eric ketelaar Installation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storageBearish prices rose slightly

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In order to maintain a constant low temperature in the cold storage, attention should be paid to the installation of cold storage panels in Guizhou: the floor wall and flat roof of the cold storage are laid with a certain thickness of thermal insulation materials to reduce the incoming heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation, the surface of the external wall of the cold storage is painted white or light color. Therefore, cold storage building is different from general industrial and civil buildings, and has its unique structure. Cold storage buildings should prevent the entry of air and the diffusion of water vapor.

Cold storage design segmentation: several different partitions shall be reasonably planned and divided according to purpose and temperature. For example: processing room, sorting room, quick freezing room, refrigeration room, channel, unloading platform, etc.

eric ketelaar .If the relative flow changes little, there is little difference in power consumption among several regulation modes, that is, the regulation mode has little impact on the energy-saving effect, or even does not save energy, but consumes more power due to the existence of the regulation device, and the variable speed regulation curve is close to the ideal curve. Therefore, the variable speed regulation mode is superior,eric ketelaar Installation and price of small cold storage, especially the energy-saving scheme of variable frequency motor speed regulation is recommended, but the frequency conversion device needs to be added. It is recommended to actively try out the variable frequency speed regulation of small and medium capacity. Due to the high capacity and high voltage variable frequency speed regulation device, it should be combined with the specific situation and comprehensive comparison. Generally speaking, the greater the regulation depth, so we try to use screw parallel units. The great advantage of this unit is that it can turn on all equipment, just like the shift at work, so that the compressor can work and rest in turn.

.During production in the production workshop, the unit weight of Pu warehouse board shall not be less than the unit weight required by the project, not less than 40 & plusmn; 2kg/m3.

Regular oil discharge, descaling and air discharge: when there is a 0.1mm thick oil film in the evaporator coil, in order to maintain the set temperature requirements, the evaporation temperature will decrease by 5 ℃ and the power consumption will increase by more than 10; When the scale on the water pipe wall in the condenser reaches 5mm, the condensation temperature will rise by 8 ℃ compared with the original temperature, and the power consumption will increase. When the refrigeration system is mixed with non condensable gas and its partial pressure reaches 0.196mpa, the power consumption will increase by about 1

Relative humidity maintenance of quick-frozen warehouse: humidification of quick-frozen warehouse is very important, from centrifugal humidification to high-pressure micro fog humidification, to the current ultrasonic humidifier. The utility model has the advantages of small particles, uniform humidification, no freezing and blocking,eric ketelaar Fruit and vegetable cold storage, and no dirty blocking. The air conditioning humidifier we produce is specially designed for all kinds of vegetable and fruit quick freezing warehouses,eric ketelaar Refrigerated vegetable and fruit warehouse, which is essentially different from other humidifiers in the market: fully closed circulation, that is, take the gas in the warehouse, return to the warehouse through the humidifier and isolate it from the outside air.

eric ketelaar Installation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storageBearish prices rose slightly

With the development of the times, refrigeration devices are becoming more and more common. All aspects of life are inseparable from its use. Families will also be equipped with some simple refrigeration devices. For refrigeration devices such as cold storage, and manufacturers need it in the production process of cold storage

Water defrosting: spray the defrosting water spray device on the surface of the evaporator to melt the double layer, and then through the drainage pipe. This scheme has high efficiency, simple operation procedure and small temperature fluctuation. From the perspective of energy, the cooling consumption per square meter of evaporation area can reach 250-400kj. Water frost flushing is also easy to make fog in the warehouse, cause dripping water on the ceiling of the cold room, and reduce the service life.

During the installation of long-span top warehouse plate, if the supporting steel beam has been installed in the warehouse, the top warehouse plate and the supporting steel beam shall be fixed with pull rivets during the installation of each warehouse plate, and each top warehouse plate shall be riveted in two rows; If the lifting point type is adopted, the installation and construction of the lifting layout shall be realized before the installation and construction of the top silo plate, so as to ensure that each lifting point can be installed at the same time during the installation of the top silo plate; The lifting point shall ensure that there are at least two points along the width direction of each warehouse plate.

Quality assurance.1 - precautions for floor installation of cold storage: the floor shall be installed flat, and the locking hook between the plates shall be locked to ensure that the warehouse surface is flat without hollow feeling. (note that if this drainage system is installed outdoors in the north, the drainage pipe shall be insulated).

Before the acceptance and delivery of the project, the board surface shall be wiped clean. If there is any scratch, it shall be treated. There shall be no obvious scratch on the board surface.

For water-cooled units, the turbidity of cooling water shall be frequently, the cooling water shall be replaced frequently and whether the running, emitting, dripping, leakage and other conditions of the water supply system exist.

eric ketelaar Installation of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storageBearish prices rose slightly

Pay attention to the energy saving of the lighting system: the lighting of the cold storage should be considered comprehensively according to the area, height and warehouse temperature of the cold storage on the basis of safety, science and rationality, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection. The lighting in the cold storage is concentrated in the working area.

Recommendation and consultation.There is a slight sag on the cold insulation board to prevent damage to the cold storage. When standing on the wall, some soft materials should be laid on the floor of the cold storage tank.

The air conditioning warehouse is equipped with standby power supply. After eliminating the line and load problems, it is the maintenance of external irresistible power lines. If the refrigerated goods in the air conditioning warehouse are expensive or vulnerable to temperature changes, it can be considered to equip the air conditioning warehouse with standby power supply to ensure the operation of refrigeration equipment in the cold storage in a short time after power failure. Large air conditioning warehouses can be considered to be equipped with generator sets, Automatically switch the generator set for power generation after power failure for use. For example dual mains power can be used.

The cold storage belongs to a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator, but they have the same refrigeration principle. So how to maintain the cold storage every day. Today I'll introduce how to do a good job in the daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage.

eric ketelaar .Installation of refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration system of the cold storage includes evaporator and units outside the cold storage. All equipment shall be installed in accordance with the construction specifications its refrigeration area is large, and corresponding protection measures shall be taken for the installed equipment.

It is suitable for the freezing processing and storage of food, and manual refrigeration to keep the indoor temperature constant. The walls, floors and flat roofs of large cold storages are laid with thermal insulation materials with a certain thickness to reduce the incoming heat from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation, the surface of the external wall of the cold storage is painted white or light color.

The construction structure of structural cold storage can be brick concrete structure or steel structure which can be determined according to their own budget and actual needs. At present, most cold storages are constructed with single-layer steel structure, and are equipped with combined thermal insulation storage body, unloading platform, refrigeration system, pipeline system, etc. according to the actual needs of cold storage circulation.