BolzanoMobile lifting hydraulic boarding bridgeThe demonstration effect in the industry has achieved results

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Chinese manufacturer of boarding bridges, dedicated to mobile lifting (sh ē Ten series of hydraulic lifting platform products, including platform, self-propelled aerial work platform, fixed lifting platform, TTW guide type cargo lift,BolzanoHydraulic electric fixed boarding bridge, aluminum alloy (melting point 660 ℃) lifting platform, jacketed lifting platform, folding arm lifting platform, car mounted lifting platform, disabled lifting platform, lifting stage, boarding bridge etc, All properties owned by the company

Set up a new oil warehouse testing system: Before entering the hydraulic lifting channel, hydraulic oil should be stopped from sampling and testing. Unqualified oil should be stopped from entering the warehouse,BolzanoFixed boarding bridge, and the quality of the warehouse should be strictly controlled. A special hydraulic oil protection system should be set up: the oil should be stored and stored according to the brand when entering the warehouse, and disorderly storage should be prohibited. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place in the open air for daily rain and rain, and should not be close to the fire fixed hydraulic boarding bridge. Label storage system should be established for mixed types, It is necessary to fill out labels in a timely manner and conduct regular sampling and testing: In order to ensure the quality of the oil products leaving the warehouse, it is necessary to conduct seven regular inspections of the hydraulic oil inventory. Any unqualified oil products found after testing should be disposed of in a timely manner and containers should not be used for regular cleaning. Containers containing hydraulic oil should be cleaned regularly, and special personnel should be assigned to handle some of the more precise parts in the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge. Although mechanical hydraulic drive is labor-saving and convenient it is also complex and damaged. The primary reason for the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge is that its operating principle and structural characteristics are not clear, and its preventive maintenance is not very clear. The fixed boarding bridge is for convenient repair and maintenance. It will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Bolzano.Point. The DCQY type is a hand operated variable amplitude type, operated by a hand pump, which can achieve variable amplitude on the bridge board without the need for power supply; Widely used in mobile loading and unloading places without loading and unloading equipment and loading and unloading platforms; It is a safe, reliable, land-saving logistics machinery that solves high-altitude differential operations.

Adopting anti slip patterned steel plates, the overlap plate will automatically straighten and be parallel to the panel. At this time, release the up button and the panel will automatically descend until it connects with the carriage. Once confirmed, the operation can begin. After waiting for the homework to be completed, press the up button to drive the vehicle away. Release the button panel and it will automatically descend to its original state, parallel to the cargo platform.

Adopting imported integrated modular hydraulic station, with good sealing performance and long service life.

It mainly includes the strong wind load acting on the structure, the lateral force caused by the inclined operation of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge when lifting the channel, the horizontal load on the structure caused by suspended objects under wind load, the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, technical load, and ice and snow load. The special load of fixed hydraulic boarding bridge refers to the large load that may be encountered by the lifting equipment during non operational conditions, or the occasional unfavorable load encountered during operational conditions. This load is encountered in both hydraulic lifting channels and fixed hydraulic climbing bridge lifting channels.

BolzanoMobile lifting hydraulic boarding bridgeThe demonstration effect in the industry has achieved results

Secondly, before using the hydraulic boarding axle, it is also necessary to check if there is any oil in the reducer, abnormal noise, and excessive temperature rise in the housing. If there is any oil leakage, it is necessary to check the oil level in the housing, if there is insufficient oil, and add oil. If there is any abnormal noise or rapid temperature rise, repair it in a timely manner

In general, there are several reasons for hydraulic cylinder oil leakage: damage to the oil seal ring on the cylinder etc. The cylinder body of the oil cylinder is damaged. Oil leakage caused by defects such as air holes, sand holes, and shrinkage porosity in the guide sleeve.

Install anti rolling foot skirts on both sides to prevent accidental injury to the toe platform.

Economic management.Product features: Fully hydraulic drive, easy to operate and reliable to operate.

There are generally several forms of axle 1. Embedded boarding bridge, as the name suggests refers to the boarding bridge embedded in the loading and unloading operation platform. The installed boarding bridge main board surface is horizontal with the upper plane of the loading and unloading operation platform. Completely integrated into the platform, it will not affect other operational tasks on the platform without loading and unloading operations. The boarding bridge with this type of structure is widely used and is also a relatively fast boarding auxiliary device. Its design is usually fully standardized as early as the structural design of buildings.

Firstly, before using the equipment (shè bè i), it is necessary to check whether there is water accumulation in the points, and then confirm whether the fasteners are damaged or loose. If a fault is detected, necessary repairs and replacements need to be carried out. Check all control devices (zhu ā ng zhì) Whether the operation is normal, whether the switch and governor are in good condition, and whether the display is normal

BolzanoMobile lifting hydraulic boarding bridgeThe demonstration effect in the industry has achieved results

It is understood that the mobile liquid boarding bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment for cargo loading and unloading used in conjunction with forklifts. The mobile liquid loading and unloading bridge is a specialized auxiliary equipment used in conjunction with forklifts for cargo loading and unloading. By using artificial hydraulic power, the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be achieved without the need for external power supply. The adjustable length of the cable chain is used to hook the vehicle, ensuring that the boarding bridge always fits tightly with the vehicle even in case of displacement. The mobile wheel is made of solid tires, which do not require inflation. It is sturdy and durable, combined with brake pads to ensure safe operation.

Discount.Regarding the year-end maintenance of the boarding bridge check all hydraulic pipelines and joints to ensure that they are not damaged or loose. All joints must be tightened; Discard all hydraulic oil and replace it with new oil to avoid continuing to use old oil. Otherwise, the moving components in the system will accelerate wear and tear. Remove and disassemble the lowering valve, blow out the plunger with compressed air, and then reinstall it. To use a fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of its basic knowledge. Below, Jinan Zhongding Elevator will analyze it for everyone: To operate a fixed hydraulic boarding bridge,BolzanoForklift boarding bridge, first open the rear door of the truck, fix it on both sides of the carriage, and then reverse the truck to the front of the platform until it meets the anti-collision rubber blocks on both sides of the fixed hydraulic boarding bridge. Then, brake the truck. Turn on the power switch on the electric control box, and the professional boarding bridge factory has stable, safe, reliable, and can achieve maintenance free performance. The technical level has reached the domestic level and the international advanced level of similar products

The platform type boarding bridge is also designed in various structural forms according to different on-site conditions. It can also be adjusted up (below the cargo platform) or down (below the cargo platform) within a certain range, which can meet the installation and use of most loading and unloading platforms.

Adopting anti slip patterned steel plates, the platform has good anti slip performance.

Bolzano.Install anti rolling foot skirts on both sides to prevent accidental injury to the toe platform.

The use of imported seals ensures excellent sealing performance of the hydraulic system.

The following is a brief introduction to the storage of hydraulic oil in fixed hydraulic boarding bridges for a wide range of users: when stopping the hydraulic oil drum and filling, it is necessary to achieve three passes and pass when receiving oil; Filtering during barrel rotation: When refueling the equipment, it is too cold to ensure the cleanliness of the bucket mouth, oil injection port, oil barrel, etc.