Big cloth bagApplication of air pressure test

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Regulations on non-woven packaging color printing waste vary from place to place, we should try to use the same materials, and tend to use materials with simple structure and easy recycling. On the premise of meeting the color printing function of non-woven packaging, reduce the production of as much as possible, so as to show the lightweight development trend of non-woven packaging color printing film.

Vacuum non-woven packaging bag the food packed in vacuum packaging bag sometimes adds some agents or other chemicals that change the taste of food in order to increase the shelf life because it needs to be heated when sealing and vacuumizing, which may lead to the reaction of these chemicals, resulting in package damage and food deterioration.

.PP has lower hardness than OPP and can be stretched (biaxially stretched) to form an angle. The bottom seal or side seal PE is formalin, with slightly lower degree, PVA texture and good degree. It is a new environmental protection material. In the case of water melting, raw materials are imported from Japan, which are expensive and widely used abroad. Opp has the advantages of good hardness, strong sealing strength of composite bag, printability and no falling off. Coextrusion bags have good consistency and texture. According to different product structures and uses, printable non-woven handbags can be divided into non-woven handbags and non-woven film bags. Non woven bags are mainly composed of polypropylene bags and polyethylene bags; It can be divided into seam bottom bag and seam edge bottom bag according to sewing.

Non woven packaging color printing planning a good non-woven packaging color printing must have a systematic operation process step by step. It must include non-woven packaging color printing planning, non-woven packaging color printing design and reproduction.

.Of course, for non-woven packaging bags, the scope of their application is not only in ordinary days. In many industrial enterprises the use of non-woven packaging bags is also frequent. In order to get a better quantity of many goods at the right time, the quality of packaging is actually important. This is not only related to the of goods but also related to the question of retaining old customers.

Composite non-woven packaging color printing -- an integral non-woven packaging color printing composed of an outer non-woven packaging color printing and an inner container.

In terms of online shopping, the development of non-woven packaging color printing has also changed quietly, as & amp; amp; quot; Silent salesman & amp; amp; quot;, Non woven packaging color printing will play its role as a salesman on the Internet in a virtual form, which will play the same role as or even better role in the store. This virtual electronic non-woven packaging color printing form has attracted more and more attention. Both Taobao sellers and large network websites are decorating their commodity display pages, making more detailed descriptions of products, making more adjustments to product display, and so on. These are new forms of virtual electronic non-woven packaging color printing. Many facts have proved that the multifaceted display and detailed introduction of goods will bring more to the seller, that is to say, the color printing of virtual electronic non-woven packaging plays a key role in the of goods.

Big cloth bagApplication of air pressure test

The unit of length, width and height is cm. For example, if the size of an outer box is 60 x 30 x 40 cm, it is the market price) = 47 yuan.

Knitted fabric: mesh cloth, Meijia cloth, plush, sheared plush, wear-resistant cloth,Environmental protection insulation bag, plain woven fabric: Taft Oxford cloth, twill cloth: 3 / 1 Twill, 2 / 2 twill large diagonal jacquard plaid cloth, sardine jacquard cloth: colored yarn plaid cloth, curtain cloth, logo jacquard bed sheet, table cloth, non-woven fabric: Lixin cloth, needle ginning (pay attention to thickness / yard weight / grain / color) Plain cloth, twill cloth and jacquard cloth are woven into their fabric structure by crossing the upper and lower characters of warp and weft yarn

Program style: magnanimous, rigorous, and B / C tiles are mainly used for corrugated. The calculation formula of outer box is: (length + width + / 100 x (width + height + / 100 x unit price per square meter).

Porcelain is often used for food utensils, utensils and furnishings. The decoration mainly includes color painting and carving.

What is card inserting non-woven packaging color printing?

Big cloth bagApplication of air pressure test

With a certain amount of stock, this non-woven packaging bag has become the choice of many people.

High value.In the consumer electronics industry, the BB value of North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers, as an important current industry indicator, fell for the eighth consecutive month in August. In terms of terminal products,Staple nonwoven bag, except for the output growth of digital cameras and monitors, the output growth of other consumer electronics products continued to slow down in August. This shows that the overall demand of the market is still in the stage of slow recovery.

Trademark or brand trademark or brand is the main constituent element of non-woven packaging color printing, which should occupy a prominent position in the whole non-woven packaging color printing.

If the machine speed is too slow during baking, it will lead to baking. In this case, many coatings will become brittle, and it is very easy to remove paint or paint during later processing. At the same time, baking will also lead to the discoloration of the coating. The main measures to avoid poor baking are: the temperature of the oven regularly and the curve in the automatic instrument to ensure the temperature and standard time under the standard time.

.Shape elements the shape of non-woven packaging color printing is a main aspect of non-woven packaging color printing design. Shape elements include the size and shape of non-woven packaging color printing display surface. If the shape design is reasonable, it can save non-woven packaging color printing materials, reduce the cost of non-woven packaging color printing and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. When considering the shape elements of non-woven packaging color printing design, we should give priority to those geometries that save raw materials. Among various geometric bodies, if the volume is the same, the surface area of the spherical body is small; For prism, the surface area of cube is smaller than that of cuboid; For a cylinder, its surface area is small.

Answer: the sheets used for blistering are called hard films or films, and those with a thickness greater than 2mm are called plates. Commonly used are: pet (poly-p-ethyl benzoate) hard films, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) hard films, PS (polystyrene) hard films, and ABS (Engineering non-woven fabrics). PS hard sheet has low density, poor toughness and easy to produce styrene gas (harmful gas) so it is generally used to produce various industrial blister pallets. PVC hard sheet has moderate toughness and is not easy to produce chlorine, which will have a certain impact on the environment. PVC is easy to heat seal. It can be sealed by sealing machine and high-frequency machine. It is the main raw material for the production of Blister products. Pet hard sheet has good toughness,

If the technical elements want to really reach the standard of green non-woven packaging color printing, it is not perfect to only rely on the above four points, but also need the green non-woven packaging color printing technology as a supplement. The technical elements mentioned here include the equipment in the design of non-woven packaging color printing. workmanship Energy and adopted technology. A special product manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, and service. Long term professional non-woven bag, cotton bag, canvas bag,Red wine nonwoven bag, thermal insulation bag, hand decoration bag & nbsp The so-called green technology refers to the technology that can reduce pollution, reduce consumption, control pollution or improve ecology.