ModenaHydraulic lifting platform cargo elevatorControl issues to consider

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The undercut length of the weld mm should not exceed 10% of the weld seam, and the depth should not exceed 0.4mm.

The hydraulic lifting platform is a manually movable type, and the lifting power of the platform is a two machine or three-phase power supply. It has manual and electric power, and is also equipped with a hand pump for use in case of power outage. This series of platforms have the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, and easy operation, and are mainly used in factories, government agencies, commercial stores, and the construction and decoration industry.

Modena.The size of the oil cylinder should be minimized as much as possible while meeting the design requirements. The smaller the diameter of the oil cylinder, the faster the lifting speed.

There is a phenomenon of self stopping when running up and down. Due to poor contact of the safety protection switch, it is easy for hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers to cause this problem.

.The vibration range is proportional to the lifting height. The higher the height, the larger the shaking range, especially for mobile hydraulic cargo elevators. When the working height exceeds 10 meters, the wind ropes at the four corners of the hydraulic cargo elevator should be tightened to strengthen leg protection, increase stability, and reduce shaking.

Lifting mechanism: The workbench should be ensured to rise and fall smoothly, and there should be no jumping lifting phenomenon. All moving parts should be flexible when moving, and there should be no jamming devices. The lifting system of the elevator is divided into electric or manual hydraulic systems, and there should be no leakage at all components,ModenaCustomized hydraulic lifting platform, pipelines, and joints.

Do you know the classification of simple cargo elevator lifting platforms? The manufacturer of the hydraulic cargo elevator is here to inform you.

ModenaHydraulic lifting platform cargo elevatorControl issues to consider

Electrical equipment or component failures. Hydraulic elevator manufacturers tell you that the main reasons for high noise generated by electric motors are: bent or severely worn motor rotors or damaged bearings, which cause electric motors to sweep and produce noise; The cooling fan of the electric motor is damaged or not firmly fixed resulting in high noise; The electric motor is not firmly fixed and can also cause vibration, producing high noise.

When loading and unloading goods at the dock, hydraulic cargo elevators are often used. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic cargo elevators compared to electric cargo elevators?

The noise and oil level of the elevator oil cylinder are too low. From the air at the connection of the oil filter or joint to the oil the coupling inside the oil cylinder is loose. The internal fault of the oil cylinder is that the installation of the oil cylinder motor is not concentric. From the motor, the air and oil at the moving shaft are blocked. The oil return pipe of the oil filter is loose, and the air or oil pipe is on the oil surface, Mixing air into the oil to eliminate: The concentricity should be adjusted to within 0.1MM. The coupling should be repaired or the oil pump should be replaced to increase the oil volume above 400mm in the oil filter and joint positions. The rotating shaft sealing ring should be replaced to clean the oil filter screen, filter the oil, lock the return oil pipeline, and extend the return oil pipeline below the oil level. If there is air mixed in the oil or the air in the hydraulic cylinder is not completely discharged,ModenaHydraulic lifting platform lifting cargo elevator, it will cause cavitation under high pressure and cause significant noise. At this point, it is necessary to exhaust the air in a timely manner.

Online consultation.Selection of the location of the loading and unloading lifting platform In order to reduce the cost of material handling,ModenaHydraulic lifting platform fixed type, the location of the platform should be selected to minimize the distance of the handling tools and vehicles in the factory. It is much easier to move a fully loaded transport vehicle to a designated location outside the building than to transport the loaded materials one by one to the designated location indoors. When selecting a platform location, full consideration should be given to the production process and operational needs of the factory. There are two modes of platform layout: merging: loading and unloading on the same platform.

When the hydraulic lifting platform is working, the load cannot exceed its rated load. When it is raised to a certain height, the larger the mass of the object, the greater the shaking

Regularly check whether each organization is functioning properly and whether there is noise. If problems are found, they should be promptly cleaned up.

ModenaHydraulic lifting platform cargo elevatorControl issues to consider

There is noise inside the hydraulic cylinder. When replacing the hydraulic oil, there was air in the hydraulic cylinder due to an operational error. Under high pressure, it is easy to generate cavitation and high-frequency noise. When the rod is bent or replaced with a new seal, the new seal is too tight, the noise can be reduced after running in for a period of time. If the rod is bent, it needs to be corrected. In addition, it can reduce vibration and noise, and the pipelines should avoid dead bends as much as possible.

Welcome calls .Pay attention to checking each steel wire rope for signs of broken wires and loose drums. If it exceeds the relevant rules it is necessary to replace it immediately. The protection of steel wire ropes should strictly follow the rules of GB5144-85.

What technical issues are required for the installation of hydraulic freight elevators? The installation of hydraulic freight elevators is actually quite complex. If you do not understand the equipment pictures designed by the elevator manufacturer and the detailed situation of the hydraulic freight elevator designed by the elevator manufacturer, installation errors may occur, leading to equipment failure of the freight elevator! When installing hydraulic freight elevators, guide rail torque tubes, and other components, mainly driven by the chain to assist in the upward and downward telescopic lifting of the freight elevator. The pulleys at the four corners of the countertop should be fixed on the surrounding guide rails. The entire elevator equipment is installed on the wall, and wall mounted installation is chosen to enhance the stability of the freight elevator. Choosing the appropriate wall size also requires careful planning.

Therefore, the wholesale manufacturers of hydraulic elevators remind that there are three main ways to adjust the speed control circuit: throttling speed control circuit: quantitative pump oil supply, using flow valves to adjust the flow in and out of the actuator to achieve speed control; In the volume throttling speed control circuit, the oil is supplied by the pressure limiting variable pump, and the flow rate into the actuator is adjusted by the flow valve to adapt the flow rate of the variable pump to the regulated flow rate of the speed control valve.

Modena.Motor not running: Check all components of the motor for damage and check if there are any problems with the circuit and wiring.

When the hydraulic lifting platform is working, the load cannot exceed its rated load. When it is raised to a certain height, the larger the mass of the object, the greater the shaking

Materials enter the production line at one end of the factory building, and the production process ends at the other end of the factory building with multiple separate platforms; This can greatly shorten the distance of material flow in the factory building.