the states.  However, your products must obviously be competitively priced and maintain strict quality and control tolerances.

Navarre Industries routinely manufactures to the ISO9000-compliant specifications of our customers.  Accordingly, we can help you meet today’s pricing requirements while exceeding your customer’s quality expectations.  In fact, our state-of-the-art production equipment ensures our operations are within tolerance, every time.  All this so you can compete on the global stage.

Consider our production lines for:

  • Protective, safety, and machine guards
  • Structural elements for work stations and control panels
  • Robotic and assembly components
  • Components for food preparation and processing equipment
  • Structural elements and components for saws, mills, and roll-out tables


Petroleum Dispensary, Exploration & Distribution

We’ve manufactured petroleum dispensary components for many years, including nozzles, spouts, and drop tubes.  And we are strategically located near the growing oil & gas production fields and distribution channels of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Are you involved in oil & gas exploration, drilling, servicing, or distribution?  Navarre Industries stands ready to partner with you to develop and manufacture both production and distribution assets critical to your operations.  Imagine putting our resources – prototype development capabilities, full-scale production lines, and flexible & responsive scheduling timeframes– to work for you.

Give us a call today to explore the possibilities.


Energy Production and Construction

Energy production and related construction projects fuel a growing economy.  We are pleased to offer the capabilities to manufacture many structural elements and components for:

  • (Solar) PV mounting systems
  • Wind turbine blades, spokes, and roof mounting structures
  • Towers and architectural framing
  • Heat sinks
  • Photovoltaic framing and panels



By its nature, aluminum is the ideal material for use in a wide range of electrical components.  Accordingly, our production lines are equipped to manufacture your electrical components to the narrowest tolerances.  Are you a large electrical contractor or a supplier within the electrical construction supply chain?  Navarre Industries offers the capabilities to manufacture components for:

  • Electrical chassis, housings, and rack systems
  • Bus bars and connectors
  • Heat sinks
  • Control boxes and cases
  • Lighting housings and mounting systems
  • Motor housings and enclosures



Though your product specifications have defined the finish requirements for your product, those specifications were likely driven by the desired appearance and the environmental conditions in which the end products will perform.  Importantly, we can offer finishing options as diverse as the specifications of the underlying products.  Some common finishing options include:

  • Natural oxide coating
  • Liquid coatings
  • Powder coating
  • Clear or Color Anodizing
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Mill and other mechanical finishes

 Contact us for additional finish options required by your product specifications.


About Navarre Industries

Navarre Industries started in 1991 manufacturing extruded aluminum tube products.  From there, our product lines grew to include a variety of fabricated, extruded aluminum products.  Now in 2014, our markets span multiple industries, both global and domestic, including:

  • Residential construction and home improvement
  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Heavy construction and infrastructure
  • Consumer and medical applications
  • Machinery and heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Petroleum exploration and distribution
  • Electrical energy production and construction

Though we’ve grown well beyond our roots, we continue to look for innovative ways to expand our market reach.  From prototype development to full-scale production, take a closer look at Navarre Industries, our partnership approach, and the resources we can bring to your company.


Contact Navarre Industries

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