Bundle mouth insulation bagThe shock weakened, and businesses' bearish attitude towards the future market increased

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R & D and production trend development trend of color printing of wooden case non-woven packaging after entering the century, the use of color printing of non-woven packaging has changed greatly. The original color printing of non-woven packaging has traditionally been for the convenience of transportation and the basic protection of goods, but the actual role of color printing of wooden case non-woven packaging has changed greatly, The basic principle of modern wooden case non-woven packaging color printing is to continuously improve the performance of non-woven packaging color printing and the added value of non-woven packaging color printing. Special attention should be paid to the role of wooden case non-woven packaging color printing, not only for transportation and protection of cargo safety, but also to achieve beauty, convenience, practicality and enhance the potential value of products, Wooden case non-woven packaging color printing is a product that consumes natural resources. The requirements for wooden case non-woven packaging color printing are green environmental protection, energy saving and resource saving, and strive for a green earth.

What is card suction non-woven packaging color printing?

.The general office of this section recently issued the notice on the production and use of non-woven shopping bags to all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions and units directly under the central government. The notice indicates that since the shopping bag has become & ldquo;; White Pollution & ldquo;; In the future, all localities and ministries should prohibit the production, use and paid use of ultra-thin non-woven shopping bags. Since January 1, 2008, non-woven handbags have been paid for use in all supermarkets, bazaars and other commodity retail places, and the use of non-woven shopping bags is prohibited by law.

After the iron can enters the oven, the next stage is heating up. The main function is to raise the iron tank from room temperature to the set temperature. After reaching the set temperature, it enters the constant temperature stage, which is to ensure the stability of the set temperature. The function of the cooling area is to fully cool the dried iron cans, but the cooling is not enough. When the iron cans are stacked, the paint films are very easy to be scratched by each other, and the sticking phenomenon is easy to occur after stacking. The baking time has a great relationship with the machine speed. If the machine speed is too fast, the whole drying time will be shortened, the required temperature time will not be sufficient, and the paint to be baked will not be sufficient, resulting in tender paint film caused by poor drying. It makes the food or beverage easy to deteriorate.

.Packaging color printing -- the form of non-woven packaging color printing has changed. For example, 6ha1 is changed to 6ha2 to rescue the color printing of non-woven packaging -- the medium-sized bulk container for color printing of non-woven packaging containing damaged packages -- it is suitable for the rigid and flexible movable color printing tank cabinet of non-woven packaging with mechanical loading and unloading volume of 250L ~ 3000l -- tank container, road tank car and railway tank car.

In the drying process, the coating and shall be dried in a tunnel oven. The drying condition of offset printing is usually 130 ℃ ~ 160 ℃, and the time is about 13 minutes. The coating drying strip is between 170 ℃ and 210 ℃, and the tunnel oven is about 25-35m long. It consists of three stages: heating zone, constant temperature zone and cooling zone. These areas are arranged in strict accordance with the requirements. After this stage, the products need to be refrigerated for a period of time to make their hardness better.

Now, in order to reduce the packaging cost, many unscrupulous businesses in the market will choose thin, soft and light vacuum bags with inferior quality. They are damaged due to too high strength in the vacuum pumping stage, or damaged in the transportation process, endangering the rights and interests of consumers. We are also industry practitioners here, Strictly abide by relevant production process standards for material selection and production.

Bundle mouth insulation bagThe shock weakened, and businesses

The factors of the development of consumption patterns. The color printing design of non-woven packaging is for consumers. From the perspective of consumers' use and preference, it is the basic point of the color printing design of non-woven packaging. Therefore, the change of consumption pattern has an important impact on the color printing design of non-woven packaging. Today, with the rapid development of scientific and technological information, great changes have taken place in life form and consumption form. From the perspective of the development of non-woven packaging color printing in twentieth Century, such as POP non-woven packaging color printing, portable non-woven packaging color printing, vacuum non-woven packaging pressure spray non-woven packaging color printing, color printing and other forms of pan, no is not the result of consumer demand. Now the Internet age has come, which has brought great convenience to people's life. New consumption forms such as online trading and online shopping are gradually accepted by more and more people. With the popularization of network and the improvement of related hardware technology, the color printing design of non-woven packaging will also face greater changes.

Non woven packaging color printing non-woven packaging color printing is an ancient and modern topic, and it is also a subject that people are studying and exploring from beginning to end. From the primitive and agricultural times in ancient times to the modern times with developed science and technology, non-woven packaging color printing has gradually developed with the evolution of human beings the emergence of commodities, the development of production and the progress of science and technology, and major breakthroughs have taken place continuously. On the whole, non-woven packaging color printing has roughly experienced three development stages: original non-woven packaging color printing, traditional non-woven packaging color printing and modern non-woven packaging color printing.

Reach consumers safely. This requires designers to pay attention to the modeling, structure, materials and other aspects of packaging, so as to improve the comprehensive protection of products. For example, in the design of egg packaging, in order to consider the safety, mutual tray design is adopted: the puffed food is filled with nitrogen to keep the crispness of the product itself, At the same time, it also ensures that the products will not be broken: the colors of beer bottles are mostly dark green and dark coffee. It has long been considered that the bottle body is isolated from the sun under the light. The protection function mainly refers to the function that acts on objects rather than people. This is the basic function of packaging. Without the protection function, the survival of products can not be guaranteed, and other functions of packaging lose their significance.

quality.Market positioning: the market positioning of non-woven packaging color printing design needs to determine the position of the commodity in the market, and the market positioning of the commodity is usually determined by the market selection positioning and consumer positioning of the merchant's commodity level: only accurate consumer positioning can make consumers more likely. The consumption goal of the commodity is usually determined by the merchant's gender, age, interests and abilities Strength, design style positioning decision: the design style of non-woven packaging color printing is ever-changing. How to find the direction and determine the style at the beginning of the design is also the key to the success of the design

Packaging yield, non-woven packaging factory, i.e. & ldquo; Packaging volume or packaging area per unit mass. Most non-woven fabrics in non-woven packaging plants have good chemical resistance. Non woven packaging plants have good acid resistance, the large reduction of the cross-sectional area at the reduced diameter is the percentage of the original cross-sectional area. It is easy to form, and the forming energy consumption is lower than that of metal materials such as steel. Non woven packaging factory has good performance and easy to use. With good strength, the non-woven packaging factory has high strength performance per unit weight and impact resistance. If the surface does not respond to the crack, the round pipe shall be cut by the cutting machine and wvwxsp4gs976z is easy to be modified. The processing cost of non-woven packaging factory is low. Non woven packaging factory has excellent insulation. What is the standard? Zhongshan packaging industry development inspection item [] in the synthesis, 25% of the non-woven packaging factory is used in the packaging industry. Therefore, Zhongshan non-woven packaging factory is an important department in the non-woven packaging industry. Paper and paperboard account for 30% non-woven 25% and metal 25%, which are the major materials in the packaging industry. It is sponsored by the media shopping fair of China Chamber of Commerce, Glass in non-woven packaging factory accounts for 15%. The above two 25% fully illustrate the importance of non-woven packaging industry. Although the non-woven packaging industry in Shangyi County is the No. 1 packaging material, its use surface is not as good as that of paper and paperboard. However, the non-woven packaging industry is developing at a rate of 5% every year. The non-woven packaging factory and other packaging materials including paper and paperboard, metal, glass,Insulation bag film, non-woven packaging factory Tao Jing, non-woven packaging factory hemp and cotton, are only growing at a rate of 2%, For this reason, the non-woven packaging industry will surpass paper and paperboard as a packaging material. Benxi brand answers your question [] observe the role of wholesale eye observation method. The non-woven bag is white, or micro,Multi Size Cotton Bag, and the texture is uniform; The toxic non-woven bag is colored or white, wvwxsp4gs976z but the degree is poor. The non-woven packaging factory is turbid, and the non-woven surface is stretched unevenly with small particles. The application of the industry listens to the processing with ears. When shaking the non-woven bag with hands, indicating that it is a non-woven bag; The sound is small and stuffy is toxic non-woven bag. Luoping County watch touch the surface of the non-woven bag used by the production department, which is mainly used as pipeline or structural parts for conveying fluid. Very smooth yes; Sticky, astringent and waxy are toxic. The new non-woven packaging bag smelling the commissioning steps with the nose is tasteless; Having an abnormal smell or taste is toxic. Quality index submerged test method industry knowledge standard put the non-woven bag into the water, and the non-woven packaging factory presses it to the bottom by hand. Wait a moment, and the steel pipe supplied according to class A and B is the non-woven bag on the floating surface and the toxic non-woven bag on the bottom. Where is the cheap way to install materials? The non-woven bag is flammable, the flame tip is, and part of the non-woven packaging factory is cyan. When the non-woven packaging factory is dripping like candle tears, it has the smell of paraffin; Toxic non-woven bags are not easy to put out when leaving the fire. The flame tip of the non-woven packaging factory is black or black, and the bottom is green. The non-woven packaging factory can soften and wire drawing, and can smell a pungent smell. Careful use of non-woven packaging bag structure in promotion foreign countries have strict regulations on non-woven packaging bags for food packaging, which stipulates that ordinary food non-woven packaging bags are successfully held here. Wvwxsp4gs976z cannot be used to pack food with a temperature above 50 ℃; The food package must indicate the high temperature that can be reached. Luchuan county has no domestic regulations in this regard, resulting in some unqualified non-woven packaging bags, which are very harmful to health. Tell you what you don't know.

With the acceleration of the pace of people's life, time and efficiency have become important factors. It is more required to reflect convenience and simplicity in the color printing of commodity non-woven packaging. Especially for food, a large number of semi-finished products, frozen food, cooked food and microwave food have emerged to adapt to the changes of people's life rhythm. The color printing design of non-woven packaging also cooperates with this change in structure, there are more and more microwave foods, which makes the forms of frozen food and cooked food more and more diversified. Various non-woven packaging color printing materials that are convenient to use and can be directly suitable for microwave heating are becoming more and more popular. This non-woven packaging color printing material mainly adopts special ethylene material with air permeability. When food is heated, the pressure of steam in the non-woven packaging color printing rises, so it will not crack because of its air permeability. In foreign countries microwave food non-woven packaging color printing is marked with the mark of direct microwave heating. In addition, there is also a non-woven packaging color printing material that can bake the dim sum yellow. This material is composed of paper, conductive material and heat-resistant material layers. When baking in the microwave oven, the conductive materials in the microwave materials in the microwave oven transfer heat, so as to bake the dessert yellow and delicious.

Bundle mouth insulation bagThe shock weakened, and businesses

The design scheme of box non-woven packaging color printing will be strongly supported, so that the new wooden box non-woven packaging color printing can not only be developed, so as to provide each customer with high-quality wooden box non-woven packaging color printing products.

Trustworthy.Porcelain is often used for food utensils, utensils and furnishings. The decoration mainly includes color painting and carving.

The development of non-woven packaging color printing industry and technology has promoted the scientific research of non-woven packaging color printing and the formation of non-woven packaging color printing. The discipline of non-woven packaging color printing covers many aspects of knowledge such as physics, chemistry, biology,Warm bag, humanities and art. It belongs to the comprehensive science in the interdisciplinary group. It organically absorbs and integrates the new theories, new materials, new technologies and new processes of different disciplines, and solves the comprehensive problems in the process of commodity protection storage, transportation and promotion from the perspective of system engineering. There are various classifications of non-woven packaging color printing disciplines, which are usually divided into non-woven packaging color printing materials, non-woven packaging color printing transportation, non-woven packaging color printing technology, non-woven packaging color printing design, non-woven packaging color printing management, non-woven packaging color printing decoration non-woven packaging color printing testing, non-woven packaging color printing mechanics, etc. More than 40 colleges and universities have set up non-woven packaging color printing projects, and the talent team of non-woven packaging color printing is increasing.

As far as possible, the non-woven packaging color printing parts can be reused, not just the non-woven packaging color printing materials can be recycled. (for example, reduce the cost of non-woven packaging color printing and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. When considering the shape elements of non-woven packaging color printing design, we should give priority to those geometries that save raw materials. Among various geometric bodies, if the volume is the same, the surface area of the spherical body is small; For prism, when the height of the cylinder is equal to the diameter of the bottom circle, its surface area is small.

Moisture proof materials must be placed flat and hoisted from here to New York. Do not throw. Do not handle perishable materials with care. Fragile materials shall be stored in a dark place and kept dry. Do not throw them flat. Do not heat them upside down. Do not open this end upside down. Be careful. Porcelain inflammables are transported to Canada. The warning signs are based on certain hazard characteristics, such as flammability, vulnerability, etc, Graphics and characters printed on the color printing of non-woven packaging of goods. It can help relevant personnel take protective measures to ensure the integrity of goods and personal safety. Warning signs often printed on the color printing of external non-woven packaging include inflammables, radioactive substances and dangerous substances. The growth of paper non-woven packaging color printing and non-woven packaging color printing industry is closely related to the downstream demand. The growth data of household appliances, consumer electronics, food and beverage and daily chemical industries are sorted out to analyze the order trend of non-woven packaging color printing industry. In terms of the home appliance industry, refrigerators and freezers accelerated, the output of washing machines and electric fans declined, and the output of other home appliances remained stable. However, the cumulative year-on-year output of various household appliances is far lower than that of the same period.

The non-woven packaging bags usually used in the industrial field are bags with thick raw materials. Because industrial goods are usually divided into large and heavy parts, sometimes some goods have severe wear on the bag, so it is necessary to use such bags for packaging. At present, aluminum foil bags are widely used in industry. Due to the particularity of their raw materials, they can fully fit the characteristics of commodities. It can achieve certain maintenance and beautiful results, and it can also be in the market