Q345B large diameter thick wall coiled pipeIt's good that prices fluctuate and rise

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The steel plate coil adopts the secondary forming process. When rolling, first bend both ends of the steel plate, and the diameter shall be less than the diameter of the coiled pipe. Then adjust the bed pressure, rolling two to three times steel pipe coiled pipe welding and strengthening the rolling pipe joint, long-term rolling pipe, Q235B coil pipe, Q345B coil pipe, large diameter thin wall tube, large diameter heavy wall coil pipe, stainless steel coil pipe, L360 coil pipe, 16MN coil pipe and other brand products, designated products are complete quality assurance. Then transported to the welding platform for welding.

It is important that the thick wall coiled pipe will not damage the performance of raw materials. The disadvantage of hot roll thick wall rolling pipe is that the treatment time is long Very expensive. Thick wall rolling pipe is widely used: cylinder, hydraulic, bridge, roller, etc.

.Because of its good mechanical properties, it has been widely used in steel pipe production. According to the different process requirements of steel rolling manufacturers, the steel pipe length measurement system has a variety of length measurement methods. The main points are as follows: the basic principle of grating ruler length measurement is: two fixed length grating rulers are set outside both ends of high-frequency welded continuous pipe, and the rodless oil cylinder drives the grating ruler close to both ends of the steel pipe to realize the interference measurement of the length of the steel pipe.

Deviation reel as follows (unit: mm): nominal diameter & amp; amp; lt; 800 800 to 1200 1300 to 1600 1700 to 2400 2600 to 3000 perimeter Deviation & plusmn; 5± 7± 9± 11± 13 ovality is 1% of the outer diameter, 4 6 8 10 and no more than 4 steel plate coils have standards. At present, we carry out construction according to the acceptance of standard GB / t19793-92.

.Application of hot rolled steel pipe: the disadvantage of changing hot rolled steel pipe into seamless steel pipe with fixed specification and model is another major feature of hot rolled steel pipe. In the production process, hot rolled steel pipe has been widely used, especially in large equipment such as oil cylinder production, bridge construction, engineering column, large drum and so on. Save materials and labor for the above enterprises, reduce production costs, improve the market competitiveness of finished products, and promote the development of enterprises to a certain extent. Continuous pipe is committed to producing all kinds of circumferential seam, longitudinal circumferential continuous pipe and penstock, and is reformed on the basis of the same specification and model of traditional pipe rolling equipment. The function of parameters of pipe rolling equipment is improved by 30%, which fills the gap that can not be produced by traditional steel rolling equipment. It can produce steel pipes with diameter of more than 400 and wall thickness of 8-100mm.

In short, the use standard of coiled steel pipe is very important, and the above points can be reasonably explained. For the information of our rolled steel pipe, let's simply say so much today. If you need it, and the circumferential weld shall not be less than 50mm.

Q345B large diameter thick wall coiled pipeIt

1 carbon structural steel: q215-a,Q215-BQ215-B· F,Q235-A,Q235-A· F,Q235-B,Q235-B· F. Q235-c ordinary carbon steel: B2 BY2 B2F by2f B3 by3 B3F by3f a2ay2 a2f ay2f A3 ay3 A3F ay3f2 high quality carbon steel: 10 15 20 transmission shaft steel 3 low alloy structural steel: 123mn 16Mn 19mn 08ti 10ti15ti4 special purpose steel plates are stacked in the open air to prevent rain from causing steel plates. The oxide scale falling off the surface of steel plates is easy to turn into blocks or clusters and adhere to steel plates or crimping rollers, When repeatedly pressed, the coiled pipe forms pit defects.

In the cleaning and preheating process of thick wall coiled pipe, before spraying (throwing) treatment,Q355b thick wall welded pipe, clean the surface of thick wall coiled pipe to remove grease and scale, and preheat the pipe body with heating furnace to keep the surface of thick wall coiled pipe dry. During the spraying (throwing) treatment, because the surface of the thick wall coil does not contain grease and other dirt, the derusting effect can be enhanced. The dry surface of the thick wall coil is also conducive to the separation of steel shot, steel sand and rust and oxide scale, so as to make the surface of the thick wall coil more clean after derusting.

1 carbon structural steel: q215-a, q215-a. & middot; FQ215-B,Q235-A,16Mn large diameter thick wall welded pipe,Q235-B· F. Q235-c ordinary carbon steel: B2 BY2 B2F by2f B3 by3 B3F by3f a2ay2 a2f ay2f A3 ay3 A3F ay3f2 high quality carbon steel: 10 15 20 transmission shaft steel 3 low alloy structural steel: 123mn 16Mn 19mn 08ti 10ti15ti4 special purpose steel thick wall coil is made of steel plate. Long term coil, Q235B coil, Q345B coil, large diameter thin wall coil, large diameter thick wall coil, stainless steel coil, L360 coil, 16Mn coil, 20 old brands, with price advantages and quality! Thick wall coil can be divided into two types: hot coil and thick wall coil.

Sales Department.The distance between the two longitudinal slits of the reel group shall be greater than 100mm. The outer wall of the branch pipe shall be longitudinal, and the circumferential weld shall not be less than 50mm.

This measurement method overcomes the problem of steel

The so-called expanding diameter actually belongs to the pressure processing technology that uses hydraulic or mechanical pressure to apply customized to the inside of the steel pipe, so as to expand the steel pipe outward along the radial direction. Mechanical mode is simpler and more efficient than hydraulic mode, so it is more common in practical application. In particular, it is adopted in the very advanced expanding process of several large-diameter straight seam rolling pipelines.

Q345B large diameter thick wall coiled pipeIt

The volume of coiled pipe, Q345B coiled pipe, large-diameter thin-wall coiled pipe, large-diameter thick wall coiled pipe stainless steel coiled pipe, L360 coiled pipe, 16Mn coiled pipe and other special products have increased accordingly. With the development of domestic economic situation and the acceleration of welding and casting trend, the advantages of NC cutting have been gradually recognized. NC cutting not only greatly improves the rate of plate and product quality, but also improves the working environment and labor efficiency. At present, the NC cutting machines used in the thick wall coil processing industry are mainly flame and ordinary plasma cutting machines, so the demand will be greater and greater most NC cutting machines are NC plasma cutting machines. This type of cutting machine can meet the needs of thick wall coiled pipe plate processing and thick wall coiled pipe parts processing but there is still a very obvious gap with foreign countries, which is mainly reflected in: 90% of the developed thick wall coiled pipe processing industry is digital control cutting machine, and only 10% is manual cutting; The CNC cutting machine only accounts for part of the total blanking. 10%, of which the proportion of NC plasma cutting is small. In industrial production, the thermal cutting of thick wall coiled pipe generally includes gas cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and so on. Among them, plasma cutting has a wider cutting range than gas cutting More efficient. Fine plasma cutting technology is close to laser cutting in material cutting surface quality, but the cost is much lower than laser cutting. Therefore, since the successful development of the United States in the mid-1950s, plasma cutting has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of computer and digital technology, NC cutting is also developing, which improves the machining accuracy. It shows great advantages in saving materials and improving labor productivity. This leads to the development of plasma cutting technology from manual or semi-automatic to NC, which has become one of the main directions of NC cutting technology. NC plasma cutting technology is a set of high-tech technologies such as NC technology, plasma cutting technology and inverter power supply technology. Its development is based on the common progress of computer, plasma arc characteristic research, power electronics and other disciplines. The CNC cutting technology began in the 1980s, and the CNC plasma cutting technology was later. However, recently, some domestic universities, research institutes and manufacturers have studied NC plasma cutting technology and gradually developed and produced various specifications of NC plasma cutting equipment, narrowing the gap of foreign advanced technology. 20 old brands, price

technological innovation.If the top wall thickness of the pipe is equal to the bottom wall thickness, the formula can also be simplified as: (top inner diameter + bottom inner diameter) * 1 / 2 * 0.02466 * pipe length = weight inspection of conical special-shaped coil. 16Mn thick wall coil adopts advanced technology. Jbq6xvzt52aj5 Shenzhen thick wall coil has good use characteristics and performance in use and can show important value and role. The specific functions and values of 16Mn thick wall coil are as follows: it can coil suitable quantitative and wide steel strip and Shenzhen thick wall coil into parallel coils with required inner diameter and wall thickness; The roller is driven by active stepless speed regulation, with small mandrel deformation, high pressure of Shenzhen thick wall winding pipe, strong winding force of Shenzhen thick wall winding pipe, high power transmission efficiency, good winding strength and flat appearance; With self-locking function, the swing arm can be automatically locked without shaking after angle adjustment; With automatic cutting device, the incision is neat without warping angle, and the cutting length of Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe is optional and adjustable. To operate by two people. 16Mn thick wall coiled pipe is durable and stable in use. Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe is easy to operate. According to the safety and health standards, and is reformed on the basis of similar specifications and models of traditional rolling equipment. The function of improving the parameters of the rolling and welding steel pipe equipment by 30% fills the gap that the original traditional rolling equipment can not produce. It can produce steel pipes with a diameter of more than 400 and a wall thickness of 8-100mm in Shenzhen. Materials mainly include q23 q34 20#, 16 manganese 16 manganese capacity, etc. Product executive standard: GB / t50205-200, GB / t3092-2001, etc. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas transportation, pile driving and urban water supply, heating, gas supply and other projects. The process of designing brand inspection standard thick wall straight seam coiled pipe is generally rolled. If the diameter required by the customer is particularly large, it is difficult for Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe like machinery and equipment. Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe needs to be rolled. After the steel plate is rolled, Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe will weld two rolled steel pipes, two steel plates need to be rolled and welded for thick wall straight seam steel. D7z3xjb87v21w, so two welds may appear in one pipe body, also known as double welds. Thick wall straight seam coiled pipe has a wide range of materials. As long as it is a steel plate that can be ordered in a steel plant, X ahzpdqsqu7 is basically OK. The main problem of the product is the welding quality. The welding quality directly determines the quality of the product. Shenzhen thick wall rolling pipe is the main step in thick wall rolling pipe. Suitable for buildings,45# reel, bridges, dams

8-100mm steel pipe.

All continuous pipe welds shall be penetration tested.

.Circumferential deviation of coiled pipe, pipe groove processing and joint pair: when the pipe wall thickness is less than 6mm it is type I weld; when the pipe wall thickness is greater than 6mm, it is type V weld; For pipes with diameter greater than 600mm and wall thickness greater than 6mm, the bottom of the pipe shall be sealed at the bottom of the pipe; In addition to the lap joint, the other type of gas coil pipe is continuous and solid V-groove butt welding. If the weld is found to be defective, the weld must be re welded. Rewelding shall not be more than twice. Long term supply of hot rolled steel pipe, large diameter thick wall rolling pipe, thick wall straight seam rolling pipe, steel casing, rolling pipe factory has complete products and excellent quality, The price is favorable. The longitudinal weld of the winding pipe with the same cylindrical part shall not be greater than the spacing between two longitudinal joints shall not be less than 200mm. The arc length of the winding pipe calibration template shall be 1 / 6 ~ I of the circumference of the pipe / the gap between the template and the pipe. Let me introduce the steel plate production standard winding pipe. During the winding process, the surface of the circuit board shall be protected from damage. Parts with severe scars shall be ground to achieve transition, and the wall thickness of the ground part shall not be less than the design wall thickness.

Columns for bearing steel structures such as offshore platforms, super long-span building structures and electric pole tower and mast structures requiring wind resistance and earthquake resistance. Inspection equipment maintenance and packaging strategy: 16Mn thick wall coil adopts PLC automatic system, and all parts of Shenzhen thick wall coil focus on panel operation. The cutting length of 16Mn thick wall coil adopts photoelectric induction, accurate positioning and automatic cutting. Each working process adopts double pump oil pressure system, which runs smoothly, Shenzhen thick wall coiled pipe has good cutting synchronization performance. 16Mn thick wall coiled pipe has different application ranges: length: 0-1400mm, diameter: 20-200mm, application: 3 inches x2 4x, application voltage: 380V 50Hz. It is used according to the specified parameters and range to ensure that it can play an important role and value in use. The packaging process of new product 16Mn thick wall coil includes main processes such as filling, wrapping and sealing, as well as related pre and post processes, such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. The process of 16Mn thick wall rolling pipe shall be strict, and it shall be produced in the correct way and principle. In addition, the process of 16Mn thick wall coiled pipe also includes measuring or stamping on the package. The use of mechanical packaging products can improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, meet the needs of large-scale production, d7z3xjb87v21w and meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene. The production process of rolling pipe is round pipe blank → Heating → Perforation & rarr; Roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or → Off pipe & rarr; Sizing (or reducing) → Cooling → Straightening & rarr; Hydrostatic test (or flaw detection) → Mark & rarr; According to different production, warehousing supply indicators can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe, pipe, etc. quality management? Hot rolled seamless tubes are produced on the automatic tube rolling mill. The solid tube blank is cut into the required length by removing the surface defects. The Shenzhen coiled tube is centered on the end face of the perforated end of the tube blank, and then sent to the heating furnace for heating. It is perforated on the piercing machine. At the same time, it rotates and advances continuously. Under the action of the roll and top head, a cavity called rough tube is gradually formed inside the tube blank Then it is sent to the automatic pipe mill for continuous rolling, and the wall thickness is adjusted by the whole machine. The Shenzhen coiled pipe is sized by the sizing machine to meet the specification requirements. The production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe by the continuous pipe mill is relatively advanced. If you want to obtain seamless pipe with smaller size and better quality, 888yixtfrfsbu Shenzhen coil pipe must be cold rolled and cold drawn or a combination of the two. The cold rolling is usually carried out on the roll mill. The steel pipe is rolled in the annular pass composed of variable section circular hole groove and fixed conical plug. The cold drawing is usually carried out on the single chain or double chain cold drawing machine, that is, the heated pipe blank is placed in a closed cylinder, and the perforated rod and rod move, Professional hot-rolled steel pipe, large-diameter thick wall rolling pipe, thick wall straight seam rolling pipe, steel casing, rolling pipe factory has advanced technology, strict testing, more affordable price and more preferential. Welcome to consult. Make the parts extruded from the smaller die hole. This method can produce the steel pipe with smaller diameter. Work course standard requirements & amp; amp; quot;Standard requirements: the Executive Standards of hot-rolled thick wall coil product line are: GB / t50205-200, GB / t3092-2001, etc.

The pipeline installation sequence shall be adopted according to the principle of zoning and subsystem. First the lower level, then the upper level, and then the difficulty. In principle, the pipes connected to the machine are arranged from inside to outside to reduce the impact of welding stress on the installation accuracy of the machine. The joints of indoor and outdoor pipes shall be left outdoors. Q345B thick wall continuous pipe is a widely used carbon steel material. Q345B thick wall continuous pipe with thickness greater than 10mm is widely used in drainage engineering, sewage pipeline, dredging pipeline, construction pipeline, etc. Q345B thick wall continuous pipe is a welded steel pipe product with relatively simple and flexible process. This kind of steel pipe is usually not in stock and is customized. If the quantity is small, the raw materials are not good. The main problem of Q345B thick wall continuous pipe is welding. As long as possible delivery related requirements can be compared with other products.