PlanoInstallation of refrigeration warehouseWhere

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The lights in the warehouse are not on. Please check whether the switch fails and whether the bulb is damaged. Cut off the power supply when installing the lampshade and pay attention to the waterproof of the lamp.

During the cold storage commissioning, special personnel shall be assigned to ensure that the surface of the cold storage plate shall reflect evenly without condensation and cold running; Sealing conditions of joints and holes; Whether the warehouse door and delivery port are not tightly sealed, and timely deal with the problems of insulation and seal failure such as degumming and air leakage.

Plano.The cooler on the refrigeration unit is very easy to be dirty, so it should be cleaned on time according to the specific situation. To maintain stable heat conduction and practical effect. Good heat removal and cooling. There is no need to accumulate dirt around the refrigeration unit.

The service life of the cold storage depends on the quality of the refrigeration equipment,PlanoInstallation cost of fresh-keeping cold storage, but it also has a great relationship with the proper daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage. Many times, people often ignore the latter point. In daily life, as long as we maintain and maintain the cold storage regularly, we can greatly improve the service life of the cold storage and reduce the cost.

.The evaporator surface is too thick or too much dust, and the heat transfer effect decreases: another important reason is that the heat transfer efficiency of evaporator is low, which is mainly caused by excessive frost or excessive dust on the evaporator surface.

The water tank is designed to be separated from the machine body and is double-layer. It will not drip due to condensation caused by internal and external temperature difference. It can be interlocked with the refrigeration system, that is, it will not be humidified during refrigeration to prevent serious frosting of the fan.

Requirements for the cold storage time of the device: the cold storage of the refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant shall be supported in the place with low population density around.

PlanoInstallation of refrigeration warehouseWhere

There is a slight sag on the cold insulation board to prevent damage to the cold storage. When standing on the wall some soft materials should be laid on the floor of the cold storage tank.

The tightness of water valve and brine valve, the replacement of sealing ring, and disassembly and cleaning if necessary.

The products stored in the medical cold storage project must be managed by color code, so as to avoid the problem of purchase errors. In the process of handling, it is also necessary to strictly follow the instructions.

Range.The installation of top warehouse plate should be carried out alternately with the installation of wall plate, and the wall plate should leave a gap for withdrawing construction equipment; During the installation of the top warehouse plate, the end steel sheet at the overlap with the wall plate shall be disconnected for 50mm to prevent the cold bridge from running cold; Two layers of foaming materials shall be evenly and continuously punched on the joint surface between each top warehouse plate. Rivets shall be pulled and fixed at the internal and external lap joints of the steel plate, and the rivet spacing shall be 300mm; According to the design drawings, if there are supporting beams, columns and supporting steel frames in the warehouse, the setting out and positioning shall be carried out and accurate and clear marks shall be made according to the requirements of the design drawings; Weld or install the support beam, column, support steel frame, etc., there is no temperature compensation, even if

Compression refrigerator is commonly used, which is mainly composed of compressor,PlanoMedical refrigeration cold storage,PlanoInstallation price of cold storage project, condenser, throttle valve and evaporation pipe. According to the way of evaporation pipe device, it can be divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling. Direct cooling the evaporation pipe is installed in the refrigerated warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation pipe, it will directly absorb the heat in the warehouse and cool down.

PlanoInstallation of refrigeration warehouseWhere

Floor insulation of small cold storage the structure of small cold storage is usually called surface that is, the top, wall and ground are made of color steel plate / stainless steel with appropriate thickness of polyurethane and other insulation materials, because the loading and unloading of small cold storage is often handled manually rather than forklift. Of course, if the height of the warehouse is high and the forklift is required for warehousing, loading and unloading, the insulation board is not recommended for ground insulation, but the ground needs to be insulated separately like the ground insulation sample of medium-sized cold storage.

new product.All wiring shall be neat. All switches and keys shall be opened and closed sensitively, reliably and accurately. Special connectors shall be used for wiring, and power protection shall be provided for the box and each power branch.

Before fastening all sodium nuts and lock nuts of the refrigeration system, apply refrigerant oil to strengthen the tightness. Clean after fastening. The packing of each cut-off door shall be locked.

Install the temporary lighting facilities in the warehouse, install and arrange the construction electrical equipment, and do a good job in rain proof, anti-collision, anti binding and other safety protection.

Plano.According to the size and nature of the cold storage area and in combination with local regulations, the construction form of food cold storage warehouse is to determine the plane layout based on the site whether it is a single-layer or double-layer warehouse, and the structure is the selection of steel structure or reinforcement solidification. Cold storage capacity, production process, refrigeration, product stacking, temperature, etc. are used to determine the size and location of the cold storage room, so that it can become a whole.

Requirements for the cold storage time of the device: the cold storage of the refrigeration system using ammonia as refrigerant shall be supported in the place with low population density around.

Secondly, since the cooling of the compressor is not continuous, the multi work operation at night can be selected if possible. When working at night, the external temperature is low, the cooling water temperature is reduced, and the condensation pressure and condensation temperature are reduced. The cooling capacity of the sampling system, reduces the power operation of the compressor and achieves the purpose of energy saving.