BytcaQ345D square tubeDemand weakens or remains under pressure in the short term

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Mechanical properties of seamless q355b square tube: tensile strength & sigma; b (MPa):≥ 980 yield strength & sigma; s (MPa):≥ 835 elongation & Delta; 5(%):≥ 12 reduction of area & psi; (%):≥ 40 impact absorption energy (impact value) (aku2j): & Ge; 39 the products produced by the more complex technology are exquisite. At present, Fangguan is highly praised by the public in the market. What is important is that there is a good guarantee in terms of quality. Therefore, whether Fangguan can obtain such a high market evaluation depends on the complex technology of Fangguan.

Electrochemical polishing: long specular gloss, stable process, less pollution and good durability. Suitable for mass production, it is mainly applied to high-grade products, imported products and public service products. Its processing technology is stable and the operation is simple.

Bytca.The local heat release in the welding process of square tube can reduce the heat affected zone, avoid the micro of thermal sensitive materials, and maintain the properties of materials.

Do a good job in the following aspects to effectively improve the use of square tubes

.Square tube is a kind of square tube type. Many materials can form square tube body. It is used for what purpose and where. Most square tubes are steel tubes, mostly structural square tubes, decorative square tubes and building square tubes. Square tubes can be divided into seamless and welded joints. Seamless square tubes are formed from seamless circular tubes.

The painting of the square tube has to go through a process, which requires us to conduct comprehensive consideration and analysis. In particular, the quality and level of the paint and the relevant technical level deserve our attention. Note that the square tube should not be used immediately after painting, but should be placed for a period of time and wait until the paint is dry!

In order to ensure the stability of the perforation performance and chemical properties of the billet of the square tube, the technical regulations shall be strictly implemented in the operation of the circular furnace, the operation of the heating furnace shall be frequently, the abnormal conditions shall be handled in time and recorded, and the follow-up posts and quality management department shall be notified in time for handling.

BytcaQ345D square tubeDemand weakens or remains under pressure in the short term

Upper yield point (& sigma; Su): the large stress before the yield of the sample occurs and the stress decreases for the first time; Lower yield point (& sigma; SL): the small stress in the yield stage when the initial instantaneous effect is not considered.

The principle is similar to that of the plate rolling machine. The bending machine can determine a circle. Adjust the height to adjust the curvature.

High productivity of square tube: the efficiency of cold production of mechanical parts is very high, especially for parts with large batch. Cold production can be several times, several times or even hundreds of times higher than cutting. For example, the use of cold pin for automobile is twice higher than that of cutting. At present, cold pin automata is used to improve productivity. The productivity of table cooling automata is equivalent to that of 100 ordinary lathes or 10 shaft self-propelled machines.

Honesty is the foundation.In terms of hot working repeated upsetting and multi-directional rolling of ingot can not only reduce the level of carbide segregation in square tube, but also improve the anisotropy of steel.

After the square pipe is produced, the surface treatment is generally carried out, that is, the scale, rust, dirt and attachments on the surface of the square pipe are removed. Those that cannot be treated by physical treatment should be treated by chemical treatment.

The performance advantage of square tube after calcium treatment requires not only high strength, but also good machining performance. For sulfur-containing square tube, sulfur can improve the machinability of steel, and the main alloy elements manganese silicon, niobium and titanium are added; Its total alloy content is 3%. According to the strength, it is divided into four levels: 300, 350, 400 and 450MPa.

In recent years, large-diameter seamless square tube plays a good role in economic development. Because there are many types of large-diameter seamless square tubes, the continuous casting process of large-diameter seamless square tubes is also different. What are the specific steps of the continuous casting process of large-diameter seamless square tube? As the name suggests, square tube is a kind of square tube type. Many materials can form square tube body. Its medium is used for what purpose and where it is used. Most square tubes are steel tubes, which are unpacked, leveled, crimped and welded to form round tubes, Then the round pipe is rolled into a square pipe, and then cut into the required length. Generally, 50 square tubes per package are mostly in large specifications in terms of spot, and 10100.8 - 5~~ 50010-2 square tubes are divided into structural square tubes decorative square tubes, building square tubes, mechanical square tubes, etc. according to their uses.

Cutting: 1 to be fast, no teeth, or whether the cutting line is flat, the starch taste of oil affects the quality of dishes. First choose to cut potatoes with less sharp bottom, so when you cut it's easy to leave the corner of the side end.

Bytca.Reach or even exceed the level of resistance welding cold formed square pipe. The size of R angle is generally between 2-3 times of the wall thickness. R angle square pipe of the size required by customers can also be produced according to customers' needs; Square pipe is a kind of long steel with hollow section and no joints around. It is a square pipe formed by four sides of seamless pipe mold. Square pipe has hollow section, professional square pipe, square rectangular pipe, seamless square pipe, galvanized square pipe, galvanized square pipe, strict inspection and quality assurance. The preferential activity is in progress. Welcome to consult. A large number of pipes are used for conveying fluid. They are mainly used in conveying, hydraulic support and mechanical structure, Medium and low pressure, high pressure boiler tubes, heat exchange tubes, gas, oil and other industries. It is stronger than welded and will not crack.

HDPE plastic square pipe made according to the properties of square pipe has the advantages of light texture, high strength, good resistance, easy laying, low water resistance, low cost and corrosion resistance. Its service performance and economic benefits far exceed reinforced concrete pipe and general specification iron pipe. It is an updated product of engineering pipe.

High hardness square tubes mainly bear fatigue load, surface quenching or chemical heat treatment shall be carried out, followed by low-temperature tempering treatment.