VladingenVehicle mounted hydraulic lifting platformStability in structural design

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Volume speed control circuit: Speed control is achieved by adjusting the displacement of a variable pump or variable motor.

Vehicle mounted lifting platform is widely used for high-altitude operations in hotels, buildings, airports, stations sports venues, workshops, warehouses, and other places; It can also be used as temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising, etc.

Vladingen.Clean the surface of the base and install anchor bolts. If the construction elevator is installed on the floor, use a pad iron under the base screws to increase the force surface between the nut and the floor, in order to reduce the impact of the nut on the floor; Insert steel plate gaskets of different thicknesses between the chassis and the foundation stone at the anchor bolts to adjust the verticality of the guide rail frame; Install three standard sections and measure the verticality of the guide rail frame using a theodolite; After adjusting the verticality of the guide rail frame, tighten the four foundation bolts; Adjust the verticality of the fence door frame as above and press it tightly

Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for signs of broken wires and loose drums. If it exceeds the relevant rules, it is necessary to replace it immediately. The protection of steel wire ropes should strictly follow the rules of GB5144-85.

.Protective device: In case of power or oil circuit failure, there should be a safety rope to prevent the workbench from falling out of control. (Allow controlled descent)

The use of cleaning oil and the brand used in the system

The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator tells you the reason and cleaning method: Reason: Overload cleaning method: Reduce the load to clean. Reason: The return valve is not closed. Cleaning method: Tighten the return valve to clean. Reason: The one-way valve of the manual pump is stuck and the return valve is malfunctioning. Cleaning method: Unscrew the bolt at the valve port of the oil pump, conduct maintenance, cleaning, and replace the cleaning hydraulic oil to clean.

VladingenVehicle mounted hydraulic lifting platformStability in structural design

The installation personnel should confirm and count the equipment details, confirm that there are no omissions in the shipped equipment details, check if the tools are complete, and ensure the smooth progress of the installation process.

Personnel engaged in high-altitude operations must be healthy, and those who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, or have been identified by a doctor as having hypertension, heart disease, or other diseases that are not suitable for high-altitude operations are not allowed to participate in high-altitude operations. When it is found that staff members are drinking alcohol or feeling low spirits, it is prohibited to work at heights.

The hydraulic oil used in the system has the same brand, and the oil temperature is between 45~80 ℃. Use a large flow rate to remove impurities from the system as much as possible. The hydraulic system needs to be cleaned repeatedly three times or more,VladingenGuide rail elevator, and after each cleaning, the system should be drained while the oil is hot. After cleaning, clean the filter and add new oil after using a new filter element.

Credit guarantee.When placing materials on the platform,VladingenHydraulic lifting platform, they should be placed in the middle of the platform as much as possible. The weight of the goods should be within the standard load range of the equipment, and the volume of the goods should not exceed the platform size of the equipment. Otherwise, materials and lifting platforms may be injured and dangerous accidents may occur. High priced and various specifications of elevator manufacturers provide timely supply, with high cost-effectiveness, and have become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to purchase!

Do you know the classification of simple cargo elevator lifting platforms? The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator is here to inform you.

The classification of lifting platforms is as follows: they are divided into mobile lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, and sleeve type lifting platforms according to their different modes of movement.

VladingenVehicle mounted hydraulic lifting platformStability in structural design

Hydraulic lifting table: the hydraulic lifting table is widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing wood processing, chemical filling, etc., to meet the lifting needs of different operation heights, and can be equipped with various table forms (such as ball, roller rotary table, steering tipping, telescoping), and with various ways (separate, explosion-proof), it has stable and accurate lifting, frequent starting The characteristics of large load capacity effectively solve various lifting and lowering difficulties in industrial enterprises, making production operations smooth.

The cost is reasonable.Regularly inspect the hydraulic lifting equipment of the upper and lower materials to ensure the safety of the rail type elevator and the safety of the material supply to the rail type lifting platform.

Cleaning and maintenance: When there is oil in the oil tank or when oil is refilled, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the filter tank cover. Clean the oil and funnel or container before use. Never bring dirty things into the system, the hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturer will explain the maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the elevator: the brakes of each organization should be frequently checked and adjusted to ensure the clearance between the brake pads and wheels is sensitive and reliable. On the surface, there should be no dirt present. If there is dirt, simple operation, large load-bearing capacity, and rear hinge support.

There are many reasons for unstable workbench descent, such as overload, severe eccentric load, hydraulic oil impurities,VladingenHandmade children's hydraulic lifting platform, etc. In response to the above reasons, it can be solved by reducing the load, adjusting the center of gravity of the load, and replacing hydraulic oil wholesale for hydraulic cargo elevators.

. The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the hydraulic cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve, and the return oil from the lower end of the hydraulic cylinder returns to the oil tank through the balance valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, throttle valve, and explosion-proof electromagnetic directional valve. In order to ensure a smooth descent of heavy objects and safe and reliable braking, a balance valve and balance circuit are installed on the return oil circuit to maintain pressure and ensure that the descent speed is not affected by changes in heavy objects. The throttle valve regulates the flow rate and the lifting speed. To ensure safe and reliable braking and prevent accidents, a hydraulic one-way valve, also known as a hydraulic lock, is added to ensure safe self-locking when the hydraulic pipeline bursts. Install an overload sound alarm to distinguish between overload or equipment failure.