vulvaDry type power transformer brandHow to achieve

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vulvaTest items of power transformer,

Solenoid insulation deterioration

The insulation distance between the winding and the iron yoke of power transformer is much larger than that between the windings, because the electric field between the winding and the iron yoke is far away and not as symmetrical as that between the windings. In the electric field in the middle of the winding, the disconnection component of the electric field is small.

vulva.This is the example of power consumption engineering as power saving. The key reason is that the habitual calculation method ignores the copper loss.

If you want to check the activated carbon fiber for the hanging cover that is, first take out the low-voltage waterproof sleeve and the on load transformer power switch, then lower the bell cover anchor bolt of the large cover, slowly hang the galvanized steel wire rope with sufficient lifting net weight on the commonly used earrings, wear 4 round steel from top to bottom in the surrounding screw holes, and count the spacing and specifications for easy reinstallation. At the same time, the cable wind shall be added on all sides to ensure that the core international body will not be damaged during the whole lifting process. After lifting for 100mm stop the lifting, stabilize the bell cover, and check the bearing capacity of the lifting core,vulvaModel of power transformer, center of gravity and Jack. After everything is normal, lift it again until the bell cover exceeds the relative height of the body and rotate the crane to place the bell cover on the clean skid.

.Caused by sand holes and cracks. For crack leakage, drilling stop hole is a good way to remove in-situ stress and prevent widening.

When checking the hook core, the insulation of the electromagnetic coil and the porcelain sleeve is usually accidentally damaged. After the shell of the pottery is broken, if you work again, turn on the photo flash when it's light, and it's short when it's heavy. Therefore, please pay attention during maintenance. It is not necessary to destroy the insulation. After maintenance, experts can inspect special tools, parts, insulation, etc. and deliver them after they are determined to be complete and reliable.

Plug in the power with full load first, observe and detect that the input and output voltage meets the regulations. At the same time, check whether the equipment has abnormal sound, ignition, please cut off the input switching power supply.

vulvaDry type power transformer brandHow to achieve

The first step of the whole wave process calculation is to calculate the basic parameters of the Internet such as inductance, capacitance and resistor. The accuracy of those basic parameters does great harm to the calculation results of the whole wave process. For the inductance calculation, the good model is the solid model of infinite transformer core column, but there are many calculation methods.

Relevant responsible persons of the transformer Federation of China Household Appliance Industry Association show that the development prospect of transformers in China in the future is still the development trend of environmental protection, low noise, fire safety and explosion-proof and high reliability. There are two key development prospects: one is the development trend of high voltage and high voltage, especially 750kV and 1100kV. The second is the development trend towards environmental protection, energy conservation and miniaturization. The former key is applied to the long-distance substation project route, and the latter key is applied to the substation project route in big cities.

In order to better reduce the probability of short-circuit fault of relay protection dry-type transformer, prevention and key are & ldquo; Prevention and Manipulation & rdquo; Is dominant.

safety requirements .When the whole process of winding wave of oil immersed transformer is calculated by using the marking method, the winding of oil immersed transformer is generally divided into multiple modules, and each module is replaced by an equivalent circuit, and its power circuit includes an inductance and vertical capacitance, a capacitance to ground or capacitance between windings, clearly put forward the glass test tube, rotate and release the oil in the tube to clean the sampling tube, carry out it twice, and then draw the oil sample.

The insulating layer shaft and the connecting articles between the bell jar and the core shall be removed. If it is a hanging bell inspection,vulvaTechnology of oil immersed transformer, the oil shall be pumped into the bottom of the bell jar before the bell jar can be removed.

vulvaDry type power transformer brandHow to achieve

The zero line is mainly used in the working circuit. The voltage caused by the zero line is equivalent to the line resistance multiplied by the current of the working circuit. Because of the distance, the voltage caused by the zero line can not be ignored. As a countermeasure to maintain life safety, it is more and more unreliable. Ground wire (PE): it is not used as a working circuit, but only as a maintenance line. Use the affirmation of the earth & ldquo; 0” Voltage. When the machine and equipment casing is electrified, the current will be quickly grounded. Even if there is a lead for the PE line, it will be grounded from the surrounding grounding body.

Affordable price.When the full load test is carried out and everything is normal, the load can be connected.

Two point grounding device of iron core caused by residual welding scar;

When sampling in bulk gasoline barrels, samples shall be selected according to 5% of the number of gasoline barrels, but not less than 2 barrels. When sampling in batches of small and medium-sized pails or bottles samples shall be taken according to 2% of the total number of barrels (bottles).

vulva.How much is the power transformer

Analysis of common faults of oil immersed transformer:

If the power transformer stops running for more than 72h (if the allowable time should be reduced when the ambient humidity is & amp; gt; 95%), it should be insulated before putting into use, and accurately measured with a 2500V grounding megger. The insulation resistance from the primary side to the secondary side and the ground should be ^ 300mfl, the insulation resistance from the secondary side to the ground should be ^ 100mh, and the insulation resistance from the iron core to the ground should be & amp; gt; 5mfl (note that the grounding device piece should be removed).