PartilleInstallation of large and small cold storageThe weather cleared, and the spot price first weakened and then rose

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The temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked in the cold storage, the compressor is overloaded there is a lack of refrigerant, the low pressure is too low, the air intake is too large, and the compressor is stuck.

The cooking materials and foods refrigerated in the quick-frozen warehouse contain a certain amount of fat, protein and starch. The existence of these nutrients will make molds and bacteria multiply and grow in large numbers. In order to do a good job in the hygienic management of cold areas and ensure the refrigeration quality of food and cooking raw materials, it is necessary to carry out the hygienic disinfection of cold areas regularly.

Partille.The valve shall be installed as close as possible to the cooling fan. The solenoid valve shall be installed horizontally, the valve body shall be vertical, and pay attention to the liquid outlet direction.

Installation of box and operating device: the design of box shall be reasonable, and the appearance quality shall meet the requirements of beauty and practicality. All buttons electrical switches, safe, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, 20-year-old brand,PartilleInstallation of 100t vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage,PartilleInstallation of fresh-keeping cold storage for vegetables and fruits, price advantage and quality guarantee! Easy to identify and operate. The indicator light shall be simple and clear. The device and each switch shall be installed on the upper side outside the warehouse door, which is easy to operate, read data and not easy to be damaged, and shall be reliably fixed. The device box is installed on the door frame plate on the door opening side. The center line of the box overlaps the center line of the door frame plate. The bottom of the box is 1800mm above the ground and is reliably fixed. The lighting lamp and door frame wire switch in the warehouse are installed directly below the device, and the height of the bottom edge of the switch box is about 1400mm.

.Here we focus on polyurethane. Polyurethane is an ideal cold storage material in the cold storage project. Superior bonding properties make the foam and metal panels form a solid whole, so that no other adhesive materials are needed. When polyurethane is used as a cold storage project, rigid polyurethane foam is formed between the panels of the storehouse panel, and then solidified and pressed to form a multi shape storeboard, because the metal plate can roll out different waveforms, so that the overall rigidity is stronger and the bearing capacity is higher. Polyurethane filler board can meet the firmness and physical requirements of exterior wall and can be used in various cold storage projects. It is technically feasible and cost-effective. Yuanbao refrigeration believes that polyurethane is one of the new cold storage materials with great development prospects in the future. The thermal insulation materials of cold storage engineering should not only have good thermal insulation performance,PartilleTea cold storage, but also be economical, applicable and environmental friendly. To ensure the smooth progress of our cold storage project, we should not only inquire about the raw materials of the cold storage, but also the types of cold storage. The common cold storage plates mainly include the following types, namely stainless steel plate, color zinc steel plate, salted steel plate, embossed aluminum plate and 0mm galvanized standard floor plate.

2 - Installation of the vertical plate of the cold storage: select the angle first according to the site conditions and locate it (i.e. lock the vertical plate and the floor) to extend to both sides at this angle. Only lock the vertical plate and the vertical plate, and locate it when it meets the vertical angle. Put the beautiful plate in a conspicuous place. When installing it on the side of the evaporator, make the drainage pipe in advance, the production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operation rules specified in ISO9002 quality operation self inspection and inspection application shall be carried out to ensure that the factory pass rate is, and unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory.

PartilleInstallation of large and small cold storageThe weather cleared, and the spot price first weakened and then rose

Cold storage plate features: good thermal insulation performance, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance.

The electrical equipment of the fresh-keeping warehouse equipment shall be prevented from moisture return to prevent it from being caused by power failure.

Secondly, since the cooling of the compressor is not continuous, the multi work operation at night can be selected if possible. When working at night, the external temperature is low, the cooling water temperature is reduced, and the condensation pressure and condensation temperature are reduced. The cooling capacity of the sampling system, coupled with the equal role of the cold storage board, reduces the power operation of the compressor and achieves the purpose of energy saving.

Safety production.The equipment is built according to the application requirements of low-temperature distribution. It is reflected in the following 6 points: a low-temperature hall, a closed platform, an electric sliding refrigerated door, an anti-collision flexible seal, and a platform height conditioning equipment (lifting channel) are built to complete & ldquo; Door to door & rdquo; Type loading and unloading operation has become a symbol of modern cold storage.

When installing the polyurethane insulation board, the adhesion between the panel of the polyurethane insulation board and the thermal insulation material is short and often high.

For cold storage, it is very common in our production and life. Cold storage is very important for food freezing and preservation, but its energy consumption is very large in the use of cold storage. How can we solve this problem?