Catago50lacrimal ductStandards in material selection

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and other materials such as cement slurry in concrete are blocked outside the grouting pipe to ensure smooth use of the whole section of the grouting pipe.

The fast cutting device in the hole of the underground grouting pipe according to claim 2, wherein the cutting rotating device rotates the cutting blade and pulley through a socket wrench to cut the casing wall, and the cutting rotating device is a wrench or a tooth wrench.

Catago.How to deal with the joint if the grouting pipe is installed in sections? If the grouting pipe is installed in sections, the joints must be welded. The welded joints of the section steel have been prepared in the manufacturing plant, and can be installed after the two-phase adjacent joints are aligned. After all beams are welded, anchor them according to the above steps. Install the formwork at the beam end. The formwork shall be made according to the overall dimensions of Hainan grouting pipe device and the notch of the reserved slot. The formwork shall be made quite tight to prevent mortar from flowing into the displacement control box or into the beam end gap.After checking that the installed formwork is tight and seamless, clean the reserved groove then pour concrete and vibrate it tightly. The concrete shall have at least the same strength as the structural concrete at this place, and the grouting pipe device in Hainan shall be kept clean when pouring concrete.

The flexibility of the product is very high, and it is easy to place at the corners without cutting and connecting.

. It has good impact resistance and high fracture elongation. Experience has proved that it can resist the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes.

There are mainly water glass calcium chloride slurry water glass fluorosilicic acid slurry,Catago48lead small conduit, acidic water glass slurry HS water glass (acidified water glass) slurry and SS water glass (silica sol) slurry [4].

Ceramic process 1: make and process gypsum molds according to the requirements of a certain place.

Catago50lacrimal ductStandards in material selection

1 water glass grouting material water glass slurry is made of water glass as the main agent, and gelling agent is added to make it react chemically and generate a large amount of silicon gel to set and harden. Water glass paste has wide sources, low cost, small toxic and side effects of main agent, no environmental pollution, low viscosity and good injectability.

The grouting pipe is used to pad the bottom of the horseshoe, change the cooperation specification of the mold, and adjust the cooperation space between the lower tire and the horseshoe.

Foshan Shengda building materials introduction product advantages Simple installation, complete set; The grouting pipe can be intercepted at the construction site according to the actual required length of the joint (it is recommended that the longest grouting outlet length should not exceed 6m); No special installation equipment is required; Grouting time can be arbitrarily selected; When grouting is carried out internally under the pressure, the grouting pipe liquid can keep uniformly filling the whole pipe; The system allows grouting under relatively low pressure; The installation will not affect the characteristics of the building grouting pipe; The installation or grouting process will not harm the concrete; Permanent sealing can be ensured after grouting; ten

reform. Installation of grouting pipe the method of installing grouting pipe is to bundle the grouting pipe and add 300-500mm semi-circular flower pipe at the upper end of the reinforcement construction; As the project is a bored pile, the commonly installed grouting pipe is a straight pipe. A diffuser with one-way is set at 300min below the pipe. The grouting pipe is installed at the end of the reinforcement cage installation and sediment treatment (because the end of the bored pile is cone-shaped, it is not appropriate to bundle the grouting pipe on the reinforcement cage and lower it at the same time.) The grouting pipe is set in the diffuser with one-way , and must be wrapped with a special inner tube. After the pipe is lowered, the grouting pipe must be filled with water, and the upper end of the grouting pipe should be blocked.

When lifting and demoulding components, the concrete strength must meet the design requirements.

[background technology] [0002] at present some coal mines across the country use the grouting technology of coal seam floor aquifer to control water disasters, and have achieved obvious results. However, the grouting pipe after grouting exceeds the exposed part of the roadway floor and has different lengths. Most mines adopt mechanized coal mining technology, and hydraulic support and scraper conveyor need flat floor. At present, the mine still uses a hacksaw to manually cut the underground grouting pipes. It needs to clear some of the grouting pipes exposed from the roadway floor, which is time-consuming,CatagoPrice of advanced small conduit, laborious and inefficient. On average, each person cuts I grouting pipes every 2 hours.

Catago50lacrimal ductStandards in material selection

Calculation formula of weight per linear meter of pile foundation grouting pipe (unit: kg / M)

Quality management. The grouting pipe of the spring reinforcement framework shall be bound with the bamboo frame of the reinforcement framework according to the construction rigidity of the component. After being bound into a bundle, it shall be stacked at the specified position and lifted to the abutment cross. During the reinforcement binding process, the quality and wall shall be strictly controlled according to the ship support, and the finished product shall be well protected. The injection pipe shall be placed on the top, and the embedded grouting symbol shall be buried on the formwork for positioning. The inverted formwork shall be used to install stairs and component side formworks to increase the turnover rate of the formwork as much as possible. According to the design size, rebar concealment and cross slab shall be carried out according to blanking standards. Unqualified ones shall be rectified until they meet construction technology. Concrete pouring Before concrete mixing,Catago32lead small conduit, the water content of sand and stone shall be measured and the construction mix proportion shall be adjusted according to the test results.

Plastic pipe plastic pipe has a low acoustic impedance, which is used as a grouting pipe and has a large acoustic transmission rate. It can usually be used for smaller cast-in-place piles. It should be cautious when used in large-scale cast-in-place piles - because large-diameter piles need to be poured with a large amount of concrete, and the hydration heat of cement is not easy to dissipate. In view of the great difference between the thermal expansion coefficient of plastic and concrete, the plastic pipe will shrink radially and longitudinally due to the temperature drop after concrete solidification, It may be separated from the concrete locally to cause air or water crevices, and add more strong reflection interfaces on the sound path, which is easy to cause misjudgment.

[0016] a fast cutting device in the hole of a underground grouting pipe, as shown in Fig. 1, the fast cutting device in the hole mainly consists of a fixed cutting device 2 (as shown in Fig. , a tension blade device 3 and a cutting rotating device [0017] the tension blade device 3 is sleeved in the cutting rotating device 5, and screw threads are respectively set on the outer surface of the cutting rotating device 5 and the upper end of the tension blade device 3, The tension blade device 3 and the cutting rotating device 5 are connected by threads. The end of the tension blade device protruding from the cutting rotating device is provided with a tension blade nut 4, which is used for permanent sealing of construction joints, cold joints, pipe seepage joints and gaps between ground walls in concrete. It is very suitable to install grouting pipes between the joints of new and old concrete. When water penetrates into the joint, it can be sealed by injecting slurry into the PVC port set on the surface. The proper grouting time can be selected after the concrete curing. Leakage joints can also be sealed in this way.

According to the sequence of sectional construction along the stratum depth, grouting can be divided into sectional downward, sectional upward and one-time full depth grouting. The segmented downward type starts from the ground, drills a section of holes from top to bottom, and injects a section of grout. After each section of grouting, the drilling and grouting continue to be continued downward, so as to alternately reach the designed final grouting depth, and then carries out re grouting from bottom to top; The segmented upward type is that the grouting hole is drilled to the final grouting depth at one time, and the grouting is segmented from bottom to top using a grout stopper; The method of one-time full depth grouting is to drill the grouting hole to the final grouting depth at one time, and then conduct one-time grouting to the full depth.

3 advantages: Simple installation, complete set; The grouting pipe can be intercepted at the construction site according to the actual required length of the joint (it is recommended that the longest grouting outlet length should not exceed 6m); No special installation equipment is required; four