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The large electric clamping tool is 220V power supply, and the motor drives the oil cylinder to clamp. The connecting oil pipe and quick connector must not be contaminated, otherwise the dirt entering the oil circuit system will affect the normal use of the tool. Connect the main engine and hydraulic cylinder, turn on the power supply first, then tighten the pressure relief valve, wait until the pressure gauge rises to about 45MPa, or the main engine automatically trips, then open the pressure relief valve, turn off the power supply, and remove the tong head after complete pressure relief.

Before connecting the pipe fittings, mark the depth on the pipe first, so as to prevent it from being inserted in place and stuck.

.Adjust the ratio of austenite forming elements to ferrite forming elements in the steel to make it have austenite + ferrite dual phase structure, in which ferrite accounts for 5% - 12%. This dual phase structure is not easy to produce intergranular corrosion.

  416— The addition of sulfur improves the processability of the material.

.For the length of welding arc, 2 ~ 4mm is better for ordinary steel welding, and ~ 3mm is better for stainless steel welding. If it is too long, but also on other factors. In most cases, the heat dissipation coefficient of film, rust scale and the surface condition of metal. Stainless steel can keep the surface clean, so its heat transfer is better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity. Liaocheng Suntory stainless steel provides the technical standard of stainless steel plate Stainless steel plate high-strength stainless steel plate with excellent corrosion resistance,26 stainless steel plate, bending workability, toughness of welding parts and stamping workability of welding parts. Specifically, Si, Mn, P, s, Al and Ni with an appropriate content of less than 0.02% of C, less than 0.02% of N, more than 11% of Cr and less than 17% shall meet 12 & le; Cr Mo 5Si & le; 11 & le; Ni 30 (c n) 0.5 (Mn Cu) & le; Cr 0.5 (Ni Cu) 3Mo & Ge; 0, 0.006 & le; C, n & le; 0.030 stainless steel plate is heated to 850 ~ 1250 ℃, and then cooled at a cooling rate of more than 1 ℃ / S. in this way, it can become a high-strength stainless steel plate with martensite content of more than 12%, high strength of more than 730mpa, corrosion resistance and bending processability, and excellent toughness of welding heat affected zone. It can be significantly improved by reusing Mo, the development of stainless steel pipe manufacturers is faltering. However etc High stamping performance of welded parts.

The competition in stainless steel pipe industry is fierce and gradually intensified. With the flood of fresh brand blood and the downturn of market economy, it can be seen from some relevant data that the overall market potential is still great. Stainless steel pipe connection manufacturers should know how to proceed step by step and make steady progress in order to have a chance to win the market.

304 stainless steel hoseAll employees

According to the specification, the specification of stainless steel pipe is mainly based on gb14975-94 stainless steel seamless steel pipe. The general length (indefinite length) of precision stainless steel pipe and thick wall pipe is 5-10m for hot-rolled steel pipe and 1m or more for hot-rolled steel pipe. The wall thickness of cold drawn (rolled) stainless steel pipe is 0.5-0mm and the length is 0-7m; the wall thickness of stainless steel pipe is greater than 0mm and the length is 5-8m.

AUSTENITIC FERRITIC duplex stainless steel on the basis of austenitic stainless steel, appropriately increase Cr content and reduce Ni content, and cooperate with remelting treatment. High prices, various specifications of stainless steel plates, stainless steel coils, stainless steel belts and stainless steel tubes are supplied in time and cost-effective. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Stainless steel with duplex structure of austenite and ferrite (including 40 ~ 60% & Delta; - ferrite) can be obtained. Typical steel grades include 0cr21ni5ti, 1Cr21Ni5Ti, ocr21ni6mo2ti, etc. Duplex stainless steel has good weldability, no heat treatment is required after welding, and its tendency of intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion is also small. However, it is easy to form & sigma; Pay attention when using.

Cold rolled steel strip for deep drawing is a low-carbon high-quality carbon structural steel cold-rolled steel strip for deep drawing complex drawing parts.

reform.When brown rust spots appear on the surface of stainless steel pipes, people will be surprised: & ldquo; Stainless steel pipes are not rusty. Is there a problem with the steel quality;. In fact, this is a one-sided wrong view because the understanding of stainless steel pipe is not comprehensive enough. You should know that stainless steel pipe will rust under certain conditions.

The length of tungsten electrode protruding from the gas nozzle is preferably 4 ~ 5mm. In places with poor shielding such as fillet welding,Stainless steel welded pipe manufacturer, it is 2 ~ 3mm, and in places with deep groove, it is 5 ~ 6mm. The distance from the nozzle to the working is generally no more than 5mm.

  ·Rotary shaft, press roller, blade, impeller, etc. in high-strength corrosion-resistant environment.

304 stainless steel hoseAll employees

The product ground by the grinding belt.

Manufacturing cost.It has good local corrosion resistance. Compared with austenitic stainless steel with the same alloy content, its wear-resistant corrosion and fatigue corrosion properties are better than austenitic stainless steel.

There are three main reasons for oxidation of stainless steel: production process, which is one of the reasons for oxidation of steel products. In terms of production process and product characteristics, forming a thin oxide film on the product surface is the basic process to avoid oxidation, and it is also one of the main characteristics of steel products different from other steel products. It is specialized in products, renewable resources business and business package Including: stainless steel plate, stainless steel coil, stainless steel belt and stainless steel pipe. However, when the oxide film is incomplete and discontinuous due to insufficient or negligent production process the oxygen in the air will directly react with some elements in the product, Xiaobian will tell you in detail about L stainless steel pipe installation technology.

.During butt backing, in order to prevent the back of the underlying weld bead from being oxidized, the back also needs to be protected by gas.

mdash; Martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steel.

The national standard thickness of stainless steel pipe mainly depends on the thickness of raw materials and processing technology. The thickness of welded pipe is basically the same as that of raw materials. For seamless pipe it is slightly thinner than that of raw materials. At present, the stainless steel pipe industry is dominated by large negative difference mainly for the consideration of cost saving, 0 thickness. It provides all kinds of stainless steel plates,410 stainless steel plate factory, stainless steel coils, stainless steel belts, on-site settlement and honest operation. There are offices all over the country for long-term cooperation. Generally, there will be 0.91 ~ 1.