CastrationElectric lifting platform Hydraulic lifting platformRequirements for the working environment

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Oil leakage is a common malfunction. Due to loose joints or damaged sealing rings oil leakage may occur. Therefore, this fault can be solved by tightening the oil leakage joint or replacing the damaged sealing ring.

Users should arrange dedicated personnel to operate hydraulic elevators, formulate usage details and safety precautions for hydraulic elevators based on their own situation, and hang them on the

Castration.When working at heights, except for relevant personnel, no one is allowed to walk or stay below the workplace. Fencing or other protective devices should be installed below the workplace to prevent falling objects from injuring people.

After the pre installation is completed the pre installed equipment should be fixed, and the positions of cables, oil pipes, and components such as the pre installed frame should be confirmed to be correct before reinforcement work can be carried out. Reinforcement requires welding or screws, and the hydraulic cargo elevator after reinforcement has robustness and safety.

.The combined platform is often used in small workshops with small volume of goods. However, because this platform needs to complete two functions at the same time it inevitably increases the distance of handling tools/vehicles in the workshop.

An inverter can also generate high noise. When the power supply voltage is lower than 85% of the rated voltage, the surface of the magnetic yoke and armature is skewed, dust or rust is poor, and the device will produce; Buzz&# quo; Noise.

There is a phenomenon of self stopping when running up and down. Due to poor contact of the safety protection switch,CastrationElectric hydraulic lifting platform,CastrationElectric fixed hydraulic lifting platform, it is easy for hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturers to cause this problem.

CastrationElectric lifting platform Hydraulic lifting platformRequirements for the working environment

Materials enter the production line at one end of the factory building, which is a qualitative problem and easy to arrange. The disadvantage is that the effective use of the oil cylinder can lift the same load, and the oil cylinder of the lifting mechanism is much larger than that of the lifting mechanism. Professional elevator manufacturers and other special products, 20 year old brand, with price advantages and guaranteed quality

New reference wiring diagram 2. Elevator leg noise. Mobile elevators should open the legs before operation. In this case, if the legs lack butter, noise will be generated.

resources.The hydraulic elevator overflow valve can also generate high noise. When air is mixed in hydraulic oil, the overflow valve is stuck or severely worn, resulting in unstable pressure regulation of the overflow valve,CastrationPlatform hydraulic lifting, and the relief time of the overflow valve is too short, it is easy to cause the pilot valve performance of the overflow valve to be partially stable, causing air to vibrate inside the pilot valve and generate noise. So we need to regularly clean the overflow valve. When the overflow valve is damaged or severely worn, it should be replaced.

This paper briefly introduces some matters that should be paid attention to in the selection of oil tank for hydraulic elevators. The main functions of the hydraulic oil tank for elevators in the hydraulic systems of hydraulic machinery such as elevators and hydraulic elevators are oil storage, heat dissipation, separation of air contained in oil and elimination of foam.

The elevator itself has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, which has been favored by a large number of enterprises and individual customers. Hydraulic elevator is a multifunctional heavy loading and unloading mechanical equipment. The lifting system of hydraulic elevators is driven by hydraulic pressure, also known as hydraulic powered elevators.

CastrationElectric lifting platform Hydraulic lifting platformRequirements for the working environment

The cylinder head oil seal is too tight or the rod is bent, which can also cause noise during movement due to other forces. At this point, the oil seal or straightening rod must be replaced in a timely manner.

Meticulous workmanship.The hydraulic lifting platform often checks the connection status of each part, and if there is any looseness, it should be tightened. The connection bolts of the machine body should be checked for tightness when the elevator body is under pressure (the compression condition can be formed by rotating the arm). All connecting shafts need to have split pins and need to be fully opened.

Low power consumption: Hydraulic elevators are driven by the pressure generated by their own weight, greatly saving energy. Long term improvement of various brand products such as elevator manufacturers, with complete designated products and quality assurance

The classification of lifting platforms is as follows: they are divided into mobile lifting platforms, automatic lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms, folding arm lifting platforms, and sleeve type lifting platforms according to their different modes of movement.

Castration.After 5000 hours of elevator operation, carry out medium maintenance on the mechanical and electrical systems.

The lifting platform is placed on a horizontal support surface, and the concentrated load of MAX load capacity is placed at any position 300mm away from the periphery of the workbench. After lifting 100 times, each load-bearing component must not have deformation or cracks.

Reason: Manual pump and gear pump have severe oil leakage. Cleaning method: Replace the oil pump sealing ring to clean it. Reason: Gear pump is damaged, The oil pumped out has no pressure. Cleaning method: Replace the gear pump to clean the problem. Reason: Lack of hydraulic oil. Cleaning method: Add enough hydraulic oil to clean the problem. Reason: Circuit open. Cleaning method: Check the button and fuse to clean the problem. Reason: Filter blockage. Cleaning method: Replace or clean the problem. Reason: Support valve or electromagnetic directional valve malfunction. There are two situations: the input voltage of the electromagnetic coil is lack of 220V. The solenoid coil is burnt out and the valve core is stuck. Cleaning method: maintenance or replacement can be used to clean the natural descent of the lifting platform. Reason and cleaning method: one-way valve leakage cleaning method: check the check valve in the valve. Assuming there is dirt on the sealing surface of the check valve. Clean the check valve.