Beian304 stainless steel rodThere are several major steps in installation

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Use flux coated welding wire (self shielded welding wire) for backing TIG welding.

The recrystallization temperature changes with the deformation variable. When the deformation variable is 60%, the recrystallization temperature drops to 650 ℃. The recrystallization annealing temperature of cold deformed austenitic stainless steel is 850~1050 ℃. At 850 ℃, it needs to be kept warm for 3h. At 1050 ℃, it can be fully burned and then water-cooled.

Beian.Stainless steel strip stainless steel strip is simply an extension of ultra-thin stainless steel plate. It is mainly a narrow and long steel plate produced to meet the needs of different industrial sectors for the industrialized production of various metal or mechanical products.

It is divided into standard size and non-standard size according to length.

.Stainless steel pipe can be divided into equal section pipe and variable section pipe according to the profile shape. Variable cross-section pipes include tapered pipes, stepped pipes and periodic cross-section pipes.

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel

150 ~ 250 ℃, time 20 ~ 30min) → Molten salt treatment → Water quenching → Hot water wash. Molten salt treatment is not suitable for assemblies with weld gaps or curls. When parts are taken out of the molten salt furnace and water quenched, a stream of alkali and salt mist will be splashed. Therefore, deep well type anti splashing water shall be used during water quenching

Beian304 stainless steel rodThere are several major steps in installation

Pipe, 904L stainless steel pipe and other brand products, complete designated products, and have large bending and torsion resistance which can greatly reduce the structural weight and save steel.

Quality risk.When the chromium content reaches 5%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel increases significantly, but when the chromium content is higher, the corrosion resistance can still be improved, but it is not obvious. The reason is that when the steel is alloyed with chromium, the type of surface oxide is changed to be similar to that on pure chromium metal

With high torsional strength, it has also become an important material in various machinery and building structures. Structures and components made of stainless steel tubes have larger section modulus than solid parts under the condition of equal weight. Therefore,Beian304BA stainless steel strip, stainless steel pipe itself is a kind of economical section steel for saving metal

The full name of 304 stainless steel pipe is SUS304 stainless steel pipe.

Beian304 stainless steel rodThere are several major steps in installation

It really affects the service life of the product. Today,Beian316 stainless steel coil price, I would like to share with you some precautions for the maintenance of stainless steel plates. Let's have a look!

Job description.In many construction sites,Beian2507 stainless steel plate customized, we have adopted this

Although the stainless steel plate color card is corrosion-resistant, it does not mean that stainless steel will not be corroded. If the stainless steel plate is improperly used and maintained or the use environment is too harsh, local oxidation corrosion will also occur.

Look good.

Beian.The welding of stainless steel pipe usually consists of backing welding, filling welding and cover welding. Backing welding of stainless steel pipe is a key link in the welding of stainless steel pipe. It is not only related to the quality of the project, but also related to the progress of the project. At present, backing welding of stainless steel is divided into back argon filling and non filling

In daily life, the stainless steel plate will be deformed and uneven. With ordinary hammer pressure, leveling will not have much effect. Once released, it will be restored. What can be used to restore the flatness of stainless steel plate? Look at the following methods.

The product quality advantage of stainless steel pipe fittings continuous casting billet is mainly reflected in that the non grinding rate of the outer surface of the billet except the head and tail sections has reached more than 70%, it is necessary to refine the molten steel, achieve low oxygen and sulfur content, and do a good job in ladle and