316L stainless steel welded pipeThere is no new story of weakening price shocks

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The welding performance is also much better than that of ferritic stainless steel. Generally, preheating is not required before welding and heat treatment is not required after welding.


.Stainless steel pipes and water transmission equipment for fluid transportation such as water and gas are advanced basic water purification materials in the world. They have strong anti-corrosion performance, carbon steel pipes and plastic pipes.

  ·Sewage treatment system.

.The welding performance is also much better than that of ferritic stainless steel. Generally, preheating is not required before welding and heat treatment is not required after welding.

7. Distinguish between 316L and 304L. There are two kinds of commonly used stainless steel 30316l (or corresponding to the German / European standard 430844036l, the main difference in chemical composition between 316L and 304 is that 316L contains Mo,0.03mm stainless steel strip, engineers generally choose 316L parts in high temperature environment. However, there is no absolute thing. In concentrated environment, 316L should not be used at any higher temperature! No However, this is a big problem. People who study mechanics have all studied threads. Remember a black solid agent that needs to be applied to prevent threads from biting under high temperature: molybdenum disulfide (MOS), from which two conclusions are drawn: No: [1] Mo is indeed a high resistance material (know what crucible gold is melted in? Molybdenum crucible!). [2] : molybdenum can easily react with high valence sulfur ions to form sulfide. Therefore,316L stainless steel coil, no stainless steel is super corrosion resistant. In the final analysis, stainless steel is a steel with more impurities (but these impurities are more corrosion resistant than steel). If it is steel, it can react with other substances.

. 18%), which is better than l and 317L in most environments.

316L stainless steel welded pipeThere is no new story of weakening price shocks

Cold rolled oriented silicon steel strip consists of nominal thickness (expanded by 100 times) + code G: ordinary material, P: high oriented material + guaranteed iron loss value (the value after expanding the iron loss value when the frequency is 50Hz and the large magnetic flux density is 7T by 100 times). For example, 30g130 indicates that the thickness is 0.3mm and the guaranteed value of iron loss is ≤ 3 cold rolled oriented silicon steel strip. Liaocheng Suntory stainless steel provides electroplated tin plate and hot-dip galvanized plate: electroplated tin plate, electroplated tin sheet and steel strip, also known as tinplate. The surface of the steel plate (belt) is plated with tin, which has good corrosion resistance. In addition, it can be used as packaging material for cans, inner and outer sheath of cables, instrument and telecommunication parts, flashlight and other hardware.

This material without titanium and niobium has an inherent tendency of intergranular corrosion. Intergranular corrosion can be reduced by adding titanium and niobium and stabilizing treatment. It is a kind of high alloy steel that can corrode in air or chemical corrosive medium. Stainless steel has beautiful surface and good corrosion resistance. It does not have to undergo surface treatment such as color plating to play a role of rust free

Corrosion fatigue resistant dual phase steel has high corrosion fatigue strength due to its high strength and corrosion resistance. Processing equipment is vulnerable to corrosive environment and loading cycle, and its characteristics are very suitable for such applications. The chemical composition of was determined after 1900 DEG/ 1922° After f (1040 & deg; / 1080 & deg; c) solid melt annealing the ideal microstructure 50 & alpha/ 50 γ . If the temperature of heat treatment is higher than 2000 DEG; F, which may lead to the increase of ferrite composition. Like other duplex stainless steels, alloys are susceptible to intermetallic precipitation. Intermetallic phase at 1300 DEG; F and 1800 & deg; F, at 1600 & deg; At temperature F, the precipitation rate is fast. Therefore, we suggest that the forming should be at 600 DEG; Below F. During hot forming treatment, the whole workpiece shall be heated as a whole, which shall be at 1750 DEG; F to 2250 & deg; F, and the alloy is very stable at this temperature. If the temperature is too high, the alloy is prone to hot tearing. Below this temperature, austenite will fracture. Below 1700 DEG; At F, the intermetallic phase will be formed quickly due to the influence of temperature and deformation. After hot forming, it should be immediately adjusted to 1900 DEG; F and quench to restore its phase balance toughness and corrosion resistance. We do not recommend stress relief, but if this is necessary the material should be as low as 1900 & deg; F, followed by rapid cooling and water quenching.

target.Fabrication of stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel is more than twice as high and has enough plastic toughness for forming. The wall thickness of storage tank or pressure vessel made of duplex stainless steel is 30-50% less than that of common austenite, which is conducive to reducing the cost.

The Ministry of Commerce announced that the European Commission announced that it would impose a final anti-dumping duty of 43% ~ 79% on China's stainless steel seamless steel pipes exported to Europe, which made the steel pipe enterprises already under the pressure of domestic and foreign troubles worse.

316L stainless steel welded pipeThere is no new story of weakening price shocks

3: stainless steel rod: round rod, hexagonal rod, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal angle steel,Stainless steel grooved pipe, round steel, solid rod. Hexagonal rod and square steel (flat steel) are more expensive than round rod (most of the hexagonal rod specifications are imported high-quality materials). The bright surface is more expensive than black leather surface. Large diameter bars are mostly black leather rods. 303 is a unique material in bars, which belongs to easy turning (cutting) materials, It is mainly used for self cutting. In addition, 304f.303cu.316f also belong to easy cutting materials

packing.The product ground by the grinding belt.

In the building water supply pipe system, due to the end of the glorious history of galvanized steel pipe, but various pipes still have some deficiencies in varying degrees, which are far from fully meeting the needs of water supply pipe system and the national requirements for drinking water and related water quality. Therefore, relevant experts: building water supply pipes will eventually return to the era of metal pipes. According to foreign application experience, stainless steel pipe is recognized as one of the pipes with good comprehensive performance in metal pipe.

5cm thick stainless steel plate shall be processed with special cutting tools, such as laser cutting machine with large wattage

.There are ba face, 2b face, (white skin), 2D face, (frosted), HL (wire drawing) 8K face and other surfaces with good quality and brightness.

Cold rolled steel strip shall be delivered in the state of heat treatment (annealing, normalizing and tempering after normalizing), and shall be delivered smoothly.

The existence of medium temperature brittle zone requires strict heat treatment and welding process system to avoid the appearance of harmful phase and damage the performance.