PartilleHow much is the galvanized square tubeDo a good job in checking the sense of value and make rapid progress in performance

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The common surface treatment of square pipe includes surface treatment, chemical treatment, shot blasting treatment, manual mechanical treatment and flame treatment. The treated will be separated. 4 ~ 6Mpa compressed air entrains abrasives, and the nozzle sprays to the steel surface at high speed. The impact and friction of abrasives remove the oxide scale, rust and dirt on the steel surface, and make the steel surface reach a certain roughness.

The standard number of spiral square pipe (standard of the Ministry of petroleum) for low pressure transmission is syt5037-2008. The representative materials are q235bq345b and other carbon steel materials. It is mainly used for low-pressure transmission of water, oil, natural gas, heating and other pipelines.

Partille.Solution treatment and nondestructive testing sand rolling treatment and sand blasting treatment many manufacturers in the market do not do solution treatment and 100% penetration nondestructive testing, and many of them use sand blasting instead of sand rolling. After these steps are omitted, and their scope of use is obviously increasing square tubes are used in more and more fields, which makes us have many kinds of square tubes. At this time, we need to store square tubes reasonably. Customers should also learn to arrange reasonably when storing square tubes. Let's understand how to store square tubes correctly.

.High productivity of square tube: the efficiency of cold production of mechanical parts is very high, especially for parts with large batch. Cold production can be several times, several times or even hundreds of times higher than cutting. For example the use of cold pin for automobile is twice higher than that of cutting. At present, cold pin automata is used to improve productivity. The productivity of table cooling automata is equivalent to that of 100 ordinary lathes or 10 shaft self-propelled machines.

At the same time, hanging heating shall be carried out during heating to reduce quenching deformation. For high-precision guide rail, gas nitriding or ion nitriding shall be carried out to reduce deformation; Square tubes have outstanding performance in all aspects of performance. We will also test them in this regard when making square tubes more durable. What outstanding performance do square tubes have in mechanical properties? Next, I'll introduce it to you.

In fact, the casting cleaning is not just shot blasting. For large parts, the drum sand cleaning is carried out first, that is, the riser of the casting is cut off and rolled in the drum, and the square tubes collide with each other in the drum to remove most of the sand on the surface before shot blasting or shot blasting.

PartilleHow much is the galvanized square tubeDo a good job in checking the sense of value and make rapid progress in performance

Section shape classification square tube is classified according to section shape: simple section square tube: square tube, rectangular square tube.

Steel for construction and engineering according to the classification of use without phase transformation or partial phase transformation of square tube: A. ordinary carbon structural steel; b. Low alloy structural steel; c. Steel reinforcement.

The covering shall be strong and durable to prevent decay and leakage caused by long-term sun and rain.

Respect for customers.Dimensional stability for high-precision square tubes, the required accuracy is high, so the dimensional stability must be maintained. Due to straightening in the air and slow cooling speed, it has the effect of stabilization and will increase the number of residual square tubes in the, so it must be cooled; Reduce quenching deformation because the square tube is slender, it is easy to deform during quenching, the cold plasticity shall be corrected in time, which is a key step to ensure the improvement of its qualification rate. Therefore,PartilleHot dip galvanized square pipe, hot bath quenching or cooling in oil for a fixed time shall be carried out to propose thermal correction.

Except for the thickening of the wall thickness, the corner size and edge flatness of the square pipe are uniform

The selected punch and die fillets are related to the magnitude and distribution of stress

PartilleHow much is the galvanized square tubeDo a good job in checking the sense of value and make rapid progress in performance

The surface compressive stress characteristics of the square tube will be obtained after isothermal quenching.

new product.Q355b square pipe for mining fluid transportation, Standard No.: gbt14291-2000. The representative material is Q235 grade B steel, which is mainly used for coal mine air pressure, drainage and vertical shaft gas drainage straight seam q355b square pipe.

Stage (1961 & mdash; 1978)

The banding caused by component segregation is difficult to be eliminated by heat treatment. Generally, normalizing can reduce this segregation to a certain extent. Generally,PartillePrice quotation of galvanized square pipe, normalizing can correct the segregation to the allowable level. If the banding is serious, it can be improved by multiple normalizing. It is reliable to conduct high-temperature diffusion annealing first and then normalize again, but the cost will be very high, which is difficult to achieve for the steel plate due to the surface quality.

Partille.First, remove the deposits on the surface of the square pipe surface with copper wire brush. Use the perfume oil or other scrubbing oil on the surface layer, or use phosphate or chromate solution, brush, spray or dip coating. After the fixed reaction time, rinse the acid solution with plenty of fresh water on the surface.

Stainless steel q355b square pipe for fluid transportation,Partille15 galvanized square pipe, Standard No.: gbt12771-1991. The representative materials are 0Cr 0cr19ni 00cr19ni 00cr1 0cr18ni11nb 0017cr17ni14mo2, etc. It is mainly used to transport low-pressure corrosive media.

Now stainless steel is gradually replacing pure iron products in our life, and now the steel pipe is also gradually innovated. Now the q355b square pipe is a typical representative. However, the above small series are not the focus. Today, the focus is on the analytical process of q355b square tube sizing rolling.