San PedroGrouting small conduit and advance anchor rodApplication in metallurgical industry

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The flexibility of the product is very high, and it is easy to place at the corners without cutting and connecting.

The inner core of the grouting pipe is rigid,San PedroGrouting small conduit, which can ensure that it will not be crushed under the concrete pressure. The non-woven filter cloth layer outside the framework only allows water and grouting fluid to pass through, and other materials such as cement slurry in concrete are blocked outside the grouting pipe to fully ensure the smooth use of the whole section of the grouting pipe. The flexibility of the product is very high, and it is easy to place at the corners without cutting and connecting. When grouting in the grouting pipe under pressure, the grouting can keep filling the whole pipe evenly. The system allows grouting at relatively low pressure. The installation of grouting pipes will not affect the characteristics of the building itself. The installation or grouting process will not harm the concrete. Permanent sealing can be ensured after grouting. If there is no leakage grouting can be omitted. The key construction process flow of grouting pipe installation is as follows: table formwork processing, installation - grouting pipe processing - spring reinforcement framework, mesh binding - grouting pipe and installation of embedded reserved side formwork installation - process acceptance - concrete pouring - concrete curing - 10000 m3 data thickness to ensure the integrity of the table formwork, the steel plate joint weld shall be uniform.

San Pedro. Glass fiber grouting pipe is a semi-rigid product made of glass fiber as raw material, high-strength alkali free glass fiber through a certain warp knitting process, and fiber filament coated on both sides.

Ceramic process 1: make and process gypsum molds according to the requirements of a certain place.

.The disposable grouting pipe uses steel springs as the supporting framework, and is wrapped with a layer of non-woven filter cloth. The outermost layer is wrapped with nylon mesh,San PedroLeading small conduit42, and can only be grouted once.

The disposable grouting pipe can only be grouted once and cannot be reused.

The grouting pipe of the spring reinforcement framework shall be bound with the bamboo frame of the reinforcement framework according to the construction rigidity of the component. After being bound into a bundle, it shall be stacked at the specified position and lifted to the abutment cross. During the reinforcement binding process, the quality and wall shall be strictly controlled according to the ship support, and the finished product shall be well protected. The injection pipe shall be placed on the top, and the embedded grouting symbol shall be buried on the formwork for positioning. The inverted formwork shall be used to install stairs and component side formworks to increase the turnover rate of the formwork as much as possible. According to the design size, profile training machines edge folding machines, etc. the blanking standards shall be used for rebar concealment and cross slab. The unqualified ones shall be rectified until they meet the construction technology. Concrete pouring Before concrete mixing, the moisture content of sand and stone shall be measured and the construction mix proportion shall be adjusted according to the test results.

San PedroGrouting small conduit and advance anchor rodApplication in metallurgical industry

[background technology] [0002] at present, some coal mines across the country use the grouting technology of coal seam floor aquifer to control water disasters, and have achieved obvious results. However, the grouting pipe after grouting exceeds the exposed part of the roadway floor and has different lengths. Most mines adopt mechanized coal mining technology, and hydraulic support and scraper conveyor need flat floor. At present, the mine still uses a hacksaw to manually cut the underground grouting pipes. It needs to clear some of the grouting pipes exposed from the roadway floor, which is time-consuming, laborious and inefficient. On average, each person cuts I grouting pipes every 2 hours.

The grouting pipe is specially used as a channel for the depth detection of pile foundation and for structural stress calculation. The grouting pipe is a small pipe, but this small pipe meets the standard sensitivity of sound reception. As long as there is a small sound, it can measure it and accurately reflect the data on the computer or sound receiver. During the concrete pouring of cast-in-place pile, a channel that allows the ultrasonic probe to be normally placed at the pile bottom is reserved, which is not considered in the structural stress calculation.

When the daily average temperature is lower than 5 ℃, no watering and thermal insulation measures shall be taken. Steam curing can be used when the temperature cannot reach the natural curing conditions or early demoulding is required. Generally, steam curing should be carried out at a temperature of about 65 degrees. Canvas and tarpaulin should be used for curing. In order to avoid crack deformation of concrete components caused by sudden rise and fall of steam temperature, the speed of temperature rise and drop must be strictly controlled.

Excellent quality.Grouting pipe is a tubular waterproof sealing material used for grouting of concrete construction joints.

[specific embodiment] [0015] the following describes the utility model in combination with the attached specific embodiments.

(the density of steel pipe is 85kg/dm calculation formula: w = 0.02466 (D-S) s where: W - theoretical weight of steel pipe per meter, kg / M; D - Nominal outer diameter of steel pipe, mm; S - nominal wall thickness of steel pipe, mm.

San PedroGrouting small conduit and advance anchor rodApplication in metallurgical industry

Water pressure test water pressure test is to use the grouting pump to inject clean water into the grouting section. Its main purposes are: check the grouting stop effect of the grouting stop pipe head, especially the grouting stop plug.

Welcome to inquire.This is a 32 size pipe body grouting steel pipe commonly used in grouting pipes. It is a customized product and can be customized according to user needs. However, the most common diameter specifications in the market at present mainly include 25mm, 32mm, 48mm 60mm and so on.

The grouting pipe diffuses the load on it. When the reinforced soil is loaded, the grouting pipe has a high bond with the soil, and has a mutual embedding effect with the soil,San PedroTunnel small conduit, showing better tensile performance. The tensile stress of the soil is transmitted to the grouting pipe, making the reinforced soil a tensile member, which can change the stress from the vertical direction to the horizontal direction, spread the load stress evenly to a large base range, enhance the overall tensile strength of the soil, greatly improving the bearing capacity of the soil.

Post grouting: after the shaft, tunnel, basement and other structures are dug, the grouting method is used to control water damage and strengthen the stratum, which is called post grouting.

San Pedro.Four advantages of establishing a good cooperative relationship with customers: Professional production equipment and testing facilities ensure the quality of the supplied grouting pipes.

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