AustraliaScissor lift cargo elevatorWhat are the improvements in the new year

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Corrosion prevention measures for the body of aerial work vehicles Attention to small scratches The paint surface of aerial work vehicles often corrodes. In addition to common collisions, scratches, and small rocks on the drive tire, there can also be a paint peeling point that can cause a small rust over time. Because most of these scars are small and easy to ignore. Therefore, regularly inspect the engine compartment lid and surrounding areas, and once found,Australia1 ton small lifting cargo elevator, go to a professional beauty shop for processing in a timely manner.

Hydraulic lifting platforms are widely used in factory maintenance, municipal construction, and decoration of hotels in industrial and mining enterprises, with reliable quality and perfect performance.

Australia.After careful inspection, it was found that there were two main causes: loss of hydraulic pressure, and leakage of hydraulic valves or seals.

Does the cleanliness of the hydraulic station have relevant rules and requirements?

.Fixed elevator is a transportation equipment that directly lifts and loads goods from the ground. It is mainly used for goods transportation between height differences in production lines material loading and unloading, fixed three-dimensional parking, and other places. So what is the new price for fixed elevators?

Low cost: Compared to the scissor type mobile lifting platform, the cost is much lower. Therefore, when purchasing a lifting platform, it is necessary to consider the use range, frequency of work, load, different materials, different load ratings, and different brand awareness, the prices also vary. Currently, the prices of fixed elevators produced in the domestic market are: rated load 1-5 tons, lifting height 7 meters, table size 2500 mm * 2000 mm, and the price is around 27000-45000 yuan; The rated load is 1-3 tons, the lifting height is 0 meters, the table size is 2300 mm * 2000 mm, and the price is around yuan. Rated load and lifting height of each fixed elevator,

AustraliaScissor lift cargo elevatorWhat are the improvements in the new year

Before installing the elevator, confirm whether the motor and the elevator are intact, and strictly check whether the dimensions of each part connecting the motor and the elevator match. Here are the dimensions and fit tolerances of the positioning boss input shaft, and elevator groove of the motor.

In our daily life today, hydraulic cargo elevators are also increasingly widely used and deeply loved by customers. As a lifting tool, the maintenance of cargo elevators should not be careless. The following editor will introduce the daily maintenance of hydraulic cargo elevators.

The anti rust work of aerial vehicles is generally something that needs attention when they have not been used for a long time. How should we protect the body of aerial vehicles from corrosion? This is actually a simple matter of not having to spend money on anti-corrosion at the repair station. As long as we car owners use some materials they can find on their own, we can achieve this. At the same time, paying attention to driving habits can ensure that high-altitude work vehicles do not rust. Here are a few points for reference.

How much is it.Before connecting the motor to the elevator, the elevator manufacturer should first make the motor shaft keyway perpendicular to the tightening bolt. To ensure uniform stress, first screw on the mounting bolts at any diagonal position but do not tighten them. Then screw on the other two mounting bolts at diagonal positions, and then tighten the four mounting bolts one by one. After that tighten the tightening bolts. All tightening bolts shall be fixed with a torque wrench according to the indicated fixed torque data, and the use of elevators and lifting platforms shall be checked

Incorrect connection of the elevator motor When a coil, coil group, or one phase winding group is connected inversely, it can cause a serious imbalance in the three-phase current and cause the winding to overheat.

Test the goods elevator every day to see if it can operate normally.

AustraliaScissor lift cargo elevatorWhat are the improvements in the new year

The hydraulic lifting platform mainly uses hydraulic oil pressure transmission to achieve the lifting function. Its shear fork mechanical structure provides stability for the lift. The wide working platform and high bearing capacity make the high-altitude operation range wide and suitable for multiple people to work simultaneously. It makes aerial work efficient and guaranteed.

Standard requirements.Walking: assisted self-propelled,AustraliaOutdoor lifting cargo elevator, two wheel traction, self driving, and car modification.

All previous inspections and commissioning have been carried out, and all technical indicators have met the design requirements. When using, it is only necessary to connect the power supply, and there is no need to adjust the hydraulic and electrical systems.

For guideway elevators installed outdoors, they are often exposed to rain and sunlight, clean the platform.

It should be noted that compared to some lifting platforms in certain venues, protective barriers are generally added to the platform. As lifting platforms belong to special equipment, the National Quality Inspection Bureau strictly inspects this area. Any lifting platforms that are deemed to have safety hazards must be removed. Therefore, when personnel ask if you need to add guardrails, do not blindly refuse, and consider whether it is necessary based on the site of use. 'In addition, it is necessary to possess two types of certificates, namely, the Special Equipment Manufacturing License of the People's Republic of China and the Special Equipment Installation, Transformation,AustraliaTen ton lifting cargo elevator, and Maintenance License of the People's Republic of China, before production, installation, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer whether they possess these two types of certificates.'.

Nowadays, small and medium-sized enterprises are products with the idea of good quality and preferential prices.