Bohong5 ton lifting cargo elevatorHow to identify counterfeit goods

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What is the new price for fixed elevators? Professional improvement of the quality assurance of the elevator factory. Preferential activities are ongoing, welcome new and old customers to consult

Different. (Specific bearing capacity and lifting height can be designed and customized according to user requirements)

Bohong.Manual hydraulic lifting platform application Manual hydraulic platform performance: The manual hydraulic platform truck is made of high-strength steel, with a reasonable and compact design structure,BohongEnterprise elevator, safety, a fully sealed oil cylinder, and a manual hydraulic system for lifting and lowering making it easy to operate. Equipped with a guide wheel to save the operator's physical strength, and can protect the load wheel and pallet load wheel. Unique hydraulic pump design, the pump is simple and designed to maintain an ideal height for pipeline loading and unloading operations; The unique design concept makes the operator's operation simple and convenient.

'Using the elevator is not about maintaining and overhauling the equipment after it has failed. It is important to maintain the equipment in accordance with the correct maintenance and overhaul. First, do the preparatory work to eliminate all possible fault problems and accidents. I hope that today's summary of knowledge points by the editor can help everyone.'.

.Usage: Scissor fork type fixed lifting platforms are mostly used for goods transportation between height differences in production lines, loading and unloading materials, adjusting the working height during workpiece assembly, feeding materials to loading machines at high altitudes, lifting components during assembly of large equipment, matching storage and loading sites with forklift trucks and other transportation vehicles for rapid loading and unloading of goods, vehicle lifting,BohongProfessional guide rail type cargo elevator, fixed three-dimensional parking, and other places.

Different. (Specific bearing capacity and lifting height can be designed and customized according to user requirements)

Guide rail elevator (also known as cargo elevator) is a non scissor fork type hydraulic lifting platform, mainly used in industrial buildings, restaurants, restaurants, warehouses, docks, workshops, and other places where vertical cargo handling is required between two or more floors. The low height is particularly suitable for sites that are not suitable for digging pits on site. What issues should we pay attention to in these places where elevators are used?

Bohong5 ton lifting cargo elevatorHow to identify counterfeit goods

Is the water cooling and air cooling of the hydraulic station the same?

'The sinking of a cargo elevator is a phenomenon where the table surface drops due to gravity after a certain period of time after rising to a specified position. Of course, this problem must be abnormal, so how can we solve it?'? The first step is to find the reason, and the following editor summarizes the ultimate solution.

Safety performance: The lifting structure is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tubes, with a scissors type mechanical mechanism, easy to maintain strong stability, and high bearing capacity. The lifting height is about 10 meters, and the load capacity is about 10 tons.

Quality management.The motor winding is short-circuited. When a short circuit fault occurs in the motor winding, the short circuit current is much larger than the normal working current, which increases the copper loss of the winding, causing the winding to overheat or even burn out.

To ensure excellent power supply at the installation site, install a separate distribution box. When using the distribution box, the electrical leakage switch must meet the requirements for construction elevators. If the installed construction elevator is variable frequency, the selection of the leakage switch should be compatible with the frequency converter.

After the goods are transported, clean the platform.

Bohong5 ton lifting cargo elevatorHow to identify counterfeit goods

Knowledge popularization and superior performance of scissor fork type fixed lifting platform: equipped with safety devices to prevent overloading of the lifting platform; Equipped with a protection valve to prevent hydraulic oil pipe from cracking; Equipped with an emergency lowering device for sudden power failure; The doors of the upper and lower floors are equipped with safety devices that interlock with the system.

Create brilliance.Fixed elevator is a transportation equipment that directly lifts and loads goods from the ground. It is mainly used for goods transportation between height differences in production lines, material loading and unloading, component lifting during assembly of large equipment, and other places. So what is the new price for fixed elevators?

Chemical derusting is a type of derusting that uses acid to chemically react with the metal parts of the screw elevator to remove the rust products on the rust surface of the push rod. This type of derusting is mainly used for large mechanical screw elevators,Bohong2 ton cargo elevator, and attention should be paid to protecting precision components such as electronic instruments during use to avoid acid corrosion.

The cleanliness of the hydraulic station is an important aspect of the elevator hydraulic station, so it should not be taken lightly. Moreover, from a professional perspective, so that you can have a correct understanding and know how to achieve better cleanliness.

Bohong.Prepare the foundation according to the foundation plan, pay attention to alignment, leveling, and alignment, and ensure the level of the foundation and various usage requirements.

For guideway elevators installed outdoors, they are often exposed to rain and sunlight, so special attention should be paid to regular maintenance and inspection to avoid accidents.

Before installing the elevator, confirm whether the motor and the elevator are intact, and strictly check whether the dimensions of each part connecting the motor and the elevator match. Here are the dimensions and fit tolerances of the positioning boss input shaft, and elevator groove of the motor.