Q550b welded steel pipeHigh degree of finished product

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The steel plate coil adopts the secondary forming process. When rolling, first bend both ends of the steel plate, and the diameter shall be less than the diameter of the coiled pipe. Then adjust the bed pressure, rolling two to three times steel pipe coiled pipe welding and strengthening the rolling pipe joint, long-term rolling pipe, Q235B coil pipe, Q345B coil pipe, large diameter thin wall tube, large diameter heavy wall coil pipe, stainless steel coil pipe, L360 coil pipe, 16MN coil pipe and other brand products designated products are complete, quality assurance. Then transported to the welding platform for welding.

When the pipe is rolled, the distance between the two welds shall be greater than 100mm, and the distance between the outer wall of the outer branch pipe shall not be less than 50mm.

.During the polishing process, a thick layer of iron, nickel and other impurities will be deposited on the surface of the cathode lead plate, which will affect the conductivity of the cathode surface of the steel coil tube resulting in the decrease of current, the negative removal of the polished surface, and seriously affect the polishing quality. Therefore, which can only be removed by knocking, and then washed clean, so as to ensure why there are two longitudinal welds in the same pipe section?

The second stage is called the complex compensation stage, that is, the sector of the coiled pipe will gradually reduce its speed until it reaches the required position, which is the inner circumference position of the steel pipe before complex required by the process design. The second stage is the pressure maintaining and stability stage: the sector block remains stationary at the inner circumference of the steel pipe before re assembly, which is the pressure maintaining and stability stage required by the equipment and expanding process.

.The longitudinal weld of the same barrel part of the coiled pipe shall not be greater than 2.

It shows great advantages in improving labor productivity. This leads to the development of plasma cutting technology from manual or semi-automatic to NC, which has become one of the main directions of NC cutting technology. NC plasma cutting technology is a set of high-tech technologies such as NC technology plasma cutting technology and inverter power supply technology. Its development is based on the common progress of computer, plasma arc characteristic research, power electronics and other disciplines. The CNC cutting technology began in the 1980s, and the CNC plasma cutting technology was later. However, recently, some domestic universities, research institutes and manufacturers have studied NC plasma cutting technology and gradually developed and produced various specifications of NC plasma cutting equipment, narrowing the gap of foreign advanced technology. Today, let's discuss the packaging process of lower thick wall coil.

Be able to show important value in different industries and fields. When the coiled pipe is greater than 600mm, two longitudinal welds are allowed, and the spacing shall be greater than 200mm.

Q550b welded steel pipeHigh degree of finished product

Chinese Name: welded pipe English Name: welded tube, welded pipe definition: the pipe formed by crimping the plate and strip into a pipe barrel with specified shape and size, and welding the joint with appropriate welding. Applied discipline: Material Science and Technology (level discipline); Fundamentals of materials science and Technology (level discipline); Material synthesis, preparation and processing (level discipline); Plastic processing technology (level discipline) what are the main raw materials of electric welded steel pipe?

The welding method of welded steel pipe is submerged arc welding; Molding process, forward swing intermittent production; Unit speed, 0.5 -- 3m / min; Welding speed, 0.5 -- 3m / min. The unit is composed of uncoiler, straightener, centering device, hydraulic shear,16Mn large diameter thick wall welded pipe, milling welding machine, disc shear edge milling machine, plate surface cleaning equipment, delivery machine, plate edge pre bending equipment, forming machine, internal welding, external welding, flash pulling out, slag pouring, repair welding, flat head chamfering, hydraulic inspection, finished product inspection and degreasing collection. The whole process of submerged arc welding of spiral steel pipe is as follows: the principle of spiral steel pipe submerged arc welding: submerged arc welding is welded with arc heat energy. The difference from manual electrode arc welding is that the welding wire of submerged arc welding is, and there is no coating on it. The flux of submerged arc welding is pre laid at the place to be welded. In the flux of submerged arc welding wire, the arc is under the flux. For welding wire and workpiece, when the start button is pressed, the welding wire and workpiece are energized, the welding wire is pulled back, the arc is ignited, the welding trolley moves forward, and the welding wire is continuously transported downward to maintain the arc under the flux layer and form a welding pool under the arc. Around the arc, the flux melts to form a cavity. The cavity and molten pool advance continuously, and the metal behind the molten pool solidifies to form a continuous weld. This process is carried out under flux, in addition to this the production efficiency is high; The auxiliary time of production is less, saving the cleaning time; High weld quality. It also provides necessary conditions for the delivery of spiral steel pipe factory which saves the time of electrode replacement; The welding conditions are clean, so that the production time of large amount of spiral steel pipe can be guaranteed, so it is still widely used.

1800mm steel pipe elbow detailed introduction to elbow: first of all, the material is hot pushed, the pusher is a horn shaped core or mandrel, the mandrel is thickened and thickened, the process of pushing the elbow is the process of expanding the diameter, and it is supported on the back. The material tube part passes through the mandrel, and there is an arched frame at the rear to fix the mandrel. There's a car in the middle. Some cars are driven hydraulically, others are driven by mechanical transmission, that is, screw drive, and then the car pushes forward, and the car pushes the pipeline along the core. The rod moves forward, there is an induction coil outside the mandrel, the tube is heated and heated, and then the trolley pushes the tube down and processes one.

Focus on Development.The convex hull on the surface of the crimp roll shall be treated. Before repeated processing, the equipment surface shall be treated to prevent the convex hull steel plate with abnormal roll surface from causing pits.

The main materials are q23q3420, 435cimo and 42cimo, 16 manganese and 16 manganese capacity. Generally, cold rolled sheet can be used for pipe rolling, and the product standards are GB / t50205-200, GB / t3092-2001, etc. Continuous pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas transmission, pile driving, urban water supply, heat supply, gas supply and other projects.

The thickness of thick wall coiled pipe is generally greater than 20mm, forming, rib, defect detection, factory. Sometimes the wall thickness is relatively thick and secondary heating is required. The feature is that the outer diameter tolerance is small Uniform wall thickness.

Q550b welded steel pipeHigh degree of finished product

It is important that the thick wall coiled pipe will not damage the performance of raw materials. The disadvantage of hot roll thick wall rolling pipe is that the treatment time is long Very expensive. Thick wall rolling pipe is widely used: cylinder, bridge, roller, etc.

reform.It has advantages and quality. The weld reinforcement obtained is increased, the weld formation is deteriorated and the edge transition is poor.

Hot coil thick wall pipe rolling process before hot coil thick wall pipe processing, you must be familiar with the technical requirements such as paper and process material properties, select an appropriate hot coil machine, and determine whether cold coil, warm coil or hot coil.

Flame cutting and plasma cutting are commonly used for sheet metal blanking in our factory. The equipment used includes manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine and NC cutting machine. Manual blanking is arbitrarily large compared to other cuts Flexible and convenient, no special supporting cutting equipment is required.

.Extend the length of the part: 566 divide it into 24 equal parts, symmetrical, and the length of each bisector from the middle to the side is: 11 110 106 10 93 84 75 66 57 0, 50 44 40 39 2.

Hot melt installation: pipes are connected according to the nature of thermoplastic coiled pipes. During hot melt,Q355b reel, special heating equipment (generally electric heating type) is used to make the connecting surface of coiled pipes of the same material and pipe fittings reach the molten state, safe and durable, and avoids water running, emitting, with small diameter, from the lower layer to the upper layer,Q355b large diameter reel, from difficult to easy, from the pipe gallery to the equipment. In principle, the pipeline connected with the machine is configured from the inside to the outside to reduce the impact of welding stress on the installation accuracy of the machine. The interface between indoor and outdoor pipelines shall be left outdoors. Q345B thick wall coiled pipe is a kind of material in carbon steel and is widely used. The thickness of Q345B thick wall coiled pipe is generally more than 10mm, sewage pipeline, dredging pipeline, construction pipeline, etc. Q345B thick wall coiled pipe is a welded pipe product, and the process in the welded pipe is relatively simple and flexible. This type of steel pipe usually has no inventory and is processed by user. If the quantity is small, the raw materials are not good. The main problem of Q345B thick wall coiled pipe is welding. As long as it is possible, the delivery related requirements can be compared with other products.