NicoyaSquare tube hot galvanizing plantEfforts to resolve excess capacity will increase

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Square tube flattening test is a kind of test to check the deformation performance of metal tubes (seamless square tubes and rectangular tubes) flattened to the specified size and show their defects. Relevant flattening tests shall be carried out in accordance with relevant provisions of test standards. Requirements for samples samples can be taken from metal pipes with qualified appearance. Generally, sawing is adopted. The inner and outer walls of the pipe shall retain the original surface without any processing. Sample length L & asymp; D (D is the outer diameter of the pipe). When the outer diameter is large, the length l shall not exceed 100mm. When the outer diameter is less than 20mm, l = 20mm. When cutting the sample, the surface of the sample shall not be damaged and the performance of the metal shall not be changed due to heating or cold processing. The edge of the section shall be flattened. The flattening test is a test to check the deformation performance of the metal pipe (seamless square pipe and rectangular pipe) flattened to the specified size and show its defects. Relevant flattening tests shall be carried out in accordance with relevant provisions of test standards.

Square tube is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. Square pipe plays an important role in steel pipe industry.

Nicoya.The difference between square pipe and seamless steel pipe the main feature of seamless steel pipe is no welding joint and can withstand large pressure. The product can be very rough as cast or cold drawn parts.

The q355b square tube protective layer thickness detector is used to measure the actual thickness of the seamless q355b square tube protective layer on site. It is required that the actual thickness of the seamless q355b square tube protective layer of the seamless q355b square tube shall not be lower than the design value. When the requirements are not met, the protective layer of seamless q355b square tube can be chiseled and measured.

.In terms of hot working, repeated upsetting and multi-directional rolling of ingot can not only reduce the level of carbide segregation in square tube, but also improve the anisotropy of steel.

With the development of economy, there are a lot of demands for project construction, which leads to the continuous increase of square pipe. The of square pipe is more complex. Great efforts should be made in the selection of raw materials, structured treatment and so on.

High productivity of square tube: the efficiency of cold production of mechanical parts is very high, especially for parts with large batch. Cold production can be several times, several times or even hundreds of times higher than cutting. For example, the use of cold pin for automobile is twice higher than that of cutting. At present, cold pin automata is used to improve productivity. The productivity of table cooling automata is equivalent to that of 100 ordinary lathes or 10 shaft self-propelled machines.

NicoyaSquare tube hot galvanizing plantEfforts to resolve excess capacity will increase

There are many forms of heating furnace, but the ring heating furnace is mainly used. The heating furnace has an annular furnace bottom, which can rotate slowly, the blank is loaded along the diameter direction of the furnace bottom from the inlet, and can be heated and homogenized to the specified temperature when it is used at the outlet. The production process of seamless square tube is relatively slow, and the heating operation especially needs patience. Because if the heating operation is not standardized, cracks, folding and eccentricity on the inner or outer surface of the tube blank will only produce waste products and defective products.

Precision pipe is a seamless pipe with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structure and hydraulic equipment. The selection of precision seamless mechanical structure or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining hours, improve material rate and improve product quality. Seamless pipe can be divided into hot rolled pipe according to different production

Do a good job in the following aspects to effectively improve the use of square tubes

Quality assurance.Various treatments are summarized as follows: high temperature oxidation method is to immerse the workpiece in a specific molten salt and maintain a fixed process temperature

Square tube is a kind of square tube type. Many materials can form square tube body. It is used for what purpose and where. Most square tubes are steel tubes, mostly structural square tubes, decorative square tubes and building square tubes. Square tubes can be divided into seamless and welded joints. Seamless square tubes are formed from seamless circular tubes.

Therefore the drawing process of square tube is quite meticulous. For a long time, square tube seamless square tube, galvanized square tube, galvanized tube and other brand products are provided with complete designated products and quality assurance. In the process of continuous development, square tube has also been processed more rigorously.

NicoyaSquare tube hot galvanizing plantEfforts to resolve excess capacity will increase

Hardness test is to use a hard indenter to slowly the sample surface according to the specified conditions, and then test the indentation depth or size, so as to determine the hardness of the material. Hardness test is simple, rapid and easy to implement in material mechanical property test. Hardness test is non-linear,NicoyaHow much is galvanized square tube 100, and there is an approximate conversion relationship between material hardness value and tensile strength value. The hardness value of material can be converted into tensile strength value, which is of great practical significance.

Honesty and mutual benefit.Square tubes can be degreased with organic solvents (vinyl chloride, vinyl chloride, carbon chloride, industrial solvents, benzene, acetone, etc.), concentrated or alkaline solution. Industrial vinyl chloride is suitable for degreasing metal parts; Industrial chlorinated carbon is suitable for degreasing ferrous metal and non-metallic parts; Vinyl chloride is suitable for degreasing metal parts and non-ferrous metal parts; The industrial concentration shall not be less than 86%, which is suitable for manual scrubbing of the inner surface of the container with low degreasing requirements; 88% concentration, applicable to the concentration of some pipe fittings and porcelain rings of concentration device

Special performance steel: A. stainless and acid resistant steel; b. Heat resistant steel: including oxidation resistant steel, heat strength steel and air valve steel; c. Electric heating alloy steel; d. Wear resistant steel; e. Low temperature steel; f. Electrical steel.

Square pipe, the steel pipe whose ratio of outer diameter to wall thickness is less than 20 is called square pipe. At present the square tubes produced by q355b square tube factory are mainly used in tap water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry agricultural irrigation and urban construction. For transportation: water supply and drainage. For gas transmission: gas, steam and liquefied petroleum gas. do

Nicoya.On the basis of thermodynamic calculation, rectangular tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube is professional. New and old customers are welcome to consult during the preferential activities. The process conditions of calcium treatment of 20CrMo sulfur-containing square tube are analyzed, and the sulfur-containing gear rolled products after calcium treatment are sampled and studied. The conclusions are as follows: in order to minimize the generation of Cao in sulfur-containing square tube steel, Omega in molten steel; (O) It must be taken off to 10 & times; The rate of calcium can only be guaranteed below 10-6.

How to reduce the amount of oxide scale is the key to the heating operation of seamless square tube. Especially when it's hot. Starting from the service life of tools and the surface quality of pipes,NicoyaQuotation for galvanized square pipe of 46,Nicoya20 hot dip galvanized square pipe, the requirements are more stringent. For example, Standard No.: gbt12770-1991. Representative materials 0Cr 1cr1 00cr19ni 1Cr18Ni 0cr18ni11nb, etc. are mainly used for mechanical parts and structural parts such as machinery, automobile, furniture, hotel and restaurant decoration.