StocktonWhich one is better for general cold storage installationOverview and classification description

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Connect the refrigeration system. Wires and copper pipes shall be used to connect the refrigeration unit, electric control system and other components of the cold storage. The connecting pipes shall be closely connected, and corresponding thermal insulation and protection measures shall be taken.

The structure of contemporary cold storage is in the development trend of prefabricated building cold storage. It is made into prefabricated components of cold storage including steam barrier and heat insulation plate to ensure on-site assembly. Its advantage is that the project construction is convenient rapid and movable, but the project cost is relatively high.

Stockton.Reasonably design the division of fresh-keeping warehouse, such as cold storage room, freezer room, machine room, aisle, transportation platform, etc; The fresh-keeping storehouse shall be built indoors to avoid excessive temperature and poor refrigeration effect. If it is set outdoors, a sunshade shall be built; Wires shall not be outdoors,

There are many kinds of cold storage. According to the material, it can be divided into color steel plate, stainless steel plate and salted steel. Among them, color steel plate has strong anti rust ability, but stainless steel plate has strong anti rust ability, while salted steel has both beautiful appearance and anti rust ability. According to the layout, it is divided into flat plate and wave plate. The former is flat after the surface material is formed, and the latter is rugged after the surface material is formed. According to the thickness and color of surface materials, the thickness of stainless steel is 0.5mm and 0mm, without color requirements; The thickness of PE paint baking board is 0.5mm, 0.8mm ivory white, titanium white and white gray. The most important thing for the cold storage is the applicable temperature of the cold storage. It is divided according to the insulation thickness of the storage plate. The thickness of the sky floor of the 150 mm storage plate is 150 mm, and the thickness of the vertical plate is 160 mm and 100 mm, which is suitable for the insulation conditions of - 25 ℃ ~ - 45 ℃; 100mm storage plate: the thickness of the ceiling plate is 100mm and the thickness of the vertical plate is 110mm, which is suitable for the thermal insulation conditions of 0 ℃ ~ - 25 ℃. The thickness of the ceiling plate and the vertical plate of 60mm storage plate is 60mm, which is suitable for the thermal insulation conditions above 0 ℃. In fact, there are many other classification methods of cold storage. Determined by the current processing technology, it can be divided into standard plate and non-standard plate according to the width and size range of warehouse plate, including standard plate vertical plate width wa = 900mm, heaven and earth plate width WB = 980mm, vertical angle plate W1 = 790mm, W2 = 840mm, W3 = 740mm and W4 = 880. The dimensions of non-standard plates are different from those of Wa,StocktonInstallation of low temperature freezer, WB and W4.

.During the production of cold storage, the cold storage will produce fixed length, width and thickness according to the needs of various cold storage projects. Generally, 10cm thick cold storage plates are selected for high and medium temperature cold storage. The requirements for cold storage engineering plates of low-temperature storage and quick-frozen storage will be higher. Professional cold storage installation, installation, construction fruit fresh-keeping cold storage and medical cold storage ensure the quality, Guarantee service. Guarantee quality. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Welcome to inquire. In this case, use 12cm or 15cm thick library board. When you budget the cold storage project, you can make a reservation according to the specific conditions of your cold storage temperature. If you don't make a reservation for the cold storage plate, you should pay attention to the density of the cold storage plate and the thickness of the steel plate when purchasing the cold storage plate. According to the regulations, the cold storage shall be distributed

The drainage at the outlet of the cooling fan, the drainage of the volatile cooler and the road drainage of the refrigerated warehouse storing food or drinks shall not be immediately connected with the sewage and wastewater pipeline system software, but indirect drainage shall be adopted. For the flushing (thawing) water drainage of each layer in the double-layer cold storage, an exhaust valve equipment shall be set in front of the main riser for flushing (thawing) water drainage.

Cold storage has strong stability. Polyurethane foam technology makes it have superior bonding performance. The firm combination of polyurethane rigid foam and carrier layer is the basic premise to ensure the stability of external insulation layer. That is, under the unfavorable local temperature and humidity conditions, the characteristics of the cold storage still do not separate and fall off from the carrier layer and remain stable under normal conditions.

StocktonWhich one is better for general cold storage installationOverview and classification description

The bubble density is 38 kg to 40 kg / m3 per cubic meter, and the steel plate thickness generally needs to be more than 0.4 mm to meet the standard. On the market, the main raw materials of special cold storage board for cold storage project are polyphenylene, polyethylene and polyphenylene grease. The density of thermal insulation material foamed by polyphenylene is thin, and the thermal insulation coefficient is not very high; After a certain ratio of polyethylene, it can foam cold storage insulation materials with appropriate density and good thermal insulation effect, and has high load-bearing capacity; Polyphenylene resin has strong water absorption, but poor heat insulation. Therefore, the polyurethane sandwich board with very good performance belongs to the polyurethane sandwich board. Although it is slightly higher, the polyurethane board has very good thermal insulation performance and does not absorb moisture.

Because long-term wind and sun exposure is easy to cause line aging, short circuit leakage and other accidents; After the fresh-keeping storehouse is installed and connected, and adjust the value of the fresh-keeping storehouse to the appropriate temperature; The installation unit of fresh-keeping storehouse needs to provide the user of fresh-keeping storehouse with knowledge training on how to use and manage the fresh-keeping storehouse, as well as some after-sales training.

The equipment is built according to the application requirements of low-temperature distribution. It is reflected in the following 6 points: a low-temperature hall, an electric sliding refrigerated door, and a platform height conditioning equipment (lifting channel) are built to complete & ldquo; Door to door & rdquo; Type loading and unloading operation has become a symbol of modern cold storage.

new product.Features of quick freezing warehouse: the quick freezing technology is advanced, the frost free quick freezing method is adopted, and the automatic frost is adopted. The method can only be used by microcomputer. The refrigeration system adopts green refrigerant, which belongs to the international advanced refrigeration technology in the 21st century.

Polyurethane foam foam dimensional stability: cold storage polyurethane foam in severe temperature changes or at a relatively low temperature will appear dimensional changes (as contraction), the size changes often reflect bubble cracking or falling off, and these will inevitably affect the normal use of cold storage. In addition to regular simulation of performance testing, more emphasis is placed on the selection of high quality materials: special energy polyether compound use so that the foam body mesh structure, greatly improving the foam low temperature resistance. At present, 4110 polyether commonly used in spraying materials contains a large number of functional components, and a large number of linear structures formed after reaction are difficult to be stable at low temperature; The use of the energy crosslinking agent also greatly improved the dimensional stability of the foam. The selected polyether adopts catalysis in the production stage, and the reaction is complete, so that the polyether maintains a high reaction rate (that is, it can react completely with black material); Some manufacturers in order to achieve foam appearance does not produce deformation phenomenon and add a hole component to foam material, reduce the bubble closed hole rate, achieve the effect of stable size, but it has sacrificed the thermal insulation performance of polyurethane cold storage insulation material foam.

The foaming technology of polyurethane with strong stability makes it have superior bonding performance. The firm combination of polyurethane rigid foam and carrier layer is the basic premise to ensure the stability of external insulation layer. That is, under the unfavorable local temperature and humidity conditions, it can bear various internal and external combined loads such as wind force, self weight and normal collision, and the insulation layer still does not separate and fall off from the carrier layer and remains stable in the state.

StocktonWhich one is better for general cold storage installationOverview and classification description

The construction of small cold storage is widely used in life such as food industry, manufacturing industry, etc. since cold storage is so widely used, do you know cold storage? Especially the construction process and steps of cold storage. Understanding the construction process and steps of cold storage is helpful for all links of cold storage maintenance.

Honest service.For the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe in the cold room with different temperature, an exhaust valve equipment shall be set before connecting the flushing (thawing) drainage pipe.

Air valve leakage and ring leakage will not only affect the rise of exhaust temperature of fresh-keeping warehouse, but also change the interstage pressure. As long as the compression ratio is higher than the normal value, reliably and accurately. Special connectors shall be used for wiring, and power protection shall be provided for the box and each power branch.

Stockton.Application of parallel compressor in cold storage: the requirement of refrigeration capacity is large, and 5 to 50 refrigeration compressors under 20 Malige need to be used on weekdays; Long term operation, large load peak valley difference and significant departmental load; Frozen and refrigerated objects are novel foods that are easy to decay and degenerate, and have strict requirements for temperature and humidity.

However,StocktonCold storage installation engineering enterprise, long-term continuous operation will inevitably lead to equipment aging, so reasonable maintenance is particularly important.

Disadvantages of single-layer cold storage: large; The surface area of the external enclosure structure of the cold storage is large, so the amount of thermal insulation materials is large, and the dry consumption of cold food is also large; For the low-temperature warehouse the floor anti freezing treatment requires a large amount of work. When the cold storage is built at the water level, it is impossible to deal with it, which is easy to cause horizontal freezing and swelling.