Sao-PauloHow much is the design and installation of cold storageClassification and function

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During production in the production workshop, not less than 40 & plusmn; 2kg/m3.

When installing the polyurethane insulation board, the adhesion between the panel of the polyurethane insulation board and the thermal insulation material is short and often high.

Sao-Paulo.Does the unit location meet the relevant conditions? Whether the heat dissipation and pipe length can meet the requirements.

The polyurethane insulation board shall be connected by plug-in notch connection because it has higher strength when connecting in this way.

.Suggestions on the quantity of polyurethane cold storage insulation materials: cold storage investment is a long-term and profitable investment. A high quantity of hair can certainly reduce the initial investment, but it is necessary to grasp a certain limit and comprehensively consider the long-term energy consumption and initial investment, because the insulation effect of polyurethane cold storage insulation materials has a parabolic linear correlation with its bulk weight; A large number of studies have shown that the foam bulk density has better thermal insulation performance at 33~35 kg / cubic meter. Therefore, it is usually recommended that the number of thermostat refrigeratory outlets should be 22~23 square / ton.

During the cold storage commissioning, and timely deal with the problems of insulation and seal failure such as degumming and air leakage.

The temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked in the cold storage, the compressor is overloaded, there is a lack of refrigerant, the low pressure is too low, the air intake is too large and the compressor is stuck.

Sao-PauloHow much is the design and installation of cold storageClassification and function

It is built in the room. There shall be excellent drainage pipe standards around the cold storage, the soil temperature shall be low, there shall be interlayer under the cold storage, and good natural ventilation shall be maintained. Maintaining dryness is very important for the cold storage. In addition, before the construction of the cold storage, the phase electricity of the relative volume shall be built according to the output power of the refrigeration unit. If the cold storage is water-cooled and radiating, the tap water pipeline shall be paved and the FRP cooling tower shall be built.

After evacuation, fill the refrigerant into the liquid storage to 70% of the standard filling volume & mdash; 80% by weight, then run the compressor and add gas from low pressure to sufficient volume.

Cold storage has good water tightness. Polyurethane rigid foam has low water absorption good permeability to water vapor, disconnected and closed porosity of more than 95%. It is a dense microporous foam material, which is more dense than air surface, and is not easy to permeate. It belongs to hydrophobic materials.

Analysis project.All wiring shall be neat. All switches and keys shall be opened and closed sensitively, reliably and accurately. Special connectors shall be used for wiring, and power protection shall be provided for the box and each power branch.

Pay attention to the energy saving of the lighting system: the lighting of the cold storage should be considered comprehensively according to the area, height and warehouse temperature of the cold storage on the basis of safety, science and rationality, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection. The lighting in the cold storage is concentrated in the working area.

Requirements for refrigeration equipment in quick freezing warehouse: the strict sealing of quick freezing warehouse is obviously different from that of ordinary quick freezing warehouse. Therefore, how to seal the refrigeration equipment is the key. First of all, all through wall pipelines must be equipped with sleeves, the frost flushing water return pipeline must be equipped with U-shaped bend water seal, and the main frost flushing and return pipeline outside the warehouse shall be equipped with air filling port to prevent the gas in the warehouse from being pumped out of the warehouse by negative pressure. In addition, due to the good sealing of the quick freezing warehouse, the set fluctuation range of the warehouse temperature should not be too large to prevent excessive positive and negative pressure from damaging the warehouse body.

Sao-PauloHow much is the design and installation of cold storageClassification and function

It is suitable for the freezing processing and storage of food, and manual refrigeration to keep the indoor temperature constant. The walls, floors and flat roofs of large cold storages are laid with thermal insulation materials with a certain thickness to reduce the incoming heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation, the surface of the external wall of the cold storage is painted white or light color.

Manufacturing cost.The floor of the cold storage shall be kept as close as possible during use

Ammonia filling leak test: ammonia filling leak detection can be carried out after system blowdown and pressure leak test. The purpose is to improve the air tightness of the system and lay a good foundation for the work of ammonia filling and thermal insulation materials of the system. After air leakage detection, some obvious leakage points can be found. However due to the poor air permeability, the leakage points blocked by dirt along the tiny sand holes are not easy to be detected. Therefore, ammonia must be filled. In addition to good permeability, ammonia also has odor and is easy to be found, At the same time, phenolphthalein test paper can be used for leak detection because it is rose red in the presence of ammonia.

When hot ammonia defrosting or electric defrosting is selected as the cooling fan, professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction,Sao-PauloInstallation of assembled cold storage, medical cold storage, safety, environmental protection and economy! The products are exported to foreign countries and are deeply trusted. Defrosting and drainage can be discharged immediately. Electric heat tracing and insulation can be selected for the defrosting and drainage pipeline of the warehouse location.

Sao-Paulo.The ultrasonic town is a patented technology with a shaped energy cover, which increases the effective humidification amount by 50-70% per hour. What are the reasonable aspects of the design of the quick freezing warehouse?

Cold storage has good fire and flame resistance. After adding flame retardant, polyurethane is a kind of flame retardant and self extinguishing material. If it is burned by fire,Sao-PauloQuotation of cold storage, it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be closed as a whole after fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.

Features of quick freezing warehouse: the quick freezing technology is advanced, the frost free quick freezing method is adopted,Sao-PauloSteps for installing cold storage, the famous brand compressor and refrigeration accessories are configured, and the automatic frost is adopted. The method can only be used by microcomputer. The refrigeration system adopts green refrigerant, which belongs to the international advanced refrigeration technology in the 21st century.