ArmeniaPower supply transformerThe demand for products is increasing

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Avoid inadvertent damage of insulation during maintenance: when repairing the hanging core of power transformer, special attention shall be paid to the maintenance of solenoid coil or insulating waterproof sleeve. If there is scratch damage, it shall be handled properly.

The raw materials of Fushi blue can be used for bonding, so that the overall oil leakage of the connector can be greatly controlled; If the actual operation is convenient, the metal shell can also be bonded at the same time to achieve the purpose of leakage treatment.

Armenia.The visual inspection method is that the staff use human eyes to observe the appearance change of the visible parts of the operating equipment to find the abnormal conditions of the equipment, such as discoloration,Armenia220 kV Transformer, deformation, offset, cracking, loosening, ignition smoke, oil leakage broken strand disconnection, short-circuit fault marks, hanging of dirty things, etching and turbidity, which can be inspected according to the visual inspection method. Therefore, there are empty welding, open welding, needle holes, sand holes and other shortcomings in welding. The oil transformer is easy to be covered with welding powder and paint when leaving the factory, and the potential safety hazards are exposed after operation. In addition, the electromagnetic induction vibration will crack the electric welding and lead to leakage.

.With the rapid development of society and the continuous development trend of computers, and scientific and reasonable data method is selected the accuracy of calculation conclusions can meet the needs of architectural design, Not only can the current distribution of the oil immersed transformer be clearly defined in the development stage, but also the winding and other structures of the oil immersed transformer can be effectively arranged and distributed in a certain scope, which greatly facilitates the design scheme of the oil immersed transformer and ensures the stability of operation.

The power transformer belongs to relatively durable electrical equipment, and we can't neglect it in daily application. The common problems of power transformer conductor, power transformer winding and power transformer tapping power switch are analyzed below:

Noise dispersion of dry-type transformer

ArmeniaPower supply transformerThe demand for products is increasing

There are also many problems to pay attention to in the preventive measures and process of dry-type transformer damping. What are the key effects and functions of dry-type transformer damping and the corresponding preventive measures? Let's master and consult in detail with the small editor of the dry-type transformer manufacturer.

The equipment can eliminate the shortcomings found in the patrol inspection, clean the porcelain waterproof casing casing, remove and replace the cracked or brittle leather pad, check and tighten the node, replenish the oil with less oil, check and replace the silica gel of the breathing mask, etc.

In order to better reduce the probability of short-circuit fault of relay protection dry-type transformer, prevention and key are & ldquo; Prevention and Manipulation & rdquo; Is dominant.

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The method and whole process of taking oil sample of power transformer are as follows:

Insulation and heat removal are different. Dry type transformers are generally insulated with epoxy resin, cooled by natural air and large capacity by centrifugal fan. Oil immersed transformers are insulated by insulating oil,ArmeniaPower supply and distribution transformer, insulated by insulating oil in the circulating system inside the transformer, and heat is discharged on the radiator (radiator) of the circulating system inside the transformer.

ArmeniaPower supply transformerThe demand for products is increasing

Power transformer manufacturer

Product line.Falling foreign matters and piercing

The fundamental reason for this kind of inaccuracy is that when the transformer & ldquo; Dalar trolley & rdquo; is considered according to the size of capacity utilization rate, the high-capacity transformer must be replaced by the small-capacity transformer with high utilization rate, and then the iron loss is considered and the copper loss is ignored. In fact, for a certain load, the active power loss of small capacity exceeds that of large capacity The active power loss of the transformer, generally,ArmeniaDry type power transformer 1250kva, the sealing of box edge and machine cover is sealed with acid-base resistant rubber rod or rubber plate. If the joint is not solved well, it will lead to common faults of oil leakage.

Armenia.Solenoid insulation deterioration

Therefore in the installation process of substation equipment, the lightning rod should be set according to the specific situation to prevent damage to the relay protection dry-type transformer caused by lightning. In addition, in the installation and use process of lightning rod, select reasonable types of lightning rod according to the operation situation to determine that they are in the same situation. In addition, during the installation of lightning rod, please connect all routes as far as possible to prevent other faults.

When sampling from a small and medium-sized power transformer without a discharge pipe (or oil sample suspension plate), it can be in a power transformer such as a glass test tube when it is not in operation to extract the oil sample at the bottom, or it can be replaced by changing the oil.