BocoyPower transformer parametersPursue a diversified industry model

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The hanging core of dry-type transformer is a vital part

Solenoid insulation deterioration

Bocoy.In fact, apart from the application of the Finance Bureau, the industry has been trying to formulate and upgrade transformer commodities according to the specifications,BocoyInternal structure diagram of oil immersed transformer, so as to promote the improvement of energy consumption level of transformer commodities.

(5) the installation position of secondary commercial insurance of transformer on column and ground shall meet the following requirements: if there is an disconnector on the secondary side, it shall be installed between the disconnector and low-voltage composite insulator, or the circuit breaker shall be selected as the disconnector; If there is no disconnector on the secondary side,Bocoy10kV distribution transformer, it shall be installed on both sides of the low-voltage composite insulator,BocoyHow to select power transformer, and the insulated cable jumper shall be connected to the insulated cable on both sides of the circuit breaker.

.Performance and main parameters of common metal composites, various welding processes and machinery and equipment, preparation treatment of thick steel plate blanking process, production and manufacturing process and quality standards of automobile oil tank, riser, welding leakage test and NDT technology, surface treatment process and quality standards, copper, Production process and quality standard of aluminum shield; Body suit iron insertion process, wire installation process, body dryness solution and dry transformer oil solution process, vacuum pump oil immersion, general installation process, leakage test and leakage detection process and quality standards. Performance parameters of key work clothes, machinery and equipment of each process flow; The natural working environment is basically regulated.

If the oil immersed transformer is burned by the cover of the transformer when the oil immersed transformer fails, open the lower side of the transformer and place an appropriate part. When the oil immersed transformer is on fire, the oil cannot be released to avoid the occurrence of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time, use detection equipment to put out the fire immediately. In order not to expand the hazard, the fire brigade must be notified.

After sampling, bind the laminated glass stopper firmly with clean paper or cloth to prevent dirt and water from contaminating the bottle stopper.

BocoyPower transformer parametersPursue a diversified industry model

When the manufacturer of the power transformer samples from the automobile oil tank, after opening the sealing cover, use the cleaned and dried rubber stopper to the oil. At the same time, and loosen your thumb to make the oil enter the pipe,

The transformer manufacturer said that the temperature display equipment: the temperature change value is measured according to the PT100 temperature sensor embedded in the bottom voltage winding to immediately indicate the winding temperature of each phase (three-phase safety inspection and Zui large value indication, and the historical time Zui high temperature can be recorded). The Zui high temperature can be input and output as 420mA analog quantity. If it is to be far away (the distance can reach 1200m, and 31 transformers can be detected. The over temperature alarm and trip of the system software can also be signaled by the resistor data of Pt100 thermistor sensor, so as to further improve the stability of the temperature maintenance system software.

The key reason for oil leakage is that there are defects in cast iron parts

Quality inspection report.When the power transformer operates at full load, it needs a large reactive load. This reactive load shall be provided by the power supply and distribution system. If the transformer volume is too large, it will not only increase the initial project investment, but also make the transformer operate at full load or load for a long time, expand the proportion of full load loss, reduce power factor and increase Internet loss. Such operation is neither economic development nor scientific.

When leaving the factory, the production and processing are not smooth and the sealing is poor. The common fault of oil leakage will be caused after the oil transformer is sealed for a period of time.

How to reduce the failure of dry-type transformer?

BocoyPower transformer parametersPursue a diversified industry model

The capacity and working voltage are different. The dry-type transformer is generally suitable for distribution equipment. The capacity is generally below 2000kVA and the working voltage is below 35KV, which also ensures the rated voltage of 110kV; Oil immersed transformers are generally suitable for distribution equipment.

For more, please check.The long-term overload of power transformer will slowly cause the scalding and insulation aging of solenoid coil, resulting in short circuit between coils, two-color short circuit or short circuit on the ground, resulting in the ignition of power transformer. Therefore, the insulation compressive strength of power transformer shall be tested before installation and operation, and overload is not allowed in the whole process of operation.

When the operating oil is mixed with different types of new oil or used for oil in addition to the accurate measurement of the cold filter point of the mixed oil, it is also necessary to carry out high and low temperature test and sludge test, and observe the sludge accumulation. The accumulation cannot be accessed. The results of the operation of the mixing template are not that the original oil is very poor, so it can be managed and used in a mixed manner.

For the leakage that has already occurred, find the leakage point first, which can not be ignored. For the position with serious leakage, shovel or sharp punch can be selected. The leakage point can be riveted with special tools for metal materials. After manipulating the leakage, the treatment surface shall be cleaned and tidy. Polymer composite materials are mostly selected for dry consolidation. After dry consolidation, the goal of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.

Bocoy.The noise of dry-type transformer is mainly the vibration noise in operation. This vibration noise is caused by multiple positions, including the vibration of magnetic induction electromagnetic coil. All pay great attention to the solution of vibration when carrying out noise control.

The insulating layer in the middle of the silicon steel plate is aging, the anchor bolt cover with the iron core is damaged, the iron core causes large vortex, resulting in heat, temperature rise, and the aging of the insulating layer is accelerated. The core insulation compressive strength of power transformer must be measured on time and accurately. If it is found that the insulation compressive strength is less than the index value, please remove and replace the anchor bolt cover or carry out insulation for the copper core cable.

If the power transformer stops running for more than 72h (if the allowable time should be reduced when the ambient humidity is & amp; gt; 95%), it should be insulated before putting into use, and accurately measured with a 2500V grounding megger. The insulation resistance from the primary side to the secondary side and the ground should be ^ 300mfl the insulation resistance from the secondary side to the ground should be ^ 100mh, and the insulation resistance from the iron core to the ground should be & amp; gt; 5mfl (note that the grounding device piece should be removed).