AbbotsfordDouble layer small conduit advance supportApplicable manuals and methods for installation

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Chemical grouting chemical grouting materials are mainly used in water glass and organic polymer grouting materials.

According to the experimental results,AbbotsfordLeading small conduit production, optimize the specific parameters and determine the grouting materials and pressure. Cement grouting material 1 cement slurry ordinary portland cement is the most commonly used cement grouting material. Its advantages are: wide source of raw materials, low cost, non-toxic, simple and convenient construction process. The disadvantages are: poor stability of cement slurry, easy precipitation and water precipitation, long setting time, and because of the large diameter of cement particles, the injection capacity is often limited to micro cracks [1].

Abbotsford. It is a thermoplastic material, which can be processed and formed many times providing convenience for hot melting and electrofusion connection of pipes.

1 water glass grouting material water glass slurry is made of water glass as the main agent, and gelling agent is added to make it react chemically and generate a large amount of silicon gel to set and harden. Water glass paste has wide sources, low cost,AbbotsfordAdvance small conduit tunnel, small toxic and side effects of main agent, no environmental pollution, low viscosity and good injectability.

.[patent attachment] [description] [0010] 1 is the structural diagram of the utility model; [0011] 2 is a schematic diagram of the cutting blade; [0012] 3 is the schematic diagram of tightening the blade nut; [0013] 4 is a schematic diagram of the fixed cutting device.

The grouting pipe of the spring reinforcement framework shall be bound with the bamboo frame of the reinforcement framework according to the construction rigidity of the component. After being bound into a bundle, it shall be stacked at the specified position and lifted to the abutment cross. During the reinforcement binding process, the quality and wall shall be strictly controlled according to the ship support, and the finished product shall be well protected. The injection pipe shall be placed on the top, and the embedded grouting symbol shall be buried on the formwork for positioning. The inverted formwork shall be used to install stairs and component side formworks to increase the turnover rate of the formwork as much as possible. According to the design size, the formwork shall be equipped with plate cutting machine and edge folding machine Cutting shall be carried out by profile training machine, rebar concealment and cross slab shall be carried out according to blanking standards. Unqualified ones shall be rectified until they meet construction technology. Concrete pouring Before concrete mixing, the water content of sand and stone shall be measured and the construction mix proportion shall be adjusted according to the test results.

During measurement, the transmitting and receiving probes shall rise and fall synchronously at the same elevation or maintain a fixed elevation difference.

AbbotsfordDouble layer small conduit advance supportApplicable manuals and methods for installation

Ca (OH)2 +Na2O·nSiO2 +mH2O →CaO·nSiO2·mH2O+2NaOH,

The research shows that the friction between the grouting pipe and the soil is also greatly related to the water content and compactness of the soil. The grouting pipe itself has a pattern, and is also a grid like integral geo reinforced material, so the friction between the grouting pipe and the medium is very large; The grouting pipe also has a great tensile strength, a large deformation modulus, and the reinforcement is stable and uniform, which can see good results in a short time. It can be seen from the experiment that the mesh reinforcement performance of the grouting pipe is better than the strip reinforcement material, which increases the stability of the project; The grouting pipe is especially suitable for the construction of high-speed highways,AbbotsfordGrouting pipe, because the action force of the back and forth traffic on the soil is very great, and the grouting pipe can share the stress, increase the deformation modulus of the soil, effectively enhance the strength of the soil, and achieve the effect of stabilizing the project and long-term use.

A 6-10m long orifice pipe is generally installed at the opening of the grouting hole to prevent possible hole collapse, and to play a guiding role in drilling. During grouting, grouting can not be carried out.

The grout stop plug grouting method is generally used for Rock Fissure Grouting. The grouting pipe is provided with a grout stop plug, which can close the upper part of the grouting section. The main construction steps are as follows: the rotary drill is generally used for drilling the grouting hole. All grouting holes in the rock stratum are required to be cored for drilling, so as to find out the development and distribution of fractures in the rock stratum. The coring rate should reach 80-90% in hard rock stratum and 70% in broken rock stratum. The drilling cleaning fluid is mainly clean water. If the rock is broken and the hole collapses seriously the mud slurry can also be used as the circulating fluid.

3 cement water glass (sodium silicate) slurry cement water glass slurry is a grouting material composed of cement and water glass as the main agents, which are injected in a double liquid manner according to a certain proportion, and the vibration shall be &fast inserting and slow pulling& and slightly pumping up and down to make the concrete vibrate evenly. The vibration shall be carried out in sequence to avoid over vibration and missing vibration until the concrete surface is horizontal, no bubbles and no mortar on the surface. During vibration, the vibrating handle shall not touch the side formwork, grouting pipe, pipeline, embedded parts, etc.

How heavy is a grouting pipe?

When each formwork is in place, lay the steam probe at the bottom of the formwork, and adjust the profiling after installation. According to the actual needs, the shaped reinforcement on both sides of 1200m shall be installed, and the well shall be upgraded and placed and marked.

Abbotsford.The grout stop plug used in the grout stop plug grouting method is the key device to seal the grouting borehole and realize segmented grouting. A good grout stop plug should ensure normal operation under the grouting pressure of more than 10MPa. According to its structure and working principle, the currently used slurry stoppers can be divided into two types: mechanical type and hydraulic expansion type. Among them, mechanical slurry stoppers are relatively simple and reliable, and are widely used. 21-5 is one of several commonly used slurry stoppers.

Four advantages of establishing a good cooperative relationship with customers: Professional production equipment and testing facilities ensure the quality of the supplied grouting pipes.

Most of the grouting pipes on the market are 6 meters in stock, and some construction sites have different requirements so there are few in stock. In fact, they have different styles and different names. There are cross pair perforations and plum blossom holes. There are about 100 holes in the whole pipe, which can be described as a hundred holes. One end of this pipe has plugs, sharp and round, depending on the customer's requirements. The other end is welded with reinforcing bars from the pipe section to prevent the pipe section from tearing. This kind of pipe is called steel flower pipe. Steel flower pipe is generally used for high-speed maintenance grouting to protect mountains and prevent landslides. Holes are drilled on the steel flower pipe, which is more conducive to the penetration of cement mortar liquid into the rock and soil mass of the rock stratum and to the anchoring. In order to prevent the hole from being blocked by stones, sometimes the design requires reinforcement to protect the hole. After grouting the pipe orifice must be closed