El triunfo HotelWill galvanized pipes rustRadial processing method

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Mechanical property is an important index to ensure the end use performance (mechanical property) of square pipe, which depends on the chemical composition and heat treatment of steel. In the steel pipe standard, the tensile properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), hardness and toughness indexes, as well as the high and low temperature properties required by users are specified.

Q355b square tube, the selected die material, has obvious hardening in the deep drawing process, resulting in many hard metal points, resulting in adhesion. Special products such as professional square tube, square rectangular tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube are 20-year-old brands, with advantageous price and guaranteed quality. It makes the surface of workpiece and die easy to scratch and wear, so tool steel for general die can not be used.

El triunfo Hotel.In recent years, large-diameter seamless square tube plays a good role in economic development. Because there are many types of large-diameter seamless square tubes, the continuous casting process of large-diameter seamless square tubes is also different. What are the specific steps of the continuous casting process of large-diameter seamless square tube? As the name suggests, square tube is a kind of square tube type. Many materials can form square tube body. Its medium is used for what purpose and where it is used. Most square tubes are steel tubes, which are unpacked, leveled, crimped and welded to form round tubes, Then the round pipe is rolled into a square pipe, and then cut into the required length. Generally 50 square tubes per package are mostly in large specifications in terms of spot, and 10100.8 - 5~~ 50010-2 square tubes are divided into structural square tubes decorative square tubes, building square tubes, mechanical square tubes, etc. according to their uses.

Polishing process of square tube square tube is widely used in our life, so in the subsequent application process, the requirements for square tube in many places are also quite strict, especially for surface treatment. Today, we briefly introduce how the polishing process should be carried out.

.The analytical technology of square tube sizing rolling. When sizing rolling is adopted, the shape of the inner surface of the rolled material is not neat when rolling the tube. When the roll mill is used the inner surface of the rolled material is angular. The occurrence mechanism of this phenomenon and the countermeasures to be taken are clarified by using the three-dimensional finite element method.

According to production, square tubes are divided into hot-rolled tubes, cold-rolled tubes, cold drawn tubes, tubes, pipe jacking, etc. According to the section shape, the square tube is divided into round and special-shaped. The special-shaped tube has many complex shapes, such as square, oval, angular, melon seed, star and winged tube.

You can really feel that the square tube is widely used in the development, and q355b square tube factory continues to extend in the technical level, which makes the current square tube develop more widely.

El triunfo HotelWill galvanized pipes rustRadial processing method


Hot dip galvanized square pipe is widely used, mainly in curtain wall, solar power generation support, construction, machinery and steel structure engineering, especially in curtain wall, machinery and construction. The effect of cold galvanized square tube is far from that of hot galvanized square tube; How to distinguish hot galvanized square pipe from cold galvanized square pipe?

HDPE plastic square pipe made according to the properties of square pipe has the advantages of light texture high strength, good resistance, easy laying, low water resistance, low cost and corrosion resistance. Its service performance and economic benefits far exceed reinforced concrete pipe and general specification iron pipe. It is an updated product of engineering pipe.

Statistics.Before square tube forming, the strip steel shall be leveled, trimmed, planed, surface cleaned, transported and pre bent.

Mechanical properties of seamless q355b square tube: tensile strength & sigma; b (MPa):≥ 980 yield strength & sigma; s (MPa):≥ 835 elongation & Delta; 5(%):≥ 12 reduction of area & psi; (%):≥ 40 impact absorption energy (impact value) (aku2j): & Ge; 39 the products produced by the more complex technology are exquisite. At present, Fangguan is highly praised by the public in the market. What is important is that there is a good guarantee in terms of quality. Therefore, the percentage of the length increased by the gauge length of the sample after breaking and the length of the original gauge length is called elongation. In & sigma; Expressed in%.

El triunfo HotelWill galvanized pipes rustRadial processing method

After time, the workpiece forms an oxide film with a fixed thickness and presents various colors. Chemical oxidation method is to form various film colors in a specific solution at temperature and time; Because of the law & rdquo; More, but to maintain the color of the product, the reference electrode must be used. Electrochemical method is to form the color of chloride film with fixed thickness in specific electrolyte at temperature, voltage and time. This process is mature and widely used. Ion implantation method is to vaporize ions in vacuum and deposit them on the surface of q355b square tube, such as watch case on the market. The golden color of watch strap adopts this process technology, which is suitable for mass production. The process of gas phase cracking is more complex and less used in industry. Square tube has long been widely used in mechanical industry. When the square pipe is cut automatically, when the square pipe is hoisted to the gas cutting platform, the distance difference between the two ends of one side of the pipe and the guide rail shall be adjusted within 5mm. During semi-automatic cutting, the guide rail shall be placed on the plane of the cut pipe, and then the cutting machine shall be placed on the guide rail gently.

retailer.Upper yield point (& sigma; Su): the large stress before the yield of the sample occurs and the stress decreases for the first time; Lower yield point (& sigma; SL): the small stress in the yield stage when the initial instantaneous effect is not considered.

Generally, chemical and electrolytic pickling are used for pickling treatment. Only chemical pickling is used for pipelines, which can remove oxide scale rust and old coatings. Professional square tubes, rectangular tubes, galvanized square tubes and galvanized tubes are safe, environmentally friendly and economical! The products are exported to foreign countries and are deeply trusted. Sometimes they can be used as reprocessing after sand blasting and rust removal. Although chemical cleaning can make the surface reach a certain cleanliness and roughness, its anchor lines are shallow and easy to pollute the environment.

In the process of processing, the processing temperature is the key. Professional square tube, square tube, seamless square tube, galvanized square tube and galvanized tube have advanced technology, strict detection, more affordable price and more preferential price. Consultation is welcome. It must be noted that the blank heating should be uniform. Perforation has a great impact on the quality. The perforation temperature of blank varies according to different materials, generally around 1200 ℃.

El triunfo Hotel.Function index analysis of square tube - the strength acts on the parts in a great progress. The load on the parts is called the charge and trap load. The power of square tube destruction under the charge and trap load is called the charge and trap toughness.

At the same time, hanging heating shall be carried out during heating to reduce quenching deformation. For high-precision guide rail, gas nitriding or ion nitriding shall be carried out to reduce deformation; Square tubes have outstanding performance in all aspects of performance. We will also test them in this regard when making square tubes more durable. What outstanding performance do square tubes have in mechanical properties? Next, I'll introduce it to you.

The square tube is cut into single pieces by air plasma cutting machine.