Wine nonwoven bagOrigin of characteristics

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Manufacturer of thermal insulation bag,

A: in a broad sense, it refers to all bubble shells. In a narrow sense, it is just like bubble shell: it is formed into a non-woven box shape with sheet Blister, and the cover is connected with the container. Made of PS, professional non-woven bag, canvas bag, thermal insulation bag, hand decoration bag & nbsp; The performance is stable, safe, reliable and maintenance free. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the advanced level of similar international products. There are also cases where the cover and bottom are separated, and different materials can be selected. If the Japanese fast food box is made of black PS at the bottom and pet at the cover.

The appearance design of non-woven packaging color printing should follow the following principles: combined with the characteristics of the product,Non woven filter bag, carry out accurate market positioning and create brand personality; To & amp; amp; quot; Light, thin, short, small & amp; amp; quot; To prevent non-woven packaging color printing, exaggerating non-woven packaging color printing and useless; Draw inspiration from nature and innovate the design of color printing shape of non-woven packaging by means of simulation; Fully consider environmental and ergonomic factors; Actively use new technology and new materials to design the appearance of modern non-woven packaging color printing; Vigorously develop the shape design of color printing of series non-woven packaging.

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Brand awareness: introduction of CIS (enterprise identification system). Professional projects include: non-woven bag, cotton bag, canvas bag, thermal insulation bag, hand decoration bag & nbsp; And other related businesses. Merchants who hope to have this business please. Overall corporate image planning.

.Of course, for non-woven packaging bags, the scope of their application is not only in ordinary days. In many industrial enterprises, the use of non-woven packaging bags is also frequent. In order to get a better quantity of many goods at the right time, the quality of packaging is actually important. This is not only related to the of goods, but also related to the question of retaining old customers.

What is double bubble shell non-woven packaging color printing?

With a certain amount of stock, this non-woven packaging bag has become the choice of many people.

Wine nonwoven bagOrigin of characteristics

Due to the international influence, the color printing of non-woven packaging in Hong Kong and Taiwan reflects the style of simplicity in the East and elegance in the West. The simplicity of the East and the simplicity of the West embody the combination of the concise pattern of the East and the modern composition of the West; Leisure and delicacy is a common concept of life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In the submerged test method, put the non-woven bag into the water, wait a moment, the floating one is the non-woven bag, and the one sinking at the bottom is the toxic non-woven bag.

In terms of Japan and cosmetics industry, the new data show that in August 2012, the cumulative total retail sales of cosmetics industry and enterprises above the daily industry quota reached a year-on-year growth rate of 149% and 245% respectively, with a relatively stable growth rate. From the comparison of data over the past 10 years, the growth rate of rihe cosmetics is similar to that of food and beverage, realizing long-term and stable growth through economic cycle fluctuations.

Latest consultation.What are the commonly used materials for blister? What are the characteristics of each?

Tin printing and drying technology after the tin is formed, some words and patterns need to be offset printed to increase the of the product. However, we may not know the drying process. Let's introduce the iron can printing drying technology.

Warning signs are usually expressed in graphics and words according to the requirements and relevant matters needing attention in the aspects of cargo loading, unloading, storage and transportation.

Wine nonwoven bagOrigin of characteristics

Program style: magnanimous, rigorous, so that the new wooden box non-woven packaging color printing can not only be developed, but also realize the mass production of new wooden box non-woven packaging color printing products, so as to provide each customer with high-quality wooden box non-woven packaging color printing products.

During lunch time, we often see pedestrians carrying non-woven handbags to pack food. Most of these non-woven handbags are not QS certified, and a considerable part of them are made of recycled non-woven fabrics, such as. Dyes may be added during production, some contain organic dyes and many contain aromatics.

Try to use the same material for color printing of non-woven packaging

.Side sealed bags, of which side sealed bags are seen in many food and snack packaging bags. The whole processing process of this kind of packaging bag needs about 14 steps, compounding, ripening, slitting, bag making and other processes. More complex side sealed and side sealed bags stand stably and can be placed on the shelf for a long time, The side seal needs a printing surface. The side seal zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, so consumers can reopen and close the zipper. The box is unmatched, unique in appearance, beware of counterfeiting, and easy for consumers to identify. The equipment is a special commodity. The packaging materials must be operated to block the possibility of microbial infection, and ensure the internal sterile environment within a fixed time. It is carried out by means of high-temperature steam light irradiation and radiation. For infusion sets used for secondary use, the original materials of sterile syringes are generally paper plastic materials. This paper plastic bag is disinfected with EO epoxy B. A product has to be circulated for many times before it can reach the hands of consumers from the producer. During this period, it needs to go through many links such as loading and unloading, transportation, handling display and so on. In these processes, there will be many qualitative external factors, such as collision, shock, light line, gas and other factors, which will threaten the safety of the commodity, Therefore, the packaging must ensure that the products are not damaged by external factors,

Program style: magnanimous, rigorous, large visual scale.

The dry goods of non-staple food for agricultural trade mainly include fungus, laver, mushroom, red jujube cinnamon, pepper, pepper, fennel,Inch insulation bag, fennel, pepper, medlar, longan peanut, orange peel, raisin, etc. these dry goods belong to food packaging. The shelf life is greatly prolonged due to the removal of water, For this kind of dry goods, the composite film packaging bag should be designed. The multi-color gravure printing machine is used for printing. The printing process is the inner printing process. After printing, the two layers of film or film are combined. I am engaged in all kinds of non-woven cloth bags, canvas bags, thermal insulation bags and hand decoration bags all year round & nbsp; And other materials, integrity management, welcome to call! Then make bags after ripening. First of all, the main purpose of vacuum pumping in the design of food packaging bag is to prevent the between air and food, slow down food oxidation, so as to avoid microbial growth and food deterioration. Vacuum pumping depends on the characteristics of food and the length of time. Generally, vacuum pumping is for food that can go out in a short time and it is not suitable to add too many agents, such as cooked chicken feet and pig feet. Some miscellaneous grain packaging are more suitable for vacuum pumping.