Nonwoven bagMacro positive boost the second price increase

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Good packaging bag design is not only a beautiful outer packaging design, but also the selection of materials and processing technology. Packaging bags are classified according to different forms: edge seal, middle seal pillow bag, edge seal, edge seal, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, straw bag, coiled material, cover material, etc. Classification by function: high anion diaphragm bag, cooking film bag, antistatic film bag, film bag, anti fog film bag, vacuum bag, anti chemical film bag, deaeration packaging film bag, modified atmosphere packaging film bag, etc. According to the material classification, it can be divided into: coated aluminum film composite paper material, coated transfer paper material, paper composite material, aluminum composite material, non-woven fabric composite material, fabric composite material, etc.

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.In archaeology, archaeologists excavated a joint burial tomb of the Yuan Dynasty couple in Shuangqiao, Yuanling County Hunan Province. Two pieces of non-woven packaging color printing paper were found in the funerary objects of the female coffin. Professional non-woven bag, cotton bag, canvas bag, thermal insulation bag hand decoration bag & nbsp; Ensure quality, service and quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire. Researcher Cao Yannong, executive director of the cultural relics society, said that the commodity non-woven packaging color printing paper unearthed from the yuan Tomb of Yuanling integrates non-woven packaging color printing, advertising and trademarks, and already has some main characteristics of modern non-woven packaging color printing advertising. What's more amazing is that there are ink prints with visual and anti-counterfeiting marks on paper non-woven packaging color printing advertisements. Accordingly, he believes that this is the earliest paper non-woven packaging color printing advertisement found at present, and may also be the earliest paper non-woven packaging color printing advertisement in the world. According to the textual research on the tomb text, the owner of the yuan tomb died in 2000. Cao Yannong pointed out that the two non-woven packaging color printing papers were printed by a paint and pigment store in Changsha. The rectangular non-woven packaging color printing paper is cm long and cm wide which is yellow and white felt paper. There are engraved words and vermilion marks in the paper, which explain the details of the store, the variety, quality and characteristics of the goods sold. & amp; amp; quot; Please recognize the top plate of the red lettered door & amp; amp; quot; Such typical advertising language.

() foreign trade export cartons and 5-layer corrugated boxes are generally used for color printing of external non-woven packaging, and B / C tiles are mainly used for corrugated. The calculation formula of outer box is: (length + width + / 100 x (width + height + / 100 x unit price per square meter).

.The non-woven packaging bags usually used in the industrial field are bags with thick raw materials. Because industrial goods are usually divided into large and heavy parts, sometimes some goods have severe wear on the bag, so it is necessary to use such bags for packaging. At present, aluminum foil bags are widely used in industry. Due to the particularity of their raw materials, and it can also be in the market

With a certain amount of stock, this non-woven packaging bag has become the choice of many people.

In the consumer electronics industry, the BB value of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers, as an important current industry indicator, except for the output growth of digital cameras and monitors, the output growth of other consumer electronics products continued to slow down in August. This shows that the overall demand of the market is still in the stage of slow recovery.

Nonwoven bagMacro positive boost the second price increase

Promoting non-woven packaging color printing has the functions of identification, beautification and convenience. Non woven packaging color printing is an extension of the product and a part of the overall product.

With the rapid development of economy, the improvement of living standards and the increase of expenses caused by population aging, the strengthening of new product development, the acceleration of the pace of and the expansion of urban residents' insurance the industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. In addition, but less than 10%. The next few years will be a period of rapid development of non-woven packaging color printing industry.

After meeting the basic requirements of product protection and circulation non-woven packaging color printing accounts for 30% of the product value, the function of packaging is reflected in the psychological level. The psychological function of modern packaging is mainly for the purpose of commercial promotion. In the face of the competitive situation of more and more homogeneous commodities, the packaging function should focus on the improvement of function and brand image. How to make products jump out of the dazzling terminal shelves. Packaging is not only to give products safe and beautiful coats, high price non-woven bags of various specifications, cotton bags, canvas bags and thermal insulation bags, Hand bag & nbsp; Welcome scrap merchants, industrial enterprises, enterprises and power departments to visit and negotiate! What's more, we should give consumers the psychological enjoyment of visual pleasure. Psychological function refers to the extent to which things can act on people's visual feelings, so as to produce what kind of psychological impact. As long as we give individual characteristics to the product eyes and meet the needs of consumers' emotional function, especially in the supermarket, the emergence and mode change, the commodity packaging has become a bridge between products and consumers, and its role of self promotion is undoubtedly obvious. At the same time, packaging design also needs to meet the psychological needs of consumers and achieve various psychological purposes of consumers, such as the psychology of pursuing fashion, the psychology of pursuing famous brands, the psychology of pursuing novelty, etc. These are complex psychological activities of consumers. Therefore, the psychological function of packaging is not only an important link in the development of modern packaging design, but also an enterprise cultural image, An important embodiment of product brand connotation. Generally, the vacuum packaging bag is printed with information such as, production date, manufacturer and logo. When selecting the materials for the vacuum bag, we must select the products according to the packaged products. We must select the products with regular packaging materials that meet the standards, otherwise it will cause serious consequences and lead to the deterioration of the packaged products Deterioration and other problems.

Supply chain quality management.The determinants of industry trends are the factors of new product technology demand. With the improvement of human civilization, new products continue to be popularized. Some new products involve new fields that have not been involved before. For example, microelectronics, superconductors, biological gene products nano products, etc. These new products also pose new challenges to the non-woven packaging color printing design itself. How to protect and retain these products, how to make them enter the smooth field safely, and how to succeed in trade. These new topics promote the continuous renewal and improvement of non-woven packaging color printing structure, new materials and visual communication, so as to meet the needs of new products and the times.

Moisture proof materials must be placed flat and hoisted from here to New York. Do not throw. Do not handle perishable materials with care. Fragile materials shall be stored in a dark place and kept dry. Do not throw them flat. Do not heat them upside down. Do not open this end upside down. Be careful. Porcelain inflammables are transported to Canada. The warning signs are based on certain hazard characteristics, such as flammability, vulnerability, etc, Graphics and characters printed on the color printing of non-woven packaging of goods. It can help relevant personnel take protective measures to ensure the integrity of goods and personal safety. Warning signs often printed on the color printing of external non-woven packaging include inflammables, radioactive substances and dangerous substances. The growth of paper non-woven packaging color printing and non-woven packaging color printing industry is closely related to the downstream demand. The growth data of household appliances, consumer electronics, food and beverage and daily chemical industries are sorted out to analyze the order trend of non-woven packaging color printing industry. In terms of the home appliance industry, the product growth of various home appliances was significantly differentiated in August: the output growth of air conditioners, the output of washing machines and electric fans declined, and the output of other home appliances remained stable. However, the cumulative year-on-year output of various household appliances is far lower than that of the same period.

With the improvement of product technology, new requirements are also put forward for the color printing form of non-woven packaging. Let's give an example of color printing of non-woven packaging and present the collection bag. In order to keep the liquid fresh, the active cells in the liquid need & amp; amp; quot; Breath & amp; amp; quot;, Therefore, the non-woven packaging color printing material adopts a salted polyethylene non-woven bag with air permeability. This material is easy to process and has a good connection with the transmission pipe. It is not as fragile as a glass bottle, and has good cleanliness and convenient sanitary maintenance. It is an ideal container () if we look at the empty bag carefully, we will find that there are some bubbles in it, And the retention solution of the nutrients required by the red ball in the solution, which improves the retention environment of the solution. This non-woven bag non-woven packaging color printing has been used since 1980. It replaces the previous glass bottle and is widely used in the retention of liquid.

Nonwoven bagMacro positive boost the second price increase

What is a blister box?

Honesty and mutual benefit.Side sealed bags, of which side sealed bags are seen in many food and snack packaging bags. The whole processing process of this kind of packaging bag needs about 14 steps, including printing, compounding, ripening, slitting, bag making and other processes. More complex side sealed and side sealed bags stand stably and can be placed on the shelf for a long time, The side seal needs a printing surface. The side seal zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, so consumers can reopen and close the zipper. The box is unmatched, unique in appearance, beware of counterfeiting, and easy for consumers to identify. The equipment is a special commodity. The packaging materials must be operated to block the possibility of microbial infection, and ensure the internal sterile environment within a fixed time. It is carried out by means of high-temperature steam, light irradiation and radiation. For infusion sets used for secondary use, the original materials of sterile syringes are generally paper plastic materials. This paper plastic bag is disinfected with EO epoxy B. A product has to be circulated for many times before it can reach the hands of consumers from the producer. During this period, it needs to go through many links such as loading and unloading, transportation, handling, display and so on. In these processes, there will be many qualitative external factors, such as collision, shock, light line, gas and other factors, which will threaten the safety of the commodity, Therefore, the packaging must ensure that the products are not damaged by external factors

Classification by production raw materials: high pressure polyethylene non-woven bag, low pressure polyethylene non-woven bag, polypropylene non-woven bag, PVC non-woven bag, etc.

Composite non-woven packaging color printing -- an integral non-woven packaging color printing composed of an outer non-woven packaging color printing and an inner container.

.() foreign trade export cartons and 5-layer corrugated boxes are generally used for color printing of external non-woven packaging, and B / C tiles are mainly used for corrugated. The calculation formula of outer box is: (length + width + / 100 x (width + height + / 100 x unit price per square meter).

Non woven packaging color printing type single non-woven packaging color printing - non-woven packaging color printing that directly holds goods, such as steel drums, non-woven drums and cans. The net weight is no more than 400kg. It is specialized in non-woven bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, thermal insulation bags, hand decoration Bags & nbsp;, 20-year-old brands, with advantageous price and guaranteed quality! Non-woven packaging color printing with a volume of no more than 450L - directly and non-woven materials Textile packaging color printing; non-woven packaging color printing requiring external non-woven packaging color printing. (combined non-woven packaging color printing)

What is flocking and blistering?