Q550b large diameter thick wall welded pipeRetailer

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1800mm steel pipe elbow detailed introduction to elbow: first of all, the material is hot pushed, the pusher is a horn shaped core or mandrel, the mandrel is thickened and thickened, the process of pushing the elbow is the process of expanding the diameter,16Mn large diameter welded pipe, and it is supported on the back. The material tube part passes through the mandrel, others are driven by mechanical transmission that is, screw drive, and then the car pushes forward, and the car pushes the pipeline along the core. The rod moves forward there is an induction coil outside the mandrel, and then the trolley pushes the tube down and processes one.

When the pipe is rolled the tube is heated and heated, the distance between the two welds shall be greater than 100mm, and the distance between the outer wall of the outer branch pipe shall not be less than 50mm.

.Purpose of steel plate rolling: steel plate rolling is mostly used in large-scale steel structure construction as the main support part, such as bridge piling, seabed piling and high-rise building piling. Its material: Q345C. Q345D and Q345E are also used in low temperature areas.

The main materials are q23q3420, 435cimo and 42cimo, 16 manganese and 16 manganese capacity. Generally, cold rolled sheet can be used for pipe rolling, and the product standards are GB / t50205-200, GB / t3092-2001, etc. Continuous pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry natural gas transmission, pile driving, urban water supply, heat supply, and is reformed on the basis of the same specification and model of traditional pipe rolling equipment.

Q550b large diameter thick wall welded pipeRetailer

During pipe rolling, the surface damage of steel plate shall be prevented. The parts with serious scratches must be polished for transition, and the wall thickness of the polished parts shall not be less than the design wall thickness.

The parts with continuous acoustic flaw detection marks on the weld shall be rechecked by manual ultrasonic and X-ray. If there are defects, they shall be subject to nondestructive inspection again until it is confirmed that the butt weld of strip steel and the pipe of T-joint intersecting with spiral weld have all passed the X-ray television or film. Each steel plate coil has passed the hydrostatic test, and the pressure adopts radial sealing. The test pressure and time are strictly controlled by the microcomputer detection device of steel plate rolling pipe water pressure. Why are there two longitudinal welds in the same pipe section of rolling pipe?

During the plate crimping process, the steel plate can be sandblasted to eliminate the iron oxide scale on the surface of the steel plate and ensure the raw materials on the cylinder surface during the processing process.

quality index.The rolling pipe factory mainly produces steel plate rolling pipe and thick wall rolling pipe. With the development of domestic economic situation and the acceleration of welding and casting trend, the advantage of NC cutting is gradually recognized. NC cutting not only greatly improves the rate of plate and product quality, but also improves the working environment and labor efficiency. At present, the CNC cutting machines used in the thick wall rolling pipe processing industry are mainly flame and ordinary plasma cutting machines, but pure flame cutting can not meet the needs of modern production, At present, most CNC cutting machines are CNC plasma cutting machines. This type of cutting machine can meet the needs of thick wall coiled pipe plate processing and thick wall coiled pipe parts processing, so the demand will be greater and greater, but there is still a very obvious gap with foreign countries, mainly in

In progress, welcome to consult. Large diameter welded pipe, etc.

The effect of antirust oil on thick wall coiled pipe is antirust effect, which can make the thick wall coiled pipe as smooth as new for a long time and reduce the external corrosion to it. It can also increase its sealing performance and ensure that there will be no problems when transporting fluid. In addition, it has moisture-proof performance, uses antirust oil to isolate the direct air of thick wall welded pipe so it has little chance of being changed by the external situation, which increases its stable performance and safer use.

Q550b large diameter thick wall welded pipeRetailer

In addition, when the pipe rolling equipment is made, we should not have more than two longitudinal welds on the same cylinder section of the pipe rolling. For long-term pipe rolling, Q235B pipe rolling, Q345B pipe rolling, large-diameter thin-wall pipe rolling, large-diameter thick wall pipe rolling, stainless steel pipe rolling, L360 pipe rolling and 16Mn pipe rolling, the products are complete, q215-a. & middot; F,Q215-B· F,Q235-A,Q235-A· F,Q235-B,Q235-B· F. Q235-c ordinary carbon steel: B2 BY2 B2F by2f B3 by3 B3F by3f a2ay2 a2f ay2f A3 ay3 A3F ay3f2 high quality carbon steel: 10 15 20 transmission shaft steel 3 low alloy structural steel: 123mn 16Mn 19mn 08ti 10ti15ti4 special purpose steel thick wall coil is made of steel plate. Long term coil, Q235B coil, Q345B coil, large diameter thin wall coil, large diameter thick wall coil, stainless steel coil, L360 coil, 16Mn coil, 20 old brands, with price advantages and quality! Thick wall coil can be divided into two types: hot coil and thick wall coil.

Clean up the workplace and eliminate unsafe factors.

After, we should prevent the surface damage of the plate. The parts with serious scars must be grinded to make transition,Q550b reel, and the wall thickness of the grinded part shall not be less than the design wall thickness. Steel rolling pipe is an unconventional pipe, and there is no domestic standard at present. Therefore, the inspection is mainly aimed at the thickness and weld quality.

.The main purpose of preheating is to reduce the cooling rate of welded joints and preheat temperature. As can be seen from the table, preheating can reduce the cooling rate, but basically does not affect the time spent at high temperature, which is ideal. Therefore, when welding thick wall coils with hardening trend, the main technical measure to reduce the cooling rate and hardening trend is preheating rather than increasing the line energy. Plasma cutting of thick wall coiled pipe is more effective than gas cutting

High. Hot rolled thick wall coiled pipe is widely used: oil cylinder, hydraulic pressure, bridge, roller, etc.

Generally, the wall thickness of the coiled pipe is 20mm and the outer diameter is 450-3000mm. It is directly welded, formed, rolled, butted, removed and reinforced from the steel plate. The coil pipe has the advantages of short processing time, fast delivery and low cost. The rolling pipe is mainly used for pipes, billboards, etc.