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To change the required line shape of q355b square tube, it is necessary to forge the impact force of q355b square tube hammer or the pressure of hydraulic press, and can also enhance the malleability of q355b square tube, that is, the performance of changing the shape without cracks.

It is mainly caused by the fact that the square pipe body has no cover, and there is no support, partly due to the excessive number of stacking layers, and most coastal areas belong to marine climate, with large annual rainfall,PinhalNovoHot dip galvanized square pipe and rectangular pipe, high air humidity, ponding in the square pipe and the square pipe. The protection shall be: if the bare pipe or pipe needs to be stored for a long time, it shall be protected with an uncovered object from the beginning of storage to avoid rusting, layer aging, edge warping and other phenomena of the square pipe.

PinhalNovo.The other is designed with deformation angle, so the deformation angle & theta; It can accurately reflect the deformation degree of corners and edges. In the design process considering the influence of dimensional accuracy and metal work hardening, the distribution of deformation angle is usually larger at the beginning and middle passes, and then gradually decreases. In the pass formed directly by arc intersection, the fillet part of the pipe blank cannot be filled with the pass, so the pass perimeter is different from that of the pipe blank. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy, the fillet part of the pass needs to be corrected and calculated. Therefore,PinhalNovo60 galvanized round pipe, this method has higher design accuracy than other methods. However, due to the large amount of iterative calculation, this method is more suitable for pass design by computer. If you use a frame that deforms both horizontally and vertically, you can directly use the deformation angle & theta; Pass design.

Preheating must be carried out before heat treatment of q355b square tube, so as to better ensure that there will be no many problems in the whole heat treatment process of q355b square tube, and the quality of q355b square tube will also be well guaranteed.

.Galvanized q355b square pipe for low pressure fluid transmission, Standard No.: gbt3092-2008. The representative material is the same as above. It is mainly used to transport low pressure fluids such as water gas, oil and heating hot water or steam. The surface of square pipe adopts hot galvanizing or cold galvanizing process.

High hardness square tubes mainly bear fatigue load, so they must have high hardness. Therefore, quenching, surface quenching or chemical heat treatment shall be carried out, followed by low-temperature tempering treatment.

The standard quantity of combustible and nonflammable square pipes is gbt97-1 (gbt97-199). The representative material is l245-l4 pipeline steel. Professional square pipes, square rectangular pipes, seamless square pipes, galvanized square pipes and galvanized pipes are of high quality and low price. They are fire-resistant, waterproof, high temperature resistant, durable, safe and reliable. They are mainly used to transport combustible and nonflammable fluids with high requirements.

PinhalNovoWhich manufacturers of galvanized square pipe are goodThis week

After the square pipe is produced, the surface treatment is generally carried out, that is, the scale, dirt and attachments on the surface of the square pipe are removed. Those that cannot be treated by physical treatment should be treated by chemical treatment.

Welding is a synthetic gradient material, which can be used as solder to weld special-shaped materials in order to overcome the mismatch of chemical, mechanical and physical properties between base metals.

In terms of hot working, repeated upsetting and multi-directional rolling of ingot can not only reduce the level of carbide segregation in square tube, but also improve the anisotropy of steel.

Process inspection.Among them, resistance welded square pipe (high frequency and low frequency), gas welded square pipe and furnace welded square pipe are divided by weld & mdash& mdash; Straight seam welded square pipe, spiral welded square pipe.

When we understand the causes of defects in the drawing process of q355b square tube, we should constantly improve the technology in the subsequent production process, so that we can reduce the occurrence of defects.

The performance advantage of square tube after calcium treatment requires not only high strength, but also good machining performance. For sulfur-containing square tube, sulfur can improve the machinability of steel, so the sulfide inclusion in square tube is the key to determine the quality of steel. Sulfur mainly exists in the form of MNs in the steel. The single MNS inclusion is light black strip. The inclusion with this morphology cuts off the continuity of the steel matrix and makes great differences in the anisotropic properties of the steel. Calcium treatment of molten steel can inhibit the formation of MNS inclusions and combine MNS with al20 CAS to form composite spindle inclusions. Such inclusions can improve the machinability of steel and avoid the adverse impact of MNS inclusions on the properties of steel.

PinhalNovoWhich manufacturers of galvanized square pipe are goodThis week

The painting of the square tube has to go through a process, which requires us to conduct comprehensive consideration and analysis. In particular, the quality and level of the paint and the relevant technical level deserve our attention. Note that the square tube should not be used immediately after painting, but should be placed for a period of time and wait until the paint is dry!

Sampling inspection.In case of doubt about the strength of solid q355b square tube, it can be based on tb10426 & mdash; 200 the compressive strength of q355b square tube on the surface of the structure is indirectly measured by the post loading method. The measurement should be carried out at the age of about 56 days, and the measured average strength is required to be not lower than the design value or the specified value. When the requirements are not met the core drilling sampling method can be used for verification.

The second is the pickling of the square pipe. Both chemical and electrolytic methods are used when pickling the square pipe. These two methods can remove the oxide skin of the square pipe.

Now in many construction projects, we can see the shadow of q355b square tube, because q355b square tube is quite hard in hardness, and the performance and quality of deformation, stamping cutting and other processing are based on hardness, which is also the guarantee of mechanical properties. Based on the above, it is very important to test the hardness of q355b square tube.

PinhalNovo.Shot blasting is a high-speed rotating impeller that throws small steel shot or small iron shot out and hits the surface of the square tube at high speed, so the oxide layer on the surface of the square tube can be removed. At the same time the steel shot or iron shot strikes the surface of the square tube at high speed, resulting in lattice distortion and deformation on the surface of the square tube and increasing the surface hardness

You can really feel that the square tube is widely used in the development, and q355b square tube factory continues to extend in the technical level, which makes the current square tube develop more widely.

Now, with the continuous development of q355b square tube, its use is becoming more and more extensive, and the technology is also following up. Therefore, we still look forward to the development of q355b square tube in the future.