Belize Tunnel leading small conduit and pipe shedPerformance and precautions during use

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During high-pressure grouting, the water stop needle is used from top to bottom along the crack at an angle of 45 degrees, about 5cm to the left and right. The straight-line distance between the two water stop needles is about 20cm. If the crack is too large, it can be directly drilled vertically to the crack.

Belize .When the pipe cannot be connected due to serious blockage, the following treatment principles must be followed: when it is the first pile of a certain bridge, core drilling detection must be carried out; when it is not the first pile of a certain bridge, the construction unit shall apply for changing the detection method The low strain reflection wave method or high strain strain strain measurement method shall be used and signed by the supervisor's representative and the person in charge of quality supervision before implementation; In case of pipe blockage of a bridge for many times, core drilling inspection shall be carried out in due time. Common problems and answers of grouting pipe what is the pressure inside the grouting pipe?

Inner diameter: 8mm; Outer diameter: 24mm; Inner diameter tolerance: ± 0.3mm; Length of each roll: 50m.

.Product specification of disposable grouting pipe: outer diameter: 12mm; Inner diameter: 8mm; Inner diameter tolerance: ± 0.3mm; Packing quantity: each roll of grouting pipe is 120m long.

[0023] the innovation points of the utility model are as follows: The operation intensity of workers is reduced by using the lead screw principle; The use of rotary cutting in the casing reduces the amount of work for clearing the roadway floor; The cutting depth of the utility model can be adjusted at will according to the actual situation of the roadway.

[0022] when the utility model is in use, the flange plate is used to fix the utility model and the flange plate of the underground grouting pipe, the bolt is rotated with a tool, the cutting blade is adjusted to a certain position by the screw on the bolt, and then fixed, and then the screw cap of the blade is rotated and tightened to make the cutting blade and the pulley contact the inner surface of the grouting pipe with a certain contact force, that is, neither loose nor tight. The cutting blade and the pulley are directly inserted into the concave groove of the rotating device through the slot, and the cutting rotating device is fastened and rotated by a wrench or a tooth wrench,Belize Pipe shed and small conduit, and the pulley and the blade are driven to rotate by the rotation of the bolt thereby rotating the casing. The pulley is located on the other side of the rotating device, and fix the position of the blade in the casing corresponding to the blade. It is mainly used to reduce the friction between the rotating device and the casing wall, so as to prevent the blade on one side from shifting during cutting, or even damaging the blade. The fastening bolt is rotated by a wrench or tooth wrench, so as to drive the pulley and blade to rotate. The cutting rotating device cuts the casing. When the casing is cut to a certain depth, the blade nut is tightened again and the cutting continues until the casing wall is cut through. It has the characteristics of 4-5 times higher work efficiency than manual cutting and lower labor intensity of workers.

Belize Tunnel leading small conduit and pipe shedPerformance and precautions during use

Construction Engineering Investigate the characteristics of surrounding rock, clarify the purpose of grouting, and determine the grouting range of surrounding rock.

The arrangement of the strain gauge shall be installed before the prestressing force is applied, and the bracket shall be fully cooled when the initial reading is measured; If the prestress has been applied, it must be noted in the report that the supporting axial force data reflects the change of the stress of the grouting pipe after the prestress is applied.

The disposable grouting pipe uses steel springs as the supporting framework,Belize Grouting pipe leading small conduit,Belize Advance small conduit in stock, and is wrapped with a layer of non-woven filter cloth. The outermost layer is wrapped with nylon mesh, and can only be grouted once.

High value. Cut and cut the spring skeleton grouting pipe according to the components. The cutting surface must be flat and free of burrs. The length of its flat section must be ≥ the connecting reinforcement measures. During the bending process of the grouting pipe, it is not allowed to use a small one. The inner diameter of the grouting pipe is compressed and cracked. The alignment between M and FL is 45-56

2 specification: inner diameter of disposable grouting pipe: 8mm; Outer diameter: 12mm; Inner diameter tolerance: ± 0.3mm; Length of each roll: 120m. Inner diameter of repetitive grouting pipe: 8mm; Outer diameter: 20mm Inner diameter tolerance: ± 0.3mm; Length of each roll: 90m.

The grouting pipe is a thermoplastic material, which can be processed and formed many times, which provides convenience for the hot-melt and electric fusion connection of the pipe.

Belize Tunnel leading small conduit and pipe shedPerformance and precautions during use

When each formwork is in place, lay the steam probe at the bottom of the formwork, and adjust the profiling after installation. According to the actual needs, the shaped reinforcement on both sides of 1200m shall be installed, anchor plate, anchor base plate and spiral reinforcement. The clip is the key part of the anchoring system. It is two-piece and made of high-quality alloy steel.

When the a diameter of grouting connecting reinforcement is less than or equal to 16, the a diameter of connecting reinforcement is greater than

Belize .When installing the Hainan grouting pipe, carefully check the embedded reinforcement in the groove before the joint is lowered. If cracks or breaks are found the position is improper or the gap is too large, remedial measures must be taken.

2 the particle size of cement clay paste clay is generally very small (less than 0.005mm), the specific surface area is large, and different arrangements form different clay minerals, the most common being kaolinite, illite and montmorillonite.

The distance between measurement points is 40cm, and when abnormalities are found, it is encrypted to 20cm.