Saint VicenteAdvance small conduit for tunnelWhat should I do if it breaks down

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After the test of each group of test tubes is completed, the test points shall be sampled for 10% at random, and the relative standard deviation of sound time shall not be greater than 5%; The relative standard deviation of amplitude shall not be greater than 10%.

The proper grouting time can be selected after the concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be permanently sealed in this way.

Saint Vicente.Appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent surface water, curing water and garbage from falling in. When necessary, a sump shall be set near the post cast strip of the base plate in combination with the design of the basement plane drainage system to facilitate the final cleaning before the grouting pipe is cast. When advance water stop is not used, a sump shall be set, which can be set in the basement according to the above method, or set outdoors as a temporary facility. Usually, we use the waterproof scheme between the grouting pipe and the water surface or before, and there are many methods for the grouting pipe to stop water in advance. It should be noted that the design unit should participate in the review of the construction organization design of the basement, so as to determine a complete implementation scheme of advanced water stop before the excavation of the foundation pit and the pouring of the cushion. Otherwise, the design modification requirements will be put forward only when problems are found in advance water stop during construction, which will affect the integrity and rationality of the whole water stop scheme.


.The advantages of the grouting pipe are as follows: The embedded grouting pipe can be injected with water by on-site pressure to confirm the water tightness of the joint. Grouting is required only when the joint leaks water.

Display and record the time history curve of the received signal in real time.

architectural engineering; Grouting technology can be divided into static pressure grouting and high-pressure jet grouting. However, according to the action mechanism of the slurry on the soil, the geological conditions, the grouting pressure, the movement form of the slurry and the alternative ways, the grouting technology can be divided into four categories: penetration grouting, split grouting, compaction grouting and jet grouting.

Saint VicenteAdvance small conduit for tunnelWhat should I do if it breaks down

The grouting pipe has good air tightness, low gas permeability, strong sealing and no leakage.

It is safe and does not need to be welded on site.

Classified according to the movement mode of grout in the stratum Filling grouting: filling large cracks and caves with grout is called filling grouting.

Quality assurance.[0024] it should be noted that the above specific embodiments are only exemplary. Under the above teachings of the utility model, those skilled in the art can make various improvements and modifications on the basis of the above embodiments, and these improvements or modifications fall within the protection scope of the utility model. Those skilled in the art should understand that the above specific description is only for the purpose of explaining the utility model and is not intended to limit the utility model. The scope of protection of the utility model is defined by the claims and their equivalents.

The grout stop plug used in the grout stop plug grouting method is the key device to seal the grouting borehole and realize segmented grouting. A good grout stop plug should ensure normal operation under the grouting pressure of more than 10MPa. According to its structure and working principle, the currently used slurry stoppers can be divided into two types: mechanical type and hydraulic expansion type. Among them, mechanical slurry stoppers are relatively simple and reliable, angle, depth, number of grouting rows, horizontal distance and vertical distance of grouting.

Inspection environment. Cut and cut the spring skeleton grouting pipe according to the components. The cutting surface must be flat and free of burrs. The length of its flat section must be ≥ the connecting reinforcement measures. During the bending process of the grouting pipe, it is not allowed to use a small one. The inner diameter of the grouting pipe is compressed and cracked. The alignment between M and FL is 45-56

Answer: according to the length and diameter, the weight of common grouting pipe is 0.1 ~ 0.3KG, grouting pipe has gradually appeared in some online newspapers and periodicals, and its practical scope has also developed from the support of some basic automobile boot and engine cover to the machinery manufacturing industry, used for the support of equipment accessories, vibration reduction of equipment, support of tool box cover, medical industry,Saint VicenteSeamless small conduit, fitness equipment and other fields. As its practicality is further recognized, its scope of application is becoming wider and wider. Some people in the industry asked: the application range of grouting pipe is becoming wider and wider. Does it have an impact on the original telescopic spring? In my personal opinion, it will not impact the original spring. Of course, it will have a certain impact, because most of the grouting pipes are innovations in the product design of some enterprises. For example, the rear box of a tricycle was originally supported by an iron bar (which is still useful). Now, the grouting pipe is very light, convenient and labor-saving. Some units do not know it so its design has certain limitations, However, enterprises must be innovative in order to be ahead of their peers. We have been making grouting pipes for many years. Experience tells us that many manufacturers are now trying our grouting pipes, and they have been officially used, with obvious effects. However, some enterprises do not know what the grouting pipes are let alone their s, so they will be in a passive position. Therefore, we hope that some industries, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle transportation equipment, box manufacturing such as tool boxes, medical treatment,Saint VicentePipe shed and small conduit,Saint VicenteSelf propelled hollow grouting anchor manufacturer, fitness, kitchen cabinets, etc, If you need to know the and use of the grouting pipe, please feel free to consult me, and I will give you advice

During measurement, the transmitting and receiving probes shall rise and fall synchronously at the same elevation or maintain a fixed elevation difference.

Saint Vicente.3 advantages: Simple installation, lay the steam probe at the bottom of the formwork, and adjust the profiling after installation. According to the actual needs, the shaped reinforcement on both sides of 1200m shall be installed, and the well shall be upgraded and placed and marked.

Grouting pipe is a kind of embedded grouting pipe system, cold joints, pipe seepage joints and gaps between ground walls in concrete. It is very suitable to install grouting pipes between the joints of new and old concrete. When water penetrates into the joint, it can be sealed by injecting slurry into the PVC port set on the surface. The proper grouting time can be selected after the concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be permanently sealed in this way.