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The products stored in the medical cold storage project must be managed by color code, so as to avoid the problem of purchase errors. In the process of handling, it is also necessary to strictly follow the instructions.

Goods in and out frequently, throughput

Guadalupe.Specific functional characteristics of fresh machine.

The butt joint between the top warehouse plate and the end of the top warehouse plate shall be treated to prevent air leakage and cold running. After all the top warehouse plates are installed, the butt joint shall be filled with foaming material, and the 80mm wide color steel plate shall be sealed at the butt joint with pull riveting.

.Installation of box and operating device: the design of box shall be reasonable, and the appearance quality shall meet the requirements of beauty and practicality. All buttons, electrical switches, etc. shall be reliable, safe,GuadalupeInstallation and maintenance price of cold storage, long-term cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, medical cold storage, 20-year-old brand, price advantage and quality guarantee! Easy to identify and operate. The indicator light shall be simple and clear. The device and each switch shall be installed on the upper side outside the warehouse door, read data and not easy to be damaged, and shall be reliably fixed. The device box is installed on the door frame plate on the door opening side. The center line of the box overlaps the center line of the door frame plate. The bottom of the box is 1800mm above the ground and is reliably fixed. The lighting lamp and door frame wire switch in the warehouse are installed directly below the device, and the height of the bottom edge of the switch box is about 1400mm.

Danfoss thermal valve is adopted for the thermal valve of the cold storage, with guaranteed quality; Due to the high temperature requirements of the cold storage and the high degree of automation and regulation of the temperature the temperature system of the cold storage adopts microcomputer full-automatic, does not need special people to operate,GuadalupeWhich cold storage is easy to install, and can be remotely controlled. When the temperature exceeds the specified range, it will automatically alarm, which is of great significance to the proper preservation of the cold storage.

Watertight polyurethane rigid foam has low water absorption, good permeability to water vapor, and state of foam pores. It is not connected with each other, and the obturator rate is more than 95%. It is a dense microporous foam material, which is more dense than the surface of the air, it is very important to select materials with good thermal insulation. Cold storage is a better material selection, and in the production process of cold storage, there will be no condensation in the cold storage of the plant. Condensation inside the cold storage or inside the insulation layer is harmful. Irreversible damage or deformation occurs in the new external insulation, and the external surface temperature of the external wall changes sharply. For example, the insulation and sound insulation effects of polyurethane insulation board are relatively good, which can be used in many industries. As we all know, the cold storage has great requirements for the thermal insulation effect of building materials. If the thermal insulation effect of building materials is not good, the cold storage will consume more energy during operation, and can not guarantee a good refrigeration effect. The performance of polyurethane insulation board meets the construction requirements of cold storage so a large number of polyurethane insulation boards need to be used in the construction of general cold storage. Next, let's understand the physical properties of polyurethane insulation board.

There are several types of insulation materials. One is to produce and process plates with fixed shape and specification, fixed length, total width and thickness. Plates of corresponding specifications and models can be selected according to the installation of the refrigerator body. High and medium temperature refrigerators generally use 10cm thick refrigerator plates and ultra-low temperature refrigerators and freeze-cleaning refrigerators generally use 12cm or 15cm thick refrigerator plates; Another kind of sprayed polyurethane foam can be sprayed immediately into the finished brick or concrete warehouse. After forming, it is both waterproof and thermal insulation. Thermal insulation materials include polyurethane, polystyrene grease, etc. polyurethane is non hygroscopic and has good fire resistance, but the cost is high; Polystyrene resin has strong water absorption and poor fire resistance, fast and movable, but the project cost is relatively high.

After the cold storage at the corner is installed, the next cold storage can be installed along the direction of the corner. Adopt the similar installation of Zhang cold storage to install the thermal insulation board of the storage. Professional cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, advanced technology, strict testing, more affordable price and more preferential. Welcome to consult. Pay attention to its compactness and continuous uniformity.

ranking.The equipment configuration is reasonable and the service life of the quick freezing warehouse is long. The reasonable equipment configuration of the quick freezing warehouse can greatly prolong the service time of the quick freezing warehouse. Some compressors are easy to be damaged when they work at full load for a long time, so we try to use screw parallel units. The great advantage of this unit is that it can turn on all equipment, just like the shift at work so that the compressor can work and rest in turn.

Cold storage board, compressor, and other components in the cold storage can reasonably adjust the evaporation and condensation temperature, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage, quality assurance, professional, timely supply and high cost performance. It has become the preferred brand for many wire products. Welcome to buy! Save more resources.

Energy saving and power saving: the design cost of quick freezing warehouse mentioned above is very low, but it has a great impact on the cost of quick freezing warehouse and later use cost. The electricity bill is often an important expenditure item in the later stage. The design scheme of the show can greatly reduce the power consumption of the quick freezing warehouse. The selection of the back sunny side of the quick freezing warehouse, the selection of the thickness of the thermal insulation board should be appropriate, the tightness of the quick freezing warehouse door, and the temperature difference between the adjacent cold storage rooms should not be too large are all issues that we need to consider. There are also some tips, such as the use of air curtain machine on the quick freezing warehouse door. We remind users to use parallel units in quick freezing warehouse as far as possible and start them reasonably.

GuadalupeMedical cold storageAnytime

Polyurethane refrigeration board uses light polyurethane as the internal material of refrigeration board. The advantage of polyurethane is very good heat insulation. The exterior of the cold storage is composed of SII, PVC color steel plate and stainless steel plate. The advantage of this is that it can prevent refrigeration, because the temperature difference inside and outside the board is large, and the temperature will disperse, which makes refrigeration more energy-saving and improves the working efficiency of refrigeration.

Inspection basis.The structure of contemporary cold storage is in the development trend of prefabricated building cold storage. It is made into prefabricated components of cold storage including steam barrier and heat insulation plate to ensure on-site assembly. Its advantage is that the project construction is convenient, rapid and movable, but the project cost is relatively high.

The suction pressure of fresh-keeping storehouse remains unchanged, and when the exhaust pressure increases, the exhaust temperature increases; If the exhaust pressure remains unchanged, when the suction pressure decreases, the exhaust temperature also increases. Both cases are caused by the increase of compression ratio of fresh-keeping warehouse. Too high condensation temperature and exhaust temperature of fresh-keeping warehouse are unfavorable to the operation of compressor, which should be prevented. Too high exhaust temperature will dilute the oil and even carbonize and coke, which will worsen the compressor conditions of the fresh-keeping warehouse.

What should be considered in building a cold storage? In these aspects, food cold storage is a systematic project of artificial refrigeration to ensure food quality and reduce food decay in a low-temperature environment. Refrigeration technology affects the design of food cold storage, meets the needs of refrigeration technology, convenient production, energy saving and cost reduction. What problems should be considered in the construction of food cold storage?

Guadalupe.Install the temporary lighting facilities in the warehouse, install and arrange the construction electrical equipment,GuadalupeQuick freezing and cold storage installation works, and do a good job in rain proof, moisture-proof, anti binding and other safety protection.

The installation of top warehouse plate should be carried out alternately with the installation of wall plate, and the wall plate should leave a gap for withdrawing construction equipment; During the installation of the top warehouse plate, the end steel sheet at the overlap with the wall plate shall be disconnected for 50mm to prevent the cold bridge from running cold; Two layers of foaming materials shall be evenly and continuously punched on the joint surface between each top warehouse plate. Rivets shall be pulled and fixed at the internal and external lap joints of the steel plate, and the rivet spacing shall be 300mm; According to the design drawings if there are supporting beams, columns and supporting steel frames in the warehouse, the setting out and positioning shall be carried out and accurate and clear marks shall be made according to the requirements of the design drawings; Weld or install the support beam, column, support steel frame etc., and the welded junction shall be moisture-proof and treated according to the drawing requirements.

The polyurethane insulation board shall be connected by plug-in notch connection, because it has higher strength when connecting in this way.