Baile atha IQuotation of fruit preservation cold storage equipmentMany factors restrict the price, and there is still the possibility of repetition

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Large space rate of quick-frozen warehouse: for quick-frozen warehouses of the same size, reasonable design schemes store more goods than unreasonable ones. For the fixed size quick freezing warehouse, how to design it to maximize its space rate is often an important problem considered by our designers. In the design scheme of Lukang medical quick-frozen warehouse, we reasonably designed to expand the original storage capacity of 300 boxes to 400 boxes, which increases the space a lot.

Precautions for purchase and shipment when using the medical cold storage project, the speed must be strictly guaranteed during the purchase and shipment of products. If the temperature of the medical cold storage is about degrees, the opening time must be strictly within 25 minutes. If the temperature of the medical cold storage is left and right degrees, the opening time can not be too high, strictly within minutes.

Baile atha I.Protective fence shall be set around the door of the controlled atmosphere storage with eye-catching signs.

Compression refrigerator is commonly used. It is mainly composed of compressor condenser, throttle valve and evaporation pipe. The evaporation pipe is installed in the refrigeration warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation pipe, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down.

.The temperature is too high, the condenser is blocked in the cold storage the compressor is overloaded, there is a lack of refrigerant, the low pressure is too low, the air intake is too large, and the compressor is stuck.

We must often use insulation board in our life. It's just the structure of the refrigerator, but the refrigerator, as a in the home, still has some use environment. In the market or marine transportation, the environment of cold storage insulation board is not so optimistic. Professional cold storage installation, cold storage installation, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, medical cold storage quality assurance. During the preferential activities, new and old customers are welcome to consult. The environmental differences inside and outside the cold storage insulation board are very large, because a large number of items need to be insulated, so the temperature in the cold storage is strict. In such cases, the cold storage insulation board will have relevant problems, Let's understand that the water vapor pressure outside the plate warehouse of the lower cold storage is higher than that inside the warehouse, and the penetration of the envelope is carried out from outside to inside all year round. R11 gas in polyurethane is replaced by air and water vapor to damp polyurethane. Over time, moisture becomes more and more serious, and even water vapor condensation occurs, resulting in low thermal conductivity and reduced thermal resistance. In order to avoid and delay polyurethane moisture and prolong the service life of the insulation layer, it is effective to seal the hot side of the insulation layer, that is, to form a vapor barrier layer.

The average service life of rigid polyurethane insulation structure with stable quality long service life and high comprehensive cost performance can reach more than 30 years under normal use and maintenance conditions. Under the normal service conditions during the service life of the structure, it will not be affected by drying, fungi or algae or rodents.

Baile atha IQuotation of fruit preservation cold storage equipmentMany factors restrict the price, and there is still the possibility of repetition

The new cold storage material is made of rigid polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation sandwich panel, which is made by high pressure foaming process and can be made into various lengths and specifications to meet the different requirements of the users.

Clean the condenser. The condenser is used as the heat dissipation and condensation of the compressor. Because it works in the outdoor environment, in the face of nature and for a long time, the condenser will be covered with a lot of dust and other foreign matters. These dust are firmly attached to the fins. If it is not handled manually, it is difficult to fall off. It can be diluted with cleaning agent according to a certain proportion, and evenly sprayed on the fins with a spray can. After waiting for 5 minutes, it can be washed with clean water. If it is still not clean, the above can be repeated until the fins are clean.

The spacing of pull rivets at inner and outer corners is 300mm and 200mm respectively; After the polystyrene library is installed, the wall panel joints shall be evenly sealed and decorated with silicone sealant.

Honest service.How to maintain the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage in order to prolong its service life and reduce the occurrence of faults in the use process. The refrigeration compressor in the cold storage needs regular maintenance. Here we introduce the maintenance of the compressor in the cold storage.

The polyurethane insulation board used in the construction of cold storage shall be integral and continuous, and there shall be no joint in the middle. The junction of polyurethane insulation board, which can well meet the health needs.

Cold storage has good fire and flame resistance. After adding flame retardant, polyurethane is a kind of flame retardant and self extinguishing material. If it is burned by fire it can be carbonized, unlike flow burning and flashover like extruded board, which can effectively prevent fire spread. In particular, it can be closed as a whole after fire prevention treatment to form non combustible products.

Baile atha IQuotation of fruit preservation cold storage equipmentMany factors restrict the price, and there is still the possibility of repetition

These are several very common cold storage materials. The use of these materials has greatly improved the thermal insulation and refrigeration performance of the cold storage, which makes people's retained items more convenient and reliable. With the continuous development of material technology, today's various cold storage materials emerge in endlessly, and the cold storage is different from each other. When purchasing, the selection of cold storage is related to the overall operation of cold storage in the future. The selection of high-quality cold storage is conducive to the use and maintenance of cold storage. This requires us to inquire more about the warehouse board for cold storage engineering. Before the construction of cold storage project, we should first realize the temperature requirements of cold storage and the importance of cold storage to cold storage. Because the cold storage project has high environmental requirements such as temperature, door handle and anti-theft lock of the door of the freezer shall be greased on time according to the specific situation.

Simple refrigeration is based on the volatilization of refrigerant in the condenser of the cold storage, so as to cool the refrigerant, and then input the refrigerant into the box or building of the refrigeration equipment to cool the air according to the heat exchanger. This kind of refrigeration has slow cooling speed, large total heat conduction temperature difference and complex system software, so it can only be used in less places, such as brine ice making and cold storage with constant temperature requirements.

Baile atha I.The quick freezing storehouse of vegetables and fruits is not suitable to use exhaust cooling, but use fan to supply air for refrigeration, because the gas in the quick freezing storehouse needs to be circulated and dispersed regularly to avoid carbon oxide poisoning caused by high concentration of carbon oxide in local areas. Therefore, in the quick freezing warehouse, the refrigeration equipment needs to be used together with the air conditioning equipment. The selection of refrigeration equipment is different from that of low-temperature freezer and ordinary quick freezing warehouse.

The cold storage belongs to a kind of refrigeration equipment. Compared with the refrigerator, its refrigeration area is large, but they have the same refrigeration principle. So how to maintain the cold storage every day. Today I'll introduce how to do a good job in the daily management and maintenance after the installation of the cold storage.

The quantity is large, and a special tally room (area) is set according to the needs of production and operation. The temperature of the tally area is usually controlled at 0 ~ + 7 ℃.